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Okay, I admit it, I'm probably not your mom. But odds are I'm old enough to be. Now with Patreon account (under alarajrogers) and short stories on Amazon (under Alara Rogers).



When the draconequus race left the world, one child was left behind.

This is his story, and the story of the filly who loved him, lost him, and was forced to imprison him in stone to save her people.

Cover art comes from She never came back by Nirac. I have slightly modified this version from the original in that my version of Discord had dark hair as a child, and in Nirac's original the hair is white.

There is now a series page: The Last Draconequus

Progress Bar at my writing journal. Also there is a TV Tropes page and a French translation.

Chapters (6)
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Thanks, glad you liked it!

I have like 4 different works in progress running at once but this particular one has been haunting me lately, so I'll probably have a new chapter relatively soon ("relatively", by my standards, probably means within a week or so.)

poor discord! He is all alone now... :fluttershbad::rainbowderp::raritydespair:

I loved this. Very nice concept of his species, how they fit into the world, what happened to them, and how Discord is different. And fantastic dialog, of course! It always helps to have such great references to draw inspiration from, as I noticed from your author's note. :raritywink:

I can't wait for more! :pinkiehappy:

Forgot to add, I also really hope this gets a cover sometime soon. Little Discord is too adorbs not to have one. :duck:


I may have found some images I can use.

Most baby Discords are *too* cute for a story like this, and in my head, for some reason, little Discord (all the way up through "young stallion Discord") had dark hair (mixed in with feathers... his current mane as Ancient Chaos God Discord is actually black feathers and all his actual mane-fur turned white.) So the images where he has white hair to match his eyebrows don't match my mental image. But I recently found one where he has dark fur, and I've also found one of him being alone and sad on a hill looking out into the distance (it's even titled "She Didn't Come Back", though I think the artist was referring to Celestia, not Discord's mom), so I think I can probably find something.

Ah, you're referring to the forelock some artists give him. I think that's an interesting take on why he has the two different colors going on, though I'd have thought the white might be feathers 'cause they're fluffier. Still, I approve!

And yeah, there is a variety out there for him, it's just harder to find. I think peachiekeenie (aka Sunshine) has some stuff, but it sounds like you already hit pay-dirt. Can't wait to see, once they give approval! *crossing fingers* :pinkiehappy:

This is a wonderful origin story you've got going here, my friend. Funny, touching, mysterious - I absolutely love the notion that Discord's chaotic nature is very fundamentally related to childishness. Looking forward to more!

D'awww... This just keeps getting better. I saw the opening twist coming from a mile away, but yeah... that could have been from Flutterbat or because I read Light Rain (so I assumed he didn't eat much in the way of meat.) Your description of his life is great. I thought a few paragraphs could've used some random editing for accidental repetition or something else (I'd have to go back to find them; I won't unless you really want to fix them), but otherwise I really liked it.

Of course it's hard to dislike little Discord. :pinkiehappy:

pretty cool :D
when will came the story after the letter from discord in this other universe?

This... Is amazing. You've generated a colossal amount of sympathy for Discord in my mind. I'm actually going to declare right now that this is the best Discord story I've ever read since Hoopy McGee's The Keepers of Discord. Everything about this story, from Fire, to the ponies, to how you've explained why he doesn't kill even though he theoretically could...
Genius. I will follow this (and you) with earnest. :pinkiehappy:

Keep an eye on this page in 7.5 hours from the time of this comment.


I've read the review you put up. Thank you! I really appreciate it.

Just letting you know that I submitted this for consideration to Twilight's Library and this just popped up on my news feed:

The Last Draconequus by alarajrogers (added by cooopercrisp) Twilight's Library / Incoming - Recommended

You're welcome :twilightsmile:

Really good. Believable, and an interesting version of the Draconequi.

This is so incredibly cute and yet terribly sad, because he's on his own and we know that though he will find happiness for a time, he'll never really fit in. Anywhere.:fluttershysad:

And I noticed the foreshadowing with the appearance and abilities of "Little Sister."

Comment posted by Nicole Evermore deleted Feb 12th, 2014

Everypony! I made a Tropes page! Here.

:flutterrage:Give it some love.

Thanks all.

4339005 as soon as I saw this comment this song pops into my head

This... is.... ONE OF THE BEST STORIES I'VE EVER READ ON FIMFICTION!! :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss::rainbowhuh::scootangel::twilightsheepish::applecry::fluttercry::fluttershbad::fluttershyouch::fluttershysad:

And twist because she's always left out: :twistnerd:

You EARNED those ponies, my friend!


Little Sister is yellow and pink and has butterfly wings. Who do we know who will become important to Discord's life, far in the future of this story, who will have these traits, and to whom he will feel irrationally-protective?

4955449 Oh. I see. Very nice deductive work!

just wondering about when there is going to be ann update

Reading through a lot of your stories because you write the absolute best Discord. The idea of Principles for cutie marks and the draconequii being more symmetrical than Discord was, their near extinction, how his transformation magic works, what he has to do the survive, the cute yet depressing way he calls Little Sister and Fire his friends. I really hope that, once you finish Not the Hero, you come back to work on this.:rainbowkiss:

The only thing I regret after reading this is not reading it sooner. :pinkiehappy:
I'm havin' a gay ol' time. 'Nuff said.

I'm fascinated by how you have two continuities where Discord's origins are almost perfect opposites, and yet lead to the same conclusion. The slumming god and the abandoned child... who, to be fair, is working his way up to omnipotence.

In any case, very glad to move this one from Read Later to Favorites. Looking forward to more whenever you find the time.

It actually intrigues me how Q and Discord have the opposite problem in their lives, but the same basic personality. Q feels stifled and isolated because none of the rest of the Continuum seem to truly understand him, and they're always out to control him and tell him what to do, so he's surrounded by what should be family and peers and yet he's alone. So he rejects the control by the rest of the Q, to the extent that he can, because he doesn't feel accepted by them and he doesn't feel that they understand him, even though they are his species and he's a full member of their community. Discord is not a member of anyone's community, and knows he's alone, and believes the reason he's stifled and isolated is that he's living among a completely different species... but he craves acceptance by that species because he hasn't got any of his own. Whereas Q craves acceptance by members of species other than his own because he's given up on his own. Thus the abandoned child and the black sheep of an overcontrolling family end up with the exact same emotional problems. :-)

Very nice. love the way you portray him as a kid here. You can definitely put yourself in his place when you write discord. (At least, I think)
Also, any chance that this story will reanimate any time soon? It's quite good but has been sitting for almost a year. I think that's a shame really.

New chapter is up. I've actually been working on it in the background since before you posted this comment. It wasn't supposed to be twice the size of the previous chapter... :-(

*generous heapings of praise and noooooos and "little sister whats gonna happen to you now noooooo" and feels*

5691892 think you'll be working on this a bit more? or should I wait till more chapters have been posted?

Great chapter, bravo! And now I see where the comment on how building a canoe and falling down a waterfall is not as fun as it sounds comes from :D
But a thought struck me just the other day: have you ever considered what would happen if the Q-verse Discord and the Last Draconequus-verse Discord - adult or child - met? I think that could make for a pretty interesting meeting.

Also I love the description of dirt and germs; being a mom must help a lot with these stories.

I'm so glad that this story is not dead! :pinkiehappy:
Now, Kill them baby discord.
Let them suffer marshmellow burns! :pinkiecrazy:
Ponies are xenophobic dicks. Thats canon by the way.

Dammit Discord! Why must you be so cocky?

What happened to little sister? And is she still alive modern day?

5692724 I wouldn't think so, given that Discord's magic doesn't last that long.


He threw all the power he had into Little Sister, focusing on permanency. His will bore down on his toy friend to make her so she could live without him, so she could fly away to safety and then if he got free he could find her again but at least she would be safe and she wouldn't need his magic to keep her alive anymore. Everything he had drained into the spell, and he felt something click, a change in the shape of the magic, and now livingness was a property she had and not a property he had temporarily imposed on her.

He made her permanently alive

5692781 Oh! Well then, I have NO idea what shall happen to our little doll friend.

This time the water and the canoe did not come with him; they continued to fall upward into the sky.

Well goodbye forever! Though why doesn't Discord just decide 'down is not as down'?

made them have legness.

I love Discord's description of stuff. 'legness, movingness'.

 because he was smarter than ponies.

Not because he has totally unpredictable chaos powers or anything.

tell what bottles were what

Can't he just look at their properties? Like with the eagle?

but no pictures were the nasty stuff.

What is the 'nasty stuff'?

obvious answer.

  Change their property to 'light'?

and the terrified chittering of the little creatures made him laugh

Yeah, a sociopath in the making.

Seems as you can sell exotic animals to the circus and they'll pay good hard bits.

And here comes the part you mentioned in Not the Hero...

The spell ran out!"

Guess again, bitches!

I told you they won't catch me.

Oh no...

Ponies are so mean to you, Discord.

The ponies back in 'ye olden' days are awful.

for anything that was a pony

Oh, nice!

As it was, he barely dodged the charge.

Wait, what about the freeze-spell?

 he suddenly felt overwhelmingly sleepy.


"Must be in this cave. The trail leads here."

Oh shit. This is the part from Not the Hero.

He just had to make sure they didn't catch him.

Time to have fun with their gravity; make them fall backwards!

but dragons still count as animals

Yep, ye olde ponies are awful.

pony minds were impervious to him.

For now...

"What are you going to do, big brother?" Little Sister whimpered fearfully.

Make her speak pony language? Can he even do that... oh who am I kidding? I know how this ends...

Damn it, I hope we get to Celestia and Co. soon...

Little Sister is a brick joke. I had him bring her to life not because I had plans for her at the time that I plotted it, but because -- and I will admit how horribly weird this makes me -- I cannot take the death of stuffed animals or dolls that are loved by children, in stories. It hits me the same way the death of a beloved living pet would. In fact I could more easily kill off the pet of an adult than the stuffed toy of a child.

However, now that she's alive, she will not be coming back in Last Draconequus, because Discord would possibly have been a different person if he had anything beloved from his childhood to keep with him. Instead I am likely to have her show up in some other story, possibly in a totally unlikely place or circumstance.

So it is very likely that she is alive in the present day (though she hasn't been awake for that entire time period -- she does run on a certain magical fuel and has to replenish it, and she'll revert to a stuffed toy and sleep if she doesn't have it.) Mainly because the funniest possible thing I could do with her is return her to Discord in front of the Mane 6, and have them see him go to pieces because of his stuffed toy from childhood coming back to him.

I don't expect to get back to it again until at least May; I have 12 other stories to update. :-(


Mainly because the funniest possible thing I could do with her is return her to Discord in front of the Mane 6, and have them see him go to pieces because of his stuffed toy from childhood coming back to him.

Yessssssss. You never fail to remind me why you are the angst boss in my book. Do it.

I downloaded this chapter to my phone this morning so I could read it in class (fimfiction is blocked on my school's wifi for obvious reasons) and it was worth having to jaggedly space out the reading over 7 class periods because my teachers kept talking. How dare they? :)

But I read the comments just now, and I'm loving the plans you have for Little Sister. Can't wait to see that.

5693501 Nasty idea: Have Opposition team find Opposition Little Sister and have them kill her after reuniting them (i'm sure both Celestia knows about her) . That way you can break Discord from Elements of Opposition more while still having his Little Sister alive. Or less worse you could have Not The Hero Discord find her and not have her remember him

No, Little Sister won't be turning up in Elements of Opposition. I'm not sure how she missed Discord's reign, but I know that she missed most of his years in stone because she was in a box in the Crystal Empire. Cadance is dead in EoO (or a prisoner of the changelings), and I'm not completely sure what happened to Sombra, but although the Crystal Empire is back now and Sombra is gone, there is no one with close ties to Twilight in charge there.

And Celestia has never met Little Sister. She may know that Discord brought a toy to life, but she'd probably assume Little Sister didn't last the ages, because she's never seen the magic that was cast on her. So the Opposition team has no real reason to know of her existence, and she's probably still in a box in the Crystal Empire.

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