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Welcome, Bem Vindo, Willkommen, добро пожаловать!

If you need a story translated, and don't want to use Google translate, we'll do what we can to help.

There are four levels to this translation process:

The Original Author: Writes the story that needs to be translated and send to the translator

The Translator: Translates the story to English and send to the editor (or back to the author, if there's no editor avaliable)

The Editor: Checks for small badly translated, non-fluent words, fixes them, and send the story to the original author

The Original Author: Can now publish his non-Google translated story. (Just make sure to place your translator and editor names in the description)

How to send a story

1 - Write the story in your native language
2 - Select a translator fluent in your language (check the list below)
3 - Send a personal message to the translator to check their availability, if he's willing to translate your story just send it for him (don't forget to send the short and long description)
4 - The translator will translate your story and send it to an editor (or back to you if you prefer)
5 - Once you receive your translated story, just submit it. (Don't forget to credit your translator and editor for their work)


Portuguese - Pedro Hander - Raven Melody
Spanish - Axlgx
French - Cirrus Tail
German - GentlemanPirate
Swedish - Keam - Wacuire
Filipino/Tagalog - Xgex - Matcha Cheesecake
Dutch - Civviq Writer
Irish - Reganthestrange
Polish - Samey90
Bulgarian - Evia The Unicorn
Mandarin - BlackDenimCap
Chinese/Bahasa Indonesia Sky Shocker
Dutch Derec mc coy


Octavia Harmony

If you wish to become a translator or an editor please contact one of the Admins. If you want to become a translator, please leave what language you are fluent in. If there is already a translator for that language, you're still welcome to act as a translator, just contact us and we will add you in the list. We need as many translators as possible, so the help is really appreciated.

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No translators from Russian?

Hello, no more French translators at all?

By the way... do you know that Cirrus Tail's (French translator) account no longer seems to exist?

Hello everyone , just one small Question : Must the story be complete for translation or can i ask for a translation of chapters to?

hope no one mind I just join your group but if you want me to leave I will

396320 Let's say more cool than creepy :3

396316 Kinda cool, but yet a bit creepy... :3

396268 That I was able to remember your comment? :3

396267 yeah, and me too

396266 Better late than ever :3 kinda happy with myself now when I found you :P

396250 XD yeah but you're probably right

363143 Latest reply ever :3 (Keam, I think this is where you found me :3)

I send my stories to the translator by google docs or I send him the password of the non-english story? IT'S SO MANY QUESTIONS I HAVE!

I need to write the description in my language too?

Now I can write my bad-english and bad-writed stories in my language with more details and etc. and send them to someone translate it :pinkiehappy:

Yo, kabar. I forgot to say. It's actually dutch and Flemishe... A dialect in belgium....
I'm a translater. YAY. I finally achieved something less pathetic then... *shameful blush*

For the moment the spanish traslator is not avaible to request. Believe me, I try. :ajbemused:

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