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I have many fetishes. Some darker than others.


Bye · 12:27am Mar 28th, 2018

I've ported everything I wanted away from this site. Revised links are as follows:
Tumblr for majority of my stuff
Furaffinity for stuff I can't post on Tumblr
Inkbunny for stuff I can't post on either.
Don't bother leaving a comment. I'm logging off and don't plan on logging back on for a good long while. Possibly never.

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hey when are you gonna continue on the fall of equestria story

Did you ever get my PM?

2346229 Didn't you say you would write a request for me?

Do you still take requests? I've got some ideas you might like!:pinkiehappy:

if you want to write a zecora story then PM, i'll do the rhymes

2346224 Kinda have my hands full at the moment so I might not get to it at first but PM me and I'll put it in the queue.

Do you take multiple request or ideas?

2345071 No, I meant that I don't mind incest. I do requests still. May take a while though, as I'm working on another request. PM if you want a clopfic. Be warned, I'm not especially good in length or romance( I'm trying to improve both).


No, I don't. Sorry for not answering sooner.

You said you can't do a request.

2345064 What do you mean by "why no request"?

2345063 If its one of your fetishes, why no request?

2345062 No, I don't. Sorry for not answering sooner. Incest is one of my many fetishes.

2344990 Depends on what you want.

Do you take story requests?

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