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I'm a poet, a total nerd, and a DJ who is GONNA PLAY HIS SOUND SABER!!!!!!!! * BZZZZZZZZZZZTTTTT*

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Ngl, Celestia in Cosca is something I an relate to. XD

Your stories deserve it, lol.

Thanks for the follow!

Oh sure, no problem! I like it so far. I'm kinda surprised that you made Mcree so grim when it comes to how he acts, but i kinda like it that way. Gives a fresh look on him. I hope you do actually end up working on " It's High Moon" again, because tbh you have a really good setup and stuff in there. I read the first chapter and I can already tell what you mean when you said you wanted to redo it. If you want, I could help you with it when the time comes just so that way you won't be backed into a corner like you did with the story.
(I also plan to pm this to you too because I feel like you should hear it. You are doing good, and that should defiantly be heard.)

  • Viewing 65 - 69 of 69
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