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I'm a poet, a total nerd, and a DJ who is GONNA PLAY HIS SOUND SABER!!!!!!!! * BZZZZZZZZZZZTTTTT*

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Oh sure, no problem! I like it so far. I'm kinda surprised that you made Mcree so grim when it comes to how he acts, but i kinda like it that way. Gives a fresh look on him. I hope you do actually end up working on " It's High Moon" again, because tbh you have a really good setup and stuff in there. I read the first chapter and I can already tell what you mean when you said you wanted to redo it. If you want, I could help you with it when the time comes just so that way you won't be backed into a corner like you did with the story.
(I also plan to pm this to you too because I feel like you should hear it. You are doing good, and that should defiantly be heard.)

Thanks for the watch and adding "It's High Moon" to your favorites, guy! Sorry about its current hiatus, that'll be worked on when I can get past writer's block my other projects.

2448326 No thank you. You have some good stuff.

Well hey there and thanks for the fave :pinkiehappy:

2445188 That's good news! Hope to see more of your work!

  • Viewing 61 - 65 of 65
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