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Name's Lindy! I'm passionate about writing, though with my current career choice it's been difficult to aspire for more than a hobby with it. Though I try my best, and I hope you enjoy!

Lil' bit about me.

Too. Much. Caffiene.

Name: Thou shalt call me Solar, or Lindy. Preferably the former.

Gender: Totally justifiable to speculate.

Favorite pony: Octavia Melody.

Favorite story: Symphony of the Damned.

Favorite Single Player Game: The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim/ Fallout: New Vegas

Favorite Overall game: Team Fortress 2 (1500+ Hours of happily wasted time and counting)

Writing software used: OpenOffice

Would I ever do a commission: Yes.

Price: Money has no real value to me. Though I love feedback on my stories.

Favorite drink: Coffee. Oh my Gawdess yes.

Work: U.S. ARMY. (If that helps explain my long absences at a time)


Oh my god I'm terrible. · 7:48am Nov 27th, 2016

H-Hey guys!

Totally. Been busy.


Well, might as well explain myself right? Well, alright here goes.

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My Stories

Dark side of the library (Fetish stories)

Writing isn't all.

Scene from a story I was planning.

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Thanks for the favorite, you magnificent existence.

After what's felt like ages, my time of hiatus is fairly gone now. I just need computer access. Fffn..

1797634 Your name is unique in my opinion because I've never seen a name like yours before.

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