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Rainbow Dash finally got that game she's been hyped for, Super Smash Bros for Wii U. She and Pinkie love it, and they really love playing with Mii Fighters. They call their friends over, and Sci-Twi, to fight in an epic Mii fighter tournament!

Vote for who you want to fight against who in the comments! There's Humane Six and Sci-Twi, plus one more... Who's it gonna be? Sonata? Aria? The Great and Powerful Trixie? Someone from the third movie I haven't seen yet?

Rated 3+ for in-game cartoon violence

Chapters (1)

The club scene is about to meet its brightest new star, a new DJ by the name of DataBass. But when the club he's at meets a shooter, he sacrifices himself to take the gunman down.

He awakes in Equestria, having fallen from the sky. After getting nursed back to health by Twilight Sparkle, he finds something in the basement that grants him power he never thought he'd have. But this new strength catches the eye of the Alicorn Amulet's creators, and they're coming to take their magic back, and destroy Equestria in the process if they must.

It's time to have some fun!

Rated T for gore and 'Mature' humor, I guess. Also, bad language. Not Safe For Grandma. Unless your Grandma is the type of woman to watch Berserk and like it.

Chapters (4)
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