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Welcome, To The Tools Thread!

Hello Everypony! This thread is to make it easier for everypony to access the other threads often needing to be checked! Part one will consist of threads directed towards our members, and Part two will consist of threads directed towards our Commentators!

(Note: any threads or rules are subject to change, I would check on this often because I will be updating as newer threads are added or revised!)

Threads for Members

Rules and Regulations Thread- This thread focuses on the basic rules of the group, which include: Behavior, Submission, and description of our strike system!

Forum Rules Thread- Here is where you'll find the rules to posting threads freely in PCaRG! New!

The Q/A Thread- Have any questions for the Admins or Commentators? Don't be shy, ask here! I won't close this thread, but you can now ask questions in your own thread. Feel free to ask! (Note: if it's something of a serious nature, PM an Admin! Also Commentators you are allowed to answer questions, unless it is a question directed to an Admin, you are all important too!)

Official Comment Thread {Closed}- There is now Thread Freedom. Feel free to post your own conversational topic in your own thread! New!

Skype Chat Thread- Click here to see the rules pertaining to our Skype chat! (PM an Admin your Skype user name if you'd like to join in!)

Suggestions for Improvement Thread {Closed}- There is now Thread Freedom. Feel free to post suggestions in your own thread!(Commentators may also comment here!) New!

Know Your Commentator Thread- Here our list of commentators can write a short or long description about themselves! Click here to get to know us!

Review List Thread- Here is our list of stories with completed reviews, along with the link to said review. If you're not sure if your story has been reviewed click here and check!

Contributor Applications - Are you interested in becoming a Commentator/Contributor in PCaRG? Click here and fill out your application! We could really use the help! (Note: When our staff becomes big enough we will close applications. They will be re-opened when more staff is needed) New!

Threads for Commentators

Review Rubric Thread- Commentators should follow this rubric when reviewing a story. This doesn't mean you have to make your review exactly like this, but your review should at least touch on all sections in the rubric. (Will be updated in the future, we'll let you know when it's changed, but check often anyway!)

Reviews in Progress Thread {Closed}- Formally where Commentators would claim stories for review. A place of memories now.

Story Claiming- Commentators please come here and let everyone know what story you're working on currently. This way none of your Co-Commentators review the same story at the same time, and so the Writers can see if their story is getting worked on! (If you take more then two weeks to finish a claimed story it will be forfeited for another Commentator to claim.) New!

Rules and Regulations for Commentators Thread- This thread contains the rules pertaining to Commentators! (This is subject to be updated as well!)

Writing Assistance Threads

What Makes A Good Story- Some wise words from FamousLastWords about stories and what makes them good.

What Makes A Good Author- A friendly thread from FamousLastWords with advice to help you grow as author. In a good way!

Whenever threads are created or updated, I'll make sure to update this too! If you're new to the group then I welcome you! We are glad to have you, and happy for you to be apart of this group as it continues to grow! :twilightsmile:
If you ever need anything don't forget to PM an Admin! I am always available to talk/help with anything! :twilightsmile:

~Never Stop Smiling~

2955375 Wow! This is excellent, man. :twilightsheepish:

Group Admin

2955473 Why, thank you:twilightsmile:

2955521 Just speaking up for those too afraid to say anything. :scootangel:

2955375 Thanks for the index. :twilightsmile:

Group Admin

2956138 You're welcome:twilightsmile:
The idea was Mr. Flare's, but I offered to complete it for him! A little more organization helps! :pinkiehappy:

Group Admin

2955375 Yo, Tidal! I need your help.

Group Admin

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