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What do you get when you combine three energetic fillies with a jealously-guarded treasure?

Trouble. And possibly snacks.

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Ah, that was beautiful, I absolutely loved it. Keep it up, bro!

Jolly good fun! I think sometimes the metaphor stretched a little (like the chasm), but it was overall a lovely little piece about kids making worlds in their head.

EDIT: And sisters. Totally skipping, like, half the fic there. It had good sister-ing too =p

The chasm represents 'Applejack said no'.

Damn....you my dear friend, have a serious gift for writing...I'm am very amazed with your style and form of writing and I will be awating for another such impressive story once more, I really enjoyed this....plus I also love CMC!:raritystarry::raritywink:

What they said.

I remember all the adventures I had using my imagination as a kid. It really is a powerful thing, turning a root cellar into a tomb. Good show.

781410 Which is a bit of a stretch, metaphor-wise, especially considering the rest of the correlations.

I'm not saying it was BAD, it just didn't click as intuitively as the rest.

Ah, the CMC. How could I not love them? :scootangel:

Short and sweet, just the way I like a good slice of life romp. I loved the way the dual adventures were carried out and how such a simple task of getting some jam could mirror the escapades of Equestria's bravest adventurers!

Golly good!

Cute short story :scootangel:
imagination alongside reality for a comedic touch :ajsmug: also i feel for applejack, cus i sometimes have something i set aside for 'a special occasion'. Guess what happens? NEVER GETS USED!!:trollestia:!!

781788 How could you? they are the stereotypical annoying shit of a kid, but there is fucking three of them

Oh man, that was good sir. Not great, but a good read

You get, using the ulltimate Trixster rating scale

A 7/10



Sweet story!
And now I have this Idea of a story with paralel worlds, one of which is epically badass. :pinkiehappy:
Much like Black Rock Shooter if I think about it. :trixieshiftright:

Very cute. I got a Spaceman Spiff vibe.

That was very awesome. I like to imagine this is how all of their adventures play out in their heads.

Author Interviewer

Very nice, a good example of this kind of storytelling. :) What I wanna know is, what's the special occasion? It never comes, and thus I suspect a sad or dark tale behind this story.

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