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Just here to read, and write, some FanFic. I really enjoy this stuff, so if you ever need an editor I can look it over for you, just hit me up!


Scootaloo finds out about Red Bull, but does it really give you wings, and how will the other Cutie Mark Crusaders react to such a claim?

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Hope you enjoy this fic, was just a small idea, and after all, Red Bull gives you wings!

Not too sure how well it turned out... Hope it turned out to be enjoyable!

I knew that this would be coming someday...

This can't end well.:twilightoops:

This will be hilarious.

We shall see where this rolls.

Judging by the style, this should be good :pinkiehappy:

*One summer break and 180+ cans of Red Bull later*


(On a serious note;

Yeah, I drank that much in a single summer break lasting 9-10 weeks. I saved all the cans and then counted them and landed somewhere between 180-220.)

OMG dudde, I literally had this idea on the brohoof server yesterday. Damnit. :twilightangry2:
Did you happen to be on there?
Well, my idea was different, it was that Twilight was gonna try to become an Alicorn and overthrow Celestia...
But still, Redbull.

HOLY SHIT. I'm gonna read this right away!

MOAR! :scootangel:
This is such a weird concept to write about but it's strangely entertaining so write on my good fellow!

My god, this is gonna be good....:rainbowlaugh:

I head that statement over a dozen times and it was only some struggle to not hit the disslike buttom and the report buttom. I will mabye read this before anything.

This won't end well.
Can't wait to see what happens.

883148 Why would you report this? It's not like I did anything wrong... :twilightoops:

883059 And I wasn't on the brohoof server at all so... yeah :derpytongue2:

You're a genius, you know that?

883309 Well, yeah. Everypony knew this was gonna be a thing eventually :P. There's probably like, eight stories like this that have come before both of us.

883313 I don't think a genius is the right word... But also, This:

Kinda makes sense if ya think about it :derpytongue2:

See how this ends up!

883323 Yeah, and I think that this guy 883148 might have thought about reporting me for using that idea, but if you've thought of it, so has someone else. I just was loading some Red Bull at work yesterday, and I'm like... Wings... Scoot... Must make this a fic now :rainbowlaugh:

883043 Dude... that's a lot of Red Bull :rainbowlaugh: close to at least $400 worth.

883337 I doubt he'll be able to report you, much less have written that story in the first place... No offense, andmos :P Just sayin.


Let's see...

20 SEK (Swedish kronor) * 180= 3600 SEK

Dunno exactly but lets say 1$= 8 SEK

3600 / 8= $480

Just for the lols;
20 * 220= 4400 SEK
4400 / 8= $550

So in short terms;
During 9 Weeks (or so) I drank Red Bull worth of 480-550 dollars.
Meaning I drank about 3-4 cans of Red Bull, EVERY DAY.

What's the worst part of it all is that my weigth dropped from 56Kg to 48Kg.

883702 Wow, thats quite a bit of energy drink per day... and not so good on your body either as it looks.

883664 Yeah, no doubt :derpytongue2:

We had this one coming, didn't we?

883309 Well, to have a produkt on the comersial here is not allowed. And the story was a sort of that.

883744 There is nothing that says I can't have a product from RL here, but there is a rule that a story can't be about a specific person. This doesn't break any rules, so I don't see why you find it necessary to say you thought about reporting me. Because this fic is based on the CMC and what happens after an energy drink, specifically Red Bull because of the 'It gives you wings!' it does not break any given rule.

So, unless you are going to report the story don't say that you are, because I have been breaking no rules. And if it was, do you really think a mod would have passed this is moderation? Because really, the title has a clear reference to Red Bull and the cover art does too, so why would a mod let this through if it did break the rules? Just sayin, but you seem to be lacking argument here.

and also, "Commercial", "Product".

883812 Don't worry, I wont:ajsmug:

Wonder if theres gonna be a "fry drinks 100 cups of coffee and stops time" deal, because that would be totally awesome
You do realise that the whole site is based around the products and production of a toy company?

This story made me want to punch that clerk so hard, I just wished it worked like that in real life:twilightangry2:......................Anyways great story. I hope Sweetiebelle or some other unicorn drinks it and becomes a pegacorn.:scootangel:


Oh boy. The CMCs and Red Bull...

"Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?"
-Vaas, Far Cry 3-

Well someone is going to have a heart attack. Also, Red Bull is vile and should not be consumed by those with taste buds.

I find it hilarious that Scoots has a fake ID at that young of an age. Hmmm, Featherweights got the camera & access to a printing press. Wonder if he's got a side job making fake ID"s!! :rainbowhuh:


Damned ponies breaking the fourth wall stealing my red bulls:twilightangry2::twilightangry2:

... Yeah, I'd believe Scootaloo is thirty-four. :coolphoto:


*Grabs popcorn* This... should be interesting, to say the least. :rainbowlaugh: Keep it up!

I can not WAIT untill I see Sweetie Beele bouncing off the walls with this, got a feeling that these three are going to do the most extrame (well...even more) to obtain their cutie marks.....this is going to be GOOOODDDDDDD!!! Also...Come on, Scoots, how could you waste their money like that, they are your friends....one of the main things that bothered me about this though is the fact that Rull Bull is a human created engry drink, would it not make more sense to create something along the lines of the creatures of this land...such as....Red Wings, or Red Pony or even.....Alicorn bull? I don't know...point is you think of changing the name?

Liking the idea, but I hope things get a little more original than just 'bouncing off the walls'. Caffeine overdose can give heart palpatations, jitters, weight loss as someone pointed out. There's a lot of obvious things that can happen, but I for one am hoping some less obvious things also happen.

Ie: Sweetie Belle takes a gulp while Scoots is away, starts shaking and finally casts her first spell! Once the smoke clears, both Applebloom and Sweetie Belle (maybe even Winona, just for kicks) have gossamer wings. And Scootaloo still can't fly. Stuff like that.

This...is not going to end well, is it?

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