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When Twilight Sparkle realizes that her time is soon to come, she writes a letter to Princess Celestia as her final thank you.

Reading: Reading of "The Final Letter" Provided by Slashawar.
From Celestia - Reading provided by: Slashawar

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:fluttercry: That was beautiful. Thank you for writing this

thank you for throwing in the 'afterlife' segment. It's a beautiful ending

That was really sad, I shouldn't have read it in school because I'm almost in tears. :fluttercry:

Just one thing though, was there a romance thing going on?

"I have always loved you, I always have. I love you more than a friend; I always wished that I could be your mare. Just as I knew we couldn't be together, I kept my feelings for you suppressed no matter how much it pained "

That was really odd, not even just because of the pairing but because it was out of nowhere and it didn't match the rest of the story as the rest of the story was heavily in-character.

Other than that, a great story. :twilightsmile:

The sudden romance was extremely out of place. Like Bryan said, it doesn't fit in at all with the rest of the story.

And other than a few spelling and grammatical errors, this is a nice little story. Good job.

533265 true that... Uptil that part i could actually bear her read it

the key word to describe this story seems to be "beautiful" and I have to agree, sad and beautiful :fluttercry:

i was all geared up to critique the shit out of this. i looked at it and said, "ah, great, another "final letter" story". i enjoyed the idea a first couple times it grew old. ive seen so many since then that everything that people write has been done before, and done better. not to say that they are bad fics by any means. theyre not bad. what they are is average. expected. run-of-the-mill. but this one actually struck an emotional cord on me. thank you sir, for bring the life back to the "final letter" fics.

Dammit Dead Island tralier theme.

a nice sad fic
didn't make me cry, but i felt something none the less
you get a star!


Thanks for putting the thought in my head :fluttercry:

Had to go back and read it a second time listening to it :raritycry:

*reads comments, stats*
welp, seems this is high quality, pity I just can't take sad no more, maybe later; :ajsmug:

i loved it...
no better explanation...
although the romance was wayyyy out of place, it didn't bother me...:fluttershbad:

why stories like this always forget about Luna?

It's not like that Twi and Luna are friends or something (sarcasm)

Ugh. another one of THESE. Not gonna read, I'd rather not be depressed, kthxbai.

Oh man, I hate stories like this. They make me way too sad. :fluttercry::applecry:
The only story that could be more sad would be from Celestia's view point as Twilight is dying. It would be so sad to be immortal and love people. That is the exact reason why I would be fine as an immortal; I don't love anyone or anything (except this story ofc :heart:)

That was deep.. I really need some time with "smile, smile, smile" now.. but I tip my hat for you for this beautiful letter

533265 To be honest, I'm not sure why it turned out to be a romance, I don't remember why I added that bit, :twilightsmile: but I did change it to have a better and less rushed feel for that part (I think). Oh, and what are your thoughts on the signature I put in?

533518 For me, I don't see Luna fitting into a story like this very easily, hence why she isn't in it.

533499>>533382>>533365>>533307 Thanks for reading and enjoying my story! :twilightsmile:

Not much to say, R.I.P Mane 6 :raritycry:.

533625 Same here, going to listen to that alot right now, not in the best of mental situations right now so Pinke Pie should help :pinkiesmile:

That ending... thank you for that ending. This was turning into one of the most depressing stories I've read, but that ending turned depressing into heartwarming.

My heart bleeds for this story, no matter how many stories I read involving Twilight saying goodbye it feels as fresh as the first. :fluttercry:

"Yours Truly" tore my heart to shreds, but your letter kept it short, bittersweet and reflective just as Twilight would be. I feel if this show ever ends; it's fan base drifting outward in time as all shows do I will find myself thinking of letters such as this, the letters our pony friends will only ever wish they could write as their lives are forgotten by those who love them.

If I can give you anything, it will be a thank you for making this. It may not be the the first but it truly was a touching letter.

Whilst this story is well-writen, I personaly found it rather boring... Hehe, I just had a totaly ridiculous idea: A sequel in which twilight comes back from the dead to fight pirates, ninjas, zombies and giant evil robots. Hahah, that would be hilarious! :twilightsheepish:

533721 no problem bro
brohoof? /)

533770 oh I've been there. Some scarring flashbacks, but pinkie pie always helps! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

So we meet again, Gaius Invictus!!!!


Beautiful. Why is Twilight always the last to die? It always her.:rainbowhuh:

534230 Because she has the most magic out of all her friends, so that gives her a longer life expectancy. That's the way I see it, at least.


534238 what if the magic is actually shortening her life? Ive never seen a unicorn that old in the show. I thought Pinkie would go first, then rainbow dash, then rarity.... maybe there's more emotional potential if its Twilight.


The signature was pretty cool, and yeah, other than the romance I enjoyed it a lot.

534300>>534208 I take it you two know each other?

534267 hmm you mean like using her magic that powerful is damgeding her someone should write that i got to much on my plate to do it

Well... i am reading fanfiction:trollestia:
what about you?
dont you love me!!!!

535288 ...
i do bro
but its so weird to see the crusaders outside of my blogs or stories
like meeting a school friend in the super market and you are like
"what do i say?"

ell i used my pinkie sense to stalk you...
you haven't had a blog laTLiY...
so i just found you wallowing in sadness...

535345 im trying to write this chapter
i get started and then i have to go to class
and i can't pick it back up
i just need to concentrate

i understand bro...
its nbd...
and the new chapters more important anyways:pinkiehappy:

535392 yeah
i know this
i should get writing
and stop talking about my fic in someone elses comments :duck:

v Hello everypony! Stalin and crew are here, bringing yet another installation of stalinview!... Althou not all crew present here today. PD, can you explain why Misha isn't here again?
i40.tinypic.com/2wptjee.png *GROAN* uggg hoqw much i need to tell you?! He found his rubber ducky and now drinking for it's health!
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i40.tinypic.com/bjbmvs.png A-anyway, let's get back to our stalinview. Today we have a particullary interesting story to look at. Let's dig into "The Final Letter"
i40.tinypic.com/2wptjee.png By the way, is this name reminds about Aviator's "One Last Letter" only to me?
i40.tinypic.com/bjbmvs.png Let's find out!

i40.tinypic.com/bjbmvs.png Ooh, from very second paragraph i can ALREADY say that this concept is very interesting.
i40.tinypic.com/2wptjee.png Yeah...

i40.tinypic.com/bjbmvs.png Althou we can't possibly make fun of this story in any way. Wait for overview.

"Ever since Spike left"
i40.tinypic.com/2wptjee.png Aren't dragons suppose to live longer than ponies? I thought they live for hundreds or even thousands yesars. Besides, Spike is MUCH younger than Twilight.


i40.tinypic.com/bjbmvs.png This is... hard story for us to review. I don't know how to even put this: it's too good and too serious to make fun of. It's emotion-investing and really sad.
I don't really think you asked stalinview for the right story. There is no flaws. There is no possible jokes we could make. This story is flawless. And thing you reading now IS NOT a proper stalinview. Better tell me another story i CAN make a Stalinview on.

VERDICT: Those two guys who pressed "thumb down" are morons.

To those that listen to my reading. I apologize, i know I didn't do it justice >.<

538227 I think you did fine :twilightsmile:

For some reason, I always enjoy these "into the afterlife" type stories. I'm a dirtbag, I know.

539250 Don't see how it makes you a dirtbag, some people just hate. hey, if you like my stories I like you :twilightsmile:

Great stuff, is all I can say. All right, maybe I can say more. Well written, good story, can't even tell if it's happy or sad because it's both at the same time, and that's something I call beauty, well, when it's combined as well as it is here. The calm, relaxed, happy feeling is beautiful, the sadness of the basic idea is beautiful, though I can't say the story itself is sad. Anyway, the successful combination is especially beautiful. I just killed the word 'beautiful' through overuse, didn't I? Happy :facehoof: to me. And yeah, the thing with the afterlife was a nice touch.

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