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I think that one was put in by someone else.

538808 By the way, don't think I didn't notice the Stealth Pun.

The Hooviets attempted an I Surrender, Suckers, and planted an explosive in with the treasure, but not only did Tiamat notice it, but she ate it and enjoyed the taste.

In other words, their attempt bombed, just like a movie that no one likes.


Hooviet Cheese tastes like a cross between gasoline, concrete, and burnt toast.

So quite nice to a dragon really.

537899 Given where she was raised, I predict a high likelihood that it is indeed Gilda.:rainbowdetermined2:

And it tasted like Hooviet cheese...care to describe that flavor?


The bomb tasted like Hooviet cheese.

The identity of his cousin will be answered in-story some time. Hasn't happened yet but it will.

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