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This story is a sequel to Millennium Wake: Part 1

A thousand years of magical sleep have stranded Rarity in a future not of her own making. Her friends and loved ones are long gone, leaving behind only enigmatic echoes, twisted replicas that offer more menace than hope. As she seeks to move on, Rarity has managed to make new friends, but how far will she go to ensure their survival?

This is Part II of Millennium Wake, be sure to read Part I, written by Chaotic Dreams, first.

Cover art by DShou

Editing by Zerzviel
Prereading Anarchy Archer

Chapters (2)

This follows the events described in the Cutie Mark Chronicles, with one small change: The Sonic Rainboom doesn't happen like it was supposed to. Six destinies fail to start. But when one door closes, another one opens.

Cover Art by Inspired_Light

This is supposed to be close to Canon, but since history is altered and the characters don't experience many of the events that make them who they are in the show I'm listing this as alternate universe (does that make sense?)
For the same reason I'm listing the OC tag, even though the OCs are the mane 6 living different lives.

Nopony dies, nopony suffers permanent psychological scarring, and no irrational whirlwind romances happen.
If I have inadvertently included somepony's OC I apologize.

Warning: contents may contain Existentialism. The facility used also handles peanut based products and wheat gluten.

Chapters (34)