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This story is a sequel to Making Equestria Something or Other Again

How long was Mayor Mare out-cold? No one really knows. But what we can say is that the world has changed quite a bit and she needs bringing up to speed. Fortunately, her friends are there to do it. Also Discord served as the interim mayor of Ponyville for some reason.

Rated "T" for flippant and callous discussion of death and alcohol.

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That was a good story.

Certainly the most interesting way to end a political conversation that I’ve come across.

This may be the most meta fic I’ve ever done, which given the trash I write really says something. It’s also not my first where the cast has walked off the set to end the story.

To compensate, this one probably outdoes my Burrito fics in terms of references.

Took me a while to get to reading this... But here, in the hospital waiting room, I finally did it.
Also if I had read it when it was brand new I wouldn't have known "Mayor Discord" was an actual episode idea that the staff had, which unfortunately never got made. So sad...

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