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This story is a sequel to A Trip To The Border

After what feels like months or even years, Mayor Mare, Raven, Apple Bloom, and Spike are back in Ponyville, hopefully for good. This is the story of a well-earned but failed denouement, for the world is not content to allow Ponyville's mayor to drink in peace. Not yet.

My annual Mayor Mare story. Thanks for five years!

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yes ^^ i was wandering if there would be a continuation of this story line :D

Okay, my New Year is officially started. So glad to see that next excruciating exciting chapter is this continuing saga.

Yay! Drunk politics!

(Is that "bespectacled grey Earth-pony mare" at the end who I think she is?)

wait what ?!? Oo, that explains so much...

Celestia could just banish Orangeglow to the Moon or something, after all...

Let Luna deal with Orangeglow. Accidents happen and Canterlot is on top of a mountain afterall.

Donald trump and the corona virus

Funny story but the parallels to modern politics and world events are making it unreadable now.

when i realized what this chapter was about i scream't to high heaven's "ARE YOU KIDDING ME !?!" xD

I feel like the parallels give it more oomph and make it much more satirical.

Possibly but I read this stuff to escape reality and not have it shoved back into my face.

I understand and respect your criticism. However, literally every Mayor Mare story I've written since at least 2017 has drawn parallels to real world issues and people.

Mayor Mare is a politician. I am a political scientist. It would be a dereliction of duty to NOT use her to skewer the topics of the day. Plus, there's only so much mileage I can get out of her drunken exploits, though rest assured those aren't ending anytime soon.

It is what it is. But it is driving at least this reader away.

Time to fake her death. So convenient.

urghh not another one...good work on the story tho
orange glow lost it, celestia will be pissed as fuck

If only it was that easy in real life...

Annie, are you okay? Are you, okay?! ARE YOU OKAY, ANNIE?!!!!

Damn. Now I wish I'd kept the MJ reference in this chapter. Well, the Epilogue's coming soon…

huh wow what a hussle xD nice chapter :)

nice concluseon liked the story all in all very funy moments

Well Done! Also, nice timing, finishing just after the recent election.

Good story but it didnt need the blatant real world politics.

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