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This story is a sequel to a capital offense

Only a couple of weeks have passed since Mayor Mare and her closest friends -- Spike, Apple Bloom, and her secretary Raven -- fled Equestria to escape the dual insanities of a drunken angry Celestia and a sober but livid Chancellor Orangeglow. Whilst relaxing under the midnight sun, the mayor discovers a new concoction that could lead to the end of the Crystal Empire as we know it.

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If Twilight is so horrible in this setting, why hasn't she been fired yet?


8681314 - You can't fire a Princess. Even if that Princess rules nothing. :twilightsheepish:

8681686 - :twilightsmile: :eeyup:


Sure you can, lead a revolt. And why was she even given the job in the first place if she's so bad?

Celestia probably got drunk and thought it sounded like a good idea

In this particular continuity, it seems:
1) Celestia didn't have much choice about letting Twilight become an alicorn: Destiny said so. (Celestia's probably tried defying Destiny before and knows the likely consequences.) And while Celestia was the easiest source for a spell designed to permanently connect and pool a group of ponies' magics (if you're a unicorn trying to make a spell to make alicorns, channeling your earth pony and pegasi associates' powers through you and hoping the mixture will "catch" is a reasonably straightforward approach, with cutie mark swapping being a reasonable consequence of getting such a spell wrong, thus I go with that explanation), she was hardly the only one. Better to let Twilight do it at a time and location Celestia knows in advance.
2) While Twilight may be the student Celestia wanted to have around the least, she's also the one who did the best once finally away from Celestia. The disasters she's caused have all been manageable. The smaller number of disasters she's prevented or fixed have been less manageable without her. It's a net benefit.
3) Twilight's neuroses (almost said near-psychosis, but even in this continuity her behaviour's on the opposite end of the scale; the scale's just a bit horseshoe-shaped) probably make for a nice change from the more pervasive and banal crap authorities have to deal with on a daily basis. And at least with an alicorn Twilight, things like vomiting liquid bomb into her face are an excusable reaction. Most ponies you can't get away with doing that to.

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