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This story is a sequel to A Day In The Park

Sunset Shimmer is hungry and wants food. She has just enough money on her to buy a burrito. But while waiting for her meal, her mind begins to wander. This is nothing new for her, contemplating her own existence, but now her old revenge fantasies have given way to much more confusing musings. Will Sunset discover the meaning of life in a wrapped tortilla? Of course not. Will her mind crack before she can eat? Very possibly.

This story is the genesis of the Burritoverse! Click the link for a helpful guide!

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I feel like that burrito. :applejackunsure:

I liked this. :heart:

Poor Sunset. She spends so much time contemplating her navel, she loses her food to Best Siren.

That sucks, now I want a carne asada burrito:raritycry:

You know, I'm frightened by how similar Sunset's burrito metaphor monologue was to my own mental digressions into life metaphor. :I
Anyway, great work! The writing really did feel like a natural progression of thought. I do have to say though, this fic did make me a bit sad. I hope Sonata buys Sunset another burrito! xD

5656693 You too, huh? :derpyderp1:

5656887 Thank you so much! This story was a ton of fun to write.

5656898 Well, if you contemplate your navel in a restaurant, that's the risk you run. This story came into my brain almost fully formed. That ending was not changed one bit from its conception. It made me laugh, which said to me I needed to keep it. Of course, I like stinger-type endings.

5657609 It took a bit more thought than I expected to equate life with a burrito. It's not exactly the first food you think of when you have an existential crisis. A taco would have been easier, but (like I said) it's been done. Anyway, I'm so glad you enjoyed my story! :twilightsmile:

The inner monologue was a struggle to find the balance between flow and how one's brain actually leaps from one thought to another. Considering Sunset's diatribe is actually two diatribes written several days apart, cut to shreds, and then franken-stitched back together to resemble a stream of consciousness, if it still flows well despite that, then I guess I did my job. :twilightblush:

Now, I'd love Sonata to replace what she stole, but I'm afraid to say that she's even poorer than Sunset. Though I won't rule out revisiting this little incident when/if I write another story in the EQG-verse.

5657116 , 5658815 Big Beulah's is based on an actual burrito place near my home, though I don't think I'd ever eat at Beulah's – her place seems like a health code violation waiting to happen. I'm not sure if a story like this is better written on a full or empty stomach. I can say that the monologue in the middle is best written at three in the morning when you're mostly incoherent from lack of sleep.

Oh. More fun factoids – Originally, I had Sunset name her jacket Tosca, but changed it at the last minute (i.e. it was one of the last things I did before clicking "Submit") to a reference more people might get a chuckle out of. There was also a reference to Shrek that I cut out of the monologue because, after editing, it just didn't fit anywhere.

5659524 I'll have to wait another 7 years until I can discover life's meaning again. Until then, I'm a flavorless burrito putting on a cheerful facade so I don't get carted off to the asylum. :ajsleepy:

Now I need a burrito. Bad Sonata. Bad. No eating other's food

I'm sorry, but why is this tagged as a random comedy? Everything in this story was sad. Sunset is poor, can barely afford food, muses on all her failings, and then gets what looks like her first decent meal in a long time stolen. This is rather depressing. The only thing I found funny was Sonata's braindead reaction at the end. Sunset's monologue was rambling and odd, but that's what a cluttered mind is like. Maybe I just relate to how Sunset feels too much to find any of her plight funny.

As an introspective story about Sunset, though, this was great. The burrito metaphor was surprisingly accurate.

[Comedy tag since removed]

5661070 I was wondering when someone would bring this up. I went back and forth over that tag, and decided to keep it due to the ending, and also the beginning, and some parts of Sunny's rambling. I can always go back and drop it, if you really think I should. In fact, I think I'll do that.

FF doesn't really have an "absurd" or "farce" tag, which is closer to what I intended this to be.

This site really needs more tags, yeah. Hopefully, we get the new set in soon. There are too many stories around here that don't fit the current tags, or even outright defy most genres.

Nice story, but I found a little hole in your story. Early on, you made it very clear that Sunset's outfit didn't have pockets.

Reaching into her sock, because she possessed neither purse nor pockets, she pulled out a few tatty banknotes. Yeah, that would probably be enough to eat.

But when she needed more money than what was in her sock, she suddenly has pockets.

Luckily for everyone, especially her, a quick fishing through her pockets produced just enough money to avoid embarrassment.

And in the unwritten followup, we see Sunset beat the hell out of Sonata,
Just kidding. Good story.

5662432 Wow. I can't believe I missed that. Quite the oversight. *smacks self*

It's fixed now. Sunset's sales tax/VAT money was in her other sock.

Sunset be like "I am become burrito, DESTROYER OF WORLDS!"

There's a place called Pancho's that is terribly close to my workplace and sells absolutely astounding cheep buritos of the cheepest kind. You just earned them a customer.

Also, very good writing. You worked the inner monologue well, very believeable, with a well-paced introduction and a good twist at the end.

This was oddly depressing but oddly funny. Hug your local starving Equestrian today!

5662492 Nah, they become best friends as fellow social outcasts banished from another world. Or something like that.

"I am the burrito." -wise words from Sunset Shimmer. Hahaha. But really though, nice story. I didn't know Sunset named her jacket "Sasha." Hahaha

Well, that was interesting, and, likely as intended, the stream of consciousness was particularly the best part of this. It revealed quite a bit about Sunset while still exploring her conflicts. Also, it's the first time I've ever read the line, "I am the burrito." So, kudos to you for writing something I have never seen anywhere else.

7106158 I would see that movie. :rainbowlaugh:

Suddenly, Sonata! :rainbowlaugh:

Being the insane general of a pony vanguard of teens who, mind control aside, would be totally unused to their new bodies, marching them to Canterlot to attack Celestia. Dear GOD that was a stupid plan! Sunset, you’re supposed to be smarter than that.

It might not have been quite as bad as we tend to think, relatively speaking (assuming she had beaten Twilight). The mirror was inside the Crystal Palace and Celestia quite close by, at the time.

A few hundred transformed students storming through the portal would would have caused problems for the guards, because Celestia and Cadance would have probably given orders not to harm them, and thus would have tied up one of the royal sisters or the royal couple subduing them safely.

The only flaw in her plan (admittedly a BIG flaw) was thinking she could take down the remaining alicorns combined strength by herself.

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