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This story is a sequel to Blast At The Beach, Part Deux

This story is also a sequel to A Leg Up

At a mid-week get together at Pinkie’s house, Applejack and Rainbow Dash finally settle their differences from six months prior.

Part of the AppleDash Diaries and the SciTwi Shimmer Chronicles.

Contains mild violence, mild cursing and implied sex.

Big thanks to TheWingman for proofreading.

Uncropped cover image source here.

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Oh my. AJ, you're a knucklehead for taking it that far. You too Dash for breaking her heart in the first place. I'm glad they've sorted this out, but, ouch, that was sad. Still, the wounds are going to have a chance to heal now. And for that, we should be happy.

This also brings the AppleDash Diaries to a close.

I thought a different author wrote the SciTwi Shimmer Chronicles.

Nope. They're both by me.

Ah. Questions finally answered. And now, resolved! Woo!


Glad that RD and AJ more or less patched things up. And jealous, possessive Rarity is jealous and possessive. That was a fun little epilogue to AppleDash's story.

Also, Dash looks kinda odd with the buzz-cut, but I think that's just me not being familiar with the look.

Yeah the military isn't all that keen on super-long hair.

And this now brings the AppleDash Diaries to a close. Or does it?

silence, clown!

Comment posted by Nailah deleted Oct 11th, 2019

Somehow the song ended at the exact moment I finished reading. I feel oddly proud.

I actually timed that to happen.

Nice. I read a lot faster than most people, so when the timing is this perfect I usually chalk it up to luck.

In the Roller Coster of Friendship episode, RD told that she wouldn't cut her hair ever

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