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This story is a sequel to A SciTwi Shimmer Christmas

I wake up late one night to find not only an empty bed but also the sounds of someone crying.

Part of the SciTwi Shimmer Chronicles.

Just a little SciSet pregnancy fluff.

Cover art source here.

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Why must every “SunLight /or “Sci-TwiShimmer” shipping make me cry!:raritycry:


I try my best. :pinkiehappy:

Momma Sunnybun needs the cuddles all the time. This is a fact.


Jeez... Just take my heart why dont ya...? But in all seriousness, nice job. You're giving my Flutterdash Stories a run for their money(I'm joking of course as you're writing is vasily better than my own)

Thanks. I wanted to throw out a little fluff that involved fears that most first-time parents-to-be have. (Which, by the way, also happens during subsequent pregnancies.)

9435848 I'd be lying if I didnt say I thought about doing something like this but never got around to it(And I probably won't anytime soon)

Are you meaning a story like this or having kids? :derpytongue2:

9436197 Um... a bit of both. I already have one with them having a kid but it's not done and it's a special I plan on publishing once I get to 200 followers.

Oooo... something to look forward to... :pinkiehappy:

9436229 Well, that's assuming I'll even get 200 followers:facehoof:

Keep plugging away and you'll get there.


Aah, back to where I started reading the series. (It was the pregnancy aspect that got my attention.)

I'm glad that you've enjoyed it so far. :twilightsmile:

Besides a few moments that made no sense to me this was still pretty good and sad at the same time

Which parts confused you?

Oh my bad I was distracted on the part when sunset mentioned autism I got upset a bit because I used to have it when I was young and I'm nearly 18 and I pretty sure how much I've changed the last few years I no longer have it and I don't feel great when I hear it plus my parents still think I have it which makes me upset but I can't control them

Ok. Most of the conditions in here are legit fears that parents have when they're expecting, especially with first-time parents. I have a daughter with autism and when my wife was pregnant with her little brother, we worried that he might have it as well. Luckily, he turned out fine so far.

I see I hope I didn't upset you this fan fict story was good and sad at the same time

You didn't upset me. There's just a few callbacks to earlier installments in the series as well as a nod to another story of mine, Dark Sunset. I just wanted to see which parts didn't make sense to you so that I could clear up any confusion. :twilightsmile:

Despite how sad it was it ended quite happy

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