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A broken soul trying to find the "magic of friendship".


This story is a sequel to Fears

As my pregnancy passes the halfway point, I'm hit with the worst day of my life.

Preread by Quillian Inkheart and leeroy_glBZ

Part of the SciTwi Shimmer Chronicles.

Cover art source here.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 36 )

hey Twi you ever hear of something called "mood swings"?

Apparently not!

Yeah seriously, Twi. Every system in her body is turning itself inside out to keep the parasite you shoved in her hoo-ha alive. Dealing with the results with a smile is your job now. Especially since you’re a couple of literal magical lesbians, and she can thoroughly get you back for this in every sense of the word.

I agree that Twi should cut sunset a tiny bit of slack because of her pregnancy mood swings. Although, I feel so bad for twilight. Plus, now I’m SUPER worried what happened that Shining had to come to Sunset’s house....

Anyway, I LOVE this story! :heart:

Keep in mind that Twilight is the younger of two siblings so she wouldn't have seen the pregnancy mood swings her mom may or may not have had. So this is an entirely new experience for her.

Glad to see you're enjoying it. I hope to have the next chapter done in a couple days.

yeah but Twilight's an absolute biblophiliac though - even this Twilight - you'd think she'd have read up on this stuff beforehand just so she'd know and they'd know what to expect when they're expecting

Ehh, semantics...

“Thank the stars you're okay,” he replied.

I tilted my head in confusion. “Uh...yeah. Why wouldn't I be?”

“Cadence and I have been trying to call you for over a half an hour,” he said.

“I accidentally left my phone on the nightstand while I was trying to get the car started,” I explained. A wave of fear enveloped my body as I checked my phone. “Shining…what happened?”

Ah hell no! Nuh-uh! Nope! You're implying something very heavy here and then leave us hangin'! Well, I aaaiiiiiiin't havin' that shit!

All joking aside, this is a really good start. Cannot wait for the update! I've been really enjoying this series of stories so far, so you can bet your bottom dollar I'm staying for the rest! :twilightsmile:

Leaving my readers with cliffhangers is one of my specialities. There's plenty of them in my story, Friendship Is Forever.

I'm glad that you've enjoyed the series so far. I'm hoping to steer it away from the clop genre with Twily and Sunny being parents soon.

I felt my insides turn as i thought that Sunsets nightmare is coming true except shes not there.

What would make you suspect that?

It amazing me how you dont get more views with things like this.


From the last line.

“I accidentally left my phone on the nightstand while I was trying to get the car started,” I explained. A wave of fear enveloped my body as I checked my phone. “Shining…what happened?”

And then adding it to the previous story of Sunsets re-occurring nightmare.

Guess you'll just have to wait and see...

Well written. Well written. That hurt, and I'm barely into the series.

oh *sniff* this *sniff* was too saaaaaaaaddddd *sniff sniff*

ok, i'll stop being dramatic...

about 10 minutes later

Nope. I sobbed.

Don't feel bad. I cried when I was writing it.

I know that feeling. I've teared up a couple of times when writing myself.


Same! With my story A Reminder Of Hope. Thx guys, I'm good now lol. <3

Wow.. I almost cried. My heart mostly ached. :fluttercry:

"It's okay to cry. I do it all the time."

-Fluttershy to Sunset Shimmer, Dark Sunset.

You sure? There's still more to come in this story...

I’m excited, ready, and prepared for more!!

That's all? Really?

Goddammit I've been reading too much Akumokagetsu.

Can't even feel it anymore.

Omg! I'm so happy Twilight's awake, what a relief!

However... a hysterectomy? I'm so sorry Twilight. This sure is going to be one heck of a ride.

Can't wait for the next story! <3

Yes, it will. Sunset's nearly six months preggers at this point, and now this upcoming emotional roller coaster shoud really shake things up.

A Hysterectomy? Oh no. :fluttercry:

Oh no, indeed. It'll definitely take a while for Twilight accept it.

:fluttershysad: Poor Sunnybun...


:fluttershysad: ...... :fluttercry: ...... :raritycry:
WHY MUST THEY BE SO SAAAAD???? :raritydespair:

Eh...it's my writing style.

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