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I'm an amateur writer who enjoys creating new short stories, but I mostly write crossovers, such as Doctor Whooves. I relate my stories to current events happening in my life, but not very emotional.


(WARNING: contains major spoilers for Red Dead Redemption 2. Please do not read any of this story if you wish to enjoy the ending of the game. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED)

That deer. It was always that deer... began the final journal entry of the withered old stallion that lived outside Appleoosa. Wheezing out another cough, he grabbed a handkerchief from the Brown duster he wore, weathered with age and the occasional bullet hole or two from a time long past. Coughing into the cloth revealed blood.

He sighed. "Well," he chuckled. "I'll be making my way home soon, Mary..." Grabbing a hat from the chair he huddled near, he dusted it off as best as he could. Fitting it to his head, he pulled it taut using the rope tied loosely above the brim.

"We know you're in there, Morgan! It's time to give up!" Somepony yelled from outside.

Standing up, Arthur set the notebook he wrote in for the last few decades he spent in Equestria on the chair, hoping that someday his story will be told.

Redemption has a heavy cost, after all...

Chapters (11)
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Comments ( 55 )

Un comienzo bastante bien redactado. Espero leer más capítulos, y tú primer like a tu favor

Now this is going to be good

After completing the main story in 6 days, i had a feeling someone would make a fic about Arther!


Now this looks interesting! Can't wait to see more!

¡gracias! Intentaré actualizarlo más, pero tomará un tiempo

Thank you! I'll try to get it updated, but it'll take some time. My work is trying to recover from the holidays so I won't have a whole lot of free time, lol

You're welcome! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Damn Dutch "Just one more big score & we're done" Van Der Linde!

Liking it so far. I can't wait to see more. I'm especially waiting for the moment when they will find out what happened to Arthur before Apple Bloom found him.

This is good. Rushed in some parts but good all the same. Keep it up my friend.

Okay, just to let you know, you should make the chapters longer. Make them at least 3,000 words longer. Add more details and try to stick to logic. While Arthur has his guns, I would prefer if he isn't able to use them with his hooves unless he's a unicorn.

The machete, ax, or knives he carry around should work fine however if he uses his mouth.

I would advice against giving Arthur any romantic relationships here. In the game, he never developed one most likely because he had a wife and son who were killed.

Write for fun. You ain't alone on this depression train brother.

I Appreciate the advice, I'll try to make it longer. I'm also gonna try to keep it logical while also keeping it in colorful talking horse land as well. However, there may or may not be some inventions someone crafted up to try and help him "use" his guns(don't worry, the inventions never work because blah blah ill figure it out when I get to it).

This is well thought out even if it is a bit rushed in some parts, the game is too good to not read this and I hope you continue this

Well it's not T A H I T I but it's an improvement for him.

Love it, I hope he gets his body back

A Red Dead Redemption 2 story?

I was waiting for one to do it, how did I not found this sooner? You should add it to the Red Dead Redemption group

Really well made! I actually have something familiar planned for the future. Though I'm surprised they aren't confused by him saying man, instead of pony at the start.

Didn't even know there was a group, lol. I just kinda write stuff like this to alleviate depression so I don't really do a whole lot of groups.

Yeah, I'm doing that on purpose. The timeline is current, so there's still the friendship university or whatever it's called so people aren't too concerned with him saying stuff like that.

Makes sense. Looking forward to see the next chapter. By the way, I may have overlooked it, but how is Arthur looking as stallion?

I see. If you are still interested, here's the group.

If you don't mind me asking, would you like to know what I have planned, regarding the game?

Think Arthur's clothes on Braeburn's body type on a horse as big as Big Mac. Arthur was a big dude in RDR2 so he's gonna be a big pony as well.

Good idea. Thought about his Cutie Mark?

Not quite yet. Like I said, I kinda write when the mood is right.

Okay, I was just curious. If you are interested what I have planned with Red Dead Redemption and MLP, just say the word and I send a PM. Also, hope the group will be of use for you.

Give him his body back, I’m begging u.

Not gonna happen, unfortunately. However, I do plan on him going through the EG mirror at some point

Damn it. The ponyfication ruined it for me. I hate that. Good luck with the story.

Yes, though it takes a while for me to update anything anymore. Just give it time, I got a chapter in the works right now

Please continue this story,I loved the series. Also,do you think they should remaster red dead one? Just want your opinion.

I was actually expecting a remaster bundle before they released RDR2, and as for this series I am writing and working on the next chapter. I'm taking my time on this story because it's more of a stress relief and slight cure for my depression. It'll take time, but it'll come out I promise.

You are doing great and I will wait

Short but good. Reminds me of something familiar i and a Friend of Mine thought of

This is goot, I hope to see a reunion with the whole gang in the near future, along with Micah too. For Micah to be an antagonist and for Dutch to run from the law and princess’ would be amazing to see.

Outlaws till the end

Can't believe I didn't find this sooner

Very nice! In Games like this or Watch Dogs 2, i Never understood Why some react Angry if you greet them.

It was worth the way and I loved it!

Okay I am going to ask this serious ass question is pinkamena Diane pie a f****** supernatural entity that can somehow realize reality without even being there she knows about Arthur Morgan of all things she probably knows about her other fanfiction cells without even trying can somebody explain this to me please she is an anomaly she's like that cat that is everywhere and nowhere had a baby with Deadpool and then that baby had a baby with the fourth wall itself

She transcends physical existence. If the show taught me anything it's not to question the Pink Demon.

"Feed people as need feeding, save people as need saving, kill people as need killing." I believe that was what Dutch once said.

you all can't tell but if you could see my face you would see the murderer is green after he said the last line "I need my guns." best. line. ever.

No, just more of a combination of writing in his journal and using his guns

The entire time I'm reading these chapters I'm listening to JT music red Dead redemption 2 rap it just works

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