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A lazy person from Poland who loves changelings and likes to write from time to time, even though he's not the best at it.


Thorax has been on his own for a few months. Those months have been hard for him, the creatures that he could become friends with, the only thing he ever wanted since he hatched, were running away from him or attacking him because of his species reputation but, everything was better for him than his crazy queen Chrysalis and the other changelings who are as much crazy as her.

Everything finally changes when he comes across a man by the name of Dutch Van der Linde who offers him a place in his gang and because of it Thorax finally gets what he wanted for his whole life, a friend, and people who he can call his family.

However, as the time passes, his new family begins to fall apart...

A crossover story between Red Dead Redemption 2 and MLP:FiM.
Contains spoilers for Red Dead Redemption 2 (as if it wasn't obvious enough)
(I suck at summaries)

Chapters (4)
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I like where this is going so far and I can't wait for more.

Might wanna fix those typos in the summary.

What immediately caught my eye was the name Dutch van der Linde, which explained the bottom part when I came to it. I absolutely love that game so far, and I'm going to read this, because I have a reason to do so, and why wouldn't I read it, anyways?

Edit: Also, sorry to be a grammar nazi, but it's spelled Prologue not Prolouge, my dude.
Edit edit: I see you are from Poland, I hope my "grammar nazi" statement didn't offend you. I apologize if it did.

Edit again? edit: If you'd like, I could help you with grammar and such, since you don't seem to be the greatest at English. But trust me, you are a lot better with writing in English than a good amount of people I know whose natural language is English.

Thorax in RDR2....hehehehe. Now will he change significant events in the original story or is it just insert character and interact with the story?

Damn it, this looks sooooo cool,

But I can't read it yet! I gotta finish rdr2 first.


Don't worry you didn't offend me. Also, thank you for for correcting my mistake with "Prolouge".

He'll just interact with the story. This is story is a backstory of what was going on with him before Spike found him the Crystal Empire.

Shit, you're right, aren't you? I'll have to finish the game first too, won't I?

I'm sure Dutch has a plan, all he needs is more money and a little faith.

And don't forget about loyalty.

Just gotta hope Thorax doesn't try to I N S I S T on anything.



Can't wait for the next chapter!

I really liked this story.

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