• Published 7th Jan 2019
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Thorax The Outlaw - blaszczu2500

While being away from his queen and the Hive, Thorax comes across a man by the name of Dutch Van der Linde who offers him a place in his gang. Thorax finally gets what he wanted for his whole life, a friend. However not everything is good as it seems

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The Gang

Thorax awoke next morning feeling very refreshed. For the first time in a long time, he was able to sleep without any interruptions. It was also, one of the best nights he had since he left the Hive. He finally warmed himself up, after coming to these mountains and another creature finally showed him kidness, despite him being a changeling.

He looked to his left to see Arthur still asleep. He hopped off his bed and rubbed his front hooves together. His horn lit up and his green engulfs picked up the blanket which was warming him up since he found himself in those mountains. He wrapped this blanket around himself before heading outside. He walked over to the nearest shack before entering it.

Inside, he was met with the stares from everyone who were inside and an awkward silence filled the room which was broken when an old man from the last night got up from his chair and walked over to him, "You're name is Thorax, right?"

"Yes. What's your name, sir?" Thorax asked as the old man extended his hand for a handshake.

"Hosea. Nice to meet you." Hosea introduced himself as Thorax hesitantly extended his hoof. He clenched his teeth in pain as Hosea shook his hoof. Who would know that an old man like Hosea would have such a strong grip?

The next several minutes Thorax spent talking with Hosea. He learnt that Hosea is Dutch's best friend the co-founder of the gang. The two men met when they both tried to rob each other. After that event, the two became best friends and they both founded the Van der Linde gang with Hosea being Dutch's right-hand man.

Then, he talked with a young man who went by the name of Lenny Summers. Thorax was so sad to hear about Lenny's past which was not very good. The young man told Thorax about how his father was beaten to death by a few drunk men, whom Lenny killed in revenge. He was forced to go on the run afterward, being only 15 at the time. Thorax told him that he was sorry that his happen to Lenny. They young man thanked him and told that he found a new family in the Van der Linde gang.

The next person he talked with was a man by the name of Javier Escuella who told him about the country from which he came from. Thorax in awe at Javier's stories and told him that his country must be really beautiful and he wished he could visit it. That made Javier very happy, then he asked Thorax about the country from which he came from, but all Thorax said was that his country is not a very good one, because it's ruler is crazy. Javier was sad to hear that and offered him a cigarette. Thorax gently declined his offer.

Then, the door shut open and a woman entered the cabin with a worried expression on her face. She sat down by the fire as she rubbed her hands together.

"You okay, Abigail?" Hosea asked.

"It's John. He ain't been seen in days. The weather ain't let up.'' Abigail began as the door opened and Arthur walked in the cabin, shaking some snow off his coat, "He's strong and smart, strong at least." She continued as Arthur came up to the fireplace and put a log in it, "Morning, Arthur." She greeted him.

"Abigail." Arthur greeted her back.

"Arthur. How are you doing?" Abigail asked him.

"Just fine." Arthur replied before asking, "And you?"

"I'm fine but..." Abigail tried to say.

"She's worried about John." Tilly explained.

Abigail groaned in annoyance as she said, "I'm... I'm sorry to ask."

"Your John'll be fine. I mean he may be dumb as rocks and dull as rusted iron... but that ain't changing because he got caught in some snowstorm." Arthur stated.

Hosea got up from his chair and spoke up to Arthur, "C'mon Arthur. At least go take a look." He said as he looked over at Javier who was smoking in the corner of the room, "Javier?"

"Yes?" Javier said.

"Javier will you go out with Arthur and look for John? You're the two best fit men we've got."

"Now?" Javier asked.

"She is worried about him and it won't hurt to take a look." Hosea replied as Javier finished his cigarette and got up from his chair.

''I know if the situation were reserved he'd look out for me." He stated.

"Thank you." Abigail thanked them as Arthur and Javier walked out of the cabin.

As Javier and Arthur were outside looking for Abigail's husband, Thorax continued to get to know the people with which he was staying in this mine town. He went to talk with Mary-Beth, Tilly, Karen and Abigail and he learnt that Mary-Beth wanted to write stories, then she asked what kind of books does he like. His reply was that no one taught him how to read because the only changelings in the Hive that could read were Chrysalis' most trusted warriors, so she could sent them on a mission inside a community they were planning to attack. Hosea and Lenny told him that they could teach him, which Thorax appreciated a lot.

The next person in the cabin he approached was a young boy who happened to be Abigail's and John's son. The boy who as Thorax learnt was named Jack was at first a little afraid of what Thorax was. Thorax came up with an idea how to make Jack stop fearing him. He changed his shift into a dog which left everyone except Jack stunned for a few moments, even though they knew about Thorax's ability. The young boy cheered loudly in awe at what Thorax just did and asked if he can do more of his magic. Thorax agreed to do this and for the next hour he continued to change his shift into anything Jack wanted, which made the young boy really happy. Abigail, Tilly, Karen, Mary-Beth, Hosea and Lenny smiled at view of the young boy smiling for the first time since Blackwater.

Then, Thorax spoke with a man who went by the name of Bill Williamson who as he found out, used to be a soldier and had fought in a battles. Thorax told him that he just like Bill had fought in a battle before and if someone would give him a hard time, he would always have someone with who he can talk with in him. Bill really appreciated that.

After his talk with Bill, Thorax headed out of the cabin to talk with the others. At first, he tried to talk with Sadie, but the woman just ignored him. Thorax couldn't blame her. Especially after she's been through in recent days, then he meet Susan Grimshaw, the main housekeeper. Mr Pearson, the cook, Uncle, an old man who as Thorax found out, was suffering from a disease called Lumbago, Charles Smith, the hunter of the gang, Molly O'Shea, Dutch's lover, Orville Swanson, a priest and Leopold Strauss, the accountant who came from a country known as Austria. Thorax was suprised how kind these people were to him.

And the last man he went to talk with was Micah. The man who aimed his weapon at him last night, was mocking him because of what he was, everytime he tried to talk with him.

After his failed talk with Micah, he walked out of the cabin and he saw someone riding into the mine town.

"Come on! Someone help John down off this horse!" Javier shouted.

Abigail rushed out of the cabin, a huge smile on her face, "You're alive! You're alive!"

Bill and Lenny, then came over to Javier's horse in order to get John off it. As they were helping John, he screamed out in pain.

"Careful idiotas! It's his legs!" Javier scolded them as they got John off his horse.

"Thank you, thank you both." Abigail smiled at Javier and Arthur before following Bill, Lenny and John into the cabin, "This is a new low, even by your standards."

"Thank you, both." Came Hosea's voice, causing Arthur, Javier and Thorax to turn back to see Hosea with Herr Strauss by his side.

"You got any other lost maidens in need of saving?" Arthur asked, sarcastically.

"Don't worry Arthur, not today." Hosea assured Arthur.

"Have you and Dutch talked about how we're gonna get out of this?" Arthur wanted to know.

"Yes, we were discussing with Herr Strauss when the weather breaks, we'll have to keep heading east." Hosea explained as Arthur and Javier looked at him in suprised while Thorax looked a bit confused.

"East? Into all that... civilization?" Arthur asked as Hosea nodded in confirmation.

"We know, Arthur. The west is where our problems are worse." Hosea stated, before turning his attention to the closest cabin, "Let's go guys, let's get warm."

"Oh and Mr Thorax. Dutch wants to talk with you in private." Herr Strauss added.

"Thank you for telling me, Herr Strauss." Thorax said with a nod before making his way into the cabin where Dutch was staying to see the leader of these people, warming himself up by the chimmey, "Dutch? You wanted to see me?"

"Oh! Thorax!" Dutch said as he turned his attention to Thorax, "I see Hosea and Herr Strauss informed you that I want to talk with you?"

"They did." Thorax confirmed with a nod.

"Well Mr Thorax. I don't know how you did it but for all day along I've been getting visits from my people, asking me if you could stay with us for a longer period of time than our stay in the mountains. You also found yourself on the good side of Bill Williamson which I admit is quite an accomplishment. Even Jack and his mom came here, asking me if you could stay with us. The little boy took a liking in you after you played with him" Dutch explained as Thorax looked at him curiously, wondering what Dutch was going to say, "So, Mr Thorax, Would you like to join our family?"

Thorax's eyes shot open in suprise, as he felt like he was gonna start crying in joy. He smiled widely at Dutch before answering, "I'll be happy to be a part of your family, Dutch. Thank you for giving me this opportunity."

"You're very welcome, Thorax. Tommorow, I'll make this official." Dutch said as Thorax nodded, then the changeling made his way into his cabin and laid down on his bed. Once, he made sure nobody was going to watch him, he finally let his tears of joy fell down his cheeks. He cried for a few minutes, before he heard someone walk into the cabin. He quickly turned to the other side, trying to hide the fact that he cried from the person who happened to Arthur.

"Thorax? Why are you crying?" Arthur asked as he laid down on his bed.

"I'm just happy, Arthur." Thorax replied as he closed his eyes. He couldn't help but smile as he drifted into sleep. He finally got something he wanted for his whole life.

A friend...