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Disclaimer: This story is a rewrite of another story called "The Big One", which I started a couple years ago and never finished.

Everything in Canterlot has finally calmed down when it comes to magic, and the girls have learned how to use their powers properly. However, all the crazy stuff that's happened has drawn many dangerous people to the little band, and the Rainbooms might not be able to handle them all.

Luckily, the two groups that don't want to hurt them also happen to be the two most dangerous groups.

GTA 5/Online crossover, and maybe another game, too

And yes, I know that GTA Online is pretty much garbage now.

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Great start man, keep it up.

I've actually been playing through GTA 5 again so I'm up for a good crossover. This has my interest so far.

Loving the interactions between characters here. Keeping an eye on this one.

And yes, I know that GTA Online is pretty much garbage now.

I've never played GTA... What makes you say that?

8676208 Everything they've added to the game lately is op and super expensive so people feel more compelled to get the shark cards (buyable money) could just be we're just meant to grind out money for them but it still annoys me

My issue with gta online is that i can’t stay connected for long periods without getting connection errored out if i can even connect at all otherwise i’m stuck in the clouds before it just says that it couldn’t find a session, and i know it’s not my internet because my friends have this problem too.
I also have a problem with the aimbot that the mercenaries have where they can hit you through the tiny windows on an armored car during a full speed chase down the highway and kill you in bout 4 or 5 shots.

GTA Online is a mess now, you can now buy a free kill if you can afford it, although it does cost a stupid amount of money. Yet, despite all the barriers to getting it, it really shows the direction in which GTA has gone. If you don't have money, the game's a grind, and if you do have money, it'll disappear in no time, and you're back to grinding, or, you'll keep saving, i.e, keep grinding. And if you get modded money, after buying everything, there's nothing left to do. And it's even worse on PC, because cheating is just downloading a .exe file, and that either ruins the fun for everyone else or will have you bored in ten seconds flat.

Now, about this story particularly. I like it, Everyone seems in character, and it's a novel concept. One thing though, there are some unneeded details, such as the line;

The two had met when Franklin was "repossessing" one of the family cars. After the whole "gun to the back of your head" thing in Jimmy's car, Michael had really grown on Franklin, to the point that Franklin considered him to be a bit of mentor.

See, the way I look at is it, fanfiction is subject to the normal rules of good fiction, but, you don't need to explain the character's backstories or even introduce them, because generally if you're interested in reading GTA V/MLP: FIM fanfiction, you're interested in GTA V and MLP: FIM. Even so, if you want this to be accessible to people not familiar with GTA, then you still don't need the car detail, all you need to convey is that they [Franklin and Michael.] know each other well, because unlike the car detail, that will play into the story, And the best way to convey that is to show it in how they talk to each other, rather than just say he thinks of him as a mentor.

Anyhoo, really the point of all is not to say the line should be changed, but rather, it's food for thought to think about next time you want to get something across.

Well, this has potential.

I’ll keep an eye on this.

I need to keep an eye on this.

Holy crap, the talk Zero and Galante had sounded like a Doomsday Heist mission or a Gunrunning job.

Although, people do say GTAO is a prequel to GTAV. So it’s not likely. Either way, good job!

This story just gets better and better.
I like it.

I hate being "that guy" but is this story canceled or on indefinite hiatus?

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