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My little Ori - Animefan608

The spirit tree lost of its children to the great storm. Instead of Naru finding Ori it was Luna who found him. They lived a happy life together until the Nightmare moon incident. Now Ori is all alone and is seeking a way to free his mother (Luna)

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Chapter 3: Luna's child (Unedited)

Author's Note:

Sorry for the wait. I'm not gonna make any more excuses. I've been very distracted lately. I lot of people wanted me to continue this story which is why I haven't worked on Spike's Undertale for a while.

Also as some of you notice I've been working on other stories. I wanted to write easter eggs in my stories or do one of those after credits scenes that reveal the next character I'm gonna write about.

But I have so many ideas I just wanna show them all. I've even planned on doing a crossover with Evangelion which I was hoping somebody else would do cause I was more interested in reading that crossover than writing it myself.

Just letting ya know. Some of the new stories I plan on writing are VERY dark. They are not gonna be like "My little Ori" or "Spike's Undertale".

Chapter 3:

In the throne room, Luna tried to get Ori off her back telling him that he needed to be older in order for him to ride on her back but he kept trying to get on anyway. “Ori, Ori no. Get off. You can ride on me when your older but not now” Luna said with a frown.

“Luna is everything alright.” Asked Starswirl who was passing by until he saw Luna having trouble with the Spirit Guardian.

“O-oh good afternoon Star. How’ve have you been ?” She asked as Ori got on her back again playing with her main. “Ori !!”

Starswirl chuckled. “I’m doing well. Not as young as I use to be my I magic is still raw as ever. And how the little fella? While Luna and Starswirl were talking Celestia walked by took notice of them in the throne room.

“He’s fine. He gets little too curious for his own good but I think that's normal for newborn.” Luna said as she looked at Ori with loving eyes. “Um listen Starswirl, w-we need to talk.”

She then noticed her sister staring at them. "Alone," Luna added.

Later on Luna close the door behind her so Celestia and the others wouldn't listen in.

"So, what is it you want to speak to me about Luna?" Asked Starswirl while drinking his coffee.

"It's about Ori." said Luna. Starswirl looked at her with interest as he was wondering what was happening with the creature. "He spoke."

"What do you mean he spoke?"

"He spoke our language," she replied. Starswirl than began to cough out his coffee from the surprising news. "Are you alright teacher?"

"I'm fine, I'm fine. So you're saying the Light guardian spoke? What was his word?" asked Starswirl who was excited to hear such fascinating news. Luna, however, didn't want to tell him what Ori called her. Just like Celestia, Starswirl wouldn't approve of her having a child. He was very pushy when it came to teaching her and her sister on how to be princesses so she didn't want to make things complicated.

"Um, he just said my name," she responded with a nervous grin.

"So he called you Luna?"

She nodded in reply.

"Fascinating, I assumed Light Guardians were some type of animals but now....what your telling me is that is that the light guardians were an intelligent race just like us."

"Starswirl, I-I must know, what should I do with him? I want him to stay here but....." Luna didn't what to say next. She personally wants to raise Ori but she wasn't sure if it was such a good idea even for her.

"Luna, you want to raise him do you?" asked Stairswirl in a calm understanding voice. Luna looked at with surprise. "If that what you want then I shall not stop you." She would think that he would be strictly against it. Stairswirld has always been a strict one this castle but instead, for once he just allows her to do what she wants.

"Starswirl, teacher.....why aren't you stopping me. Normally you would lecture me about responsibility or tell try to talk me out of taking Ori in-"

"I would never tell you to abandon a lost child you found in a forest. I'm too old to be ordering you around Luna." Starswirl said as he looked through his books. "When you first brought Ori in I've noticed how you looked at the boy. You looked at him with a mother's eyes. I knew then that this was a sign that you wanted to give Ori what your own mother failed to give to you. Attention, love....your mother was never there for you. Always spending time with your sister witch you held a grudge for a long time." Luna glared at remembering those times. It made her growl in anger just by thinking about. Than Starswirl turned around facing her looking her in the eye. "Which is why I believe this is your destiny to raise that child and give him what your mother failed to give you." He said putting his hoof on her shoulder.

"Y-you really think I could raise h-him?" she asked Starswirl.

Starswirl chuckled a little. "You may be irresponsible sometimes, but I believe when it comes to the ponies closest to you, you will always be there for him."

"I-I want to believe that but...I don't think I'm that pony you believe me to be," said Luna who was very surprised to hear his words about her.

"Well, you better cause that light guardian needs some pony to watch over him. Especially after the incident with Celestia yesterday." thinking back on it made Luna's shiver down her spine not wanting to repeat moment. "Besides, I won't be here forever Luna. I'm getting old, the magic that has kept me away from death will soon wear off."

"What about sister Tia, you know she won't approve of this?"

"Indeed She won't, She'll probably try to take Ori away but worry not. Celestia will eventually find out about the relationship between you and Ori and when she douse there is nothing she can do about it. You're a princess too." Than Starswirl suddenly packed some of his belongings with his magic and exited his laboratory.

"Teacher, where are you going?"

"It's Stygian, That traitor returned as the pony of shadows. I have to go stop him before plunges Equestria into darkness," said Starswirl.

"When will you be back?" The Princess asked.

"...Not sure, soon I hope," he said as he waved his goodbye to her as he left the castle of the two sisters.

Later on, Luna was pushing Ori on the swing outside the castle. Then they played a little bit of hide and seek. Luna was seeking while Ori was hiding but no matter where Ori hid, Luna always found him because he was always glowing. The only least favorite thing Ori liked was when Luna forced him to take a bath. Well, I guess saying "Least Favorite" is putting it mildly. He hated it when Luna forced him to shower.

When it was night time Luna allowed Ori to stay up so he could see her using her magic to rise up the moon. Ori loved looking at the stars and Ori loved when Luna rises up the moon. He could look at the night sky all night until he was tired out. Once he did than Luna used her magic to pick him up and carried him to bed. She tucked him in and gave him a good night kiss as he got comfortable on Luna's bed. "Good night Ori."

Ori opened his left eye a little bit as he mumbled. Luna couldn't understand what he just said. All she heard strange animal-like sounds. However, she could tell that he wished her a good night too. Luna smiled as she closed the door so Ori could sleep but what she didn't notice is that her older sister Celestial was standing right behind her which startled her a little.

Celestia looked at her with a suspicious look in her eyes. She sighs first before she could speak. "Luna, we need to talk. It's about that creature. I'm beginning to think you're raising a child instead of keeping it as a pet."

That made Luna chuckle as she almost blushed. "Oh, dear sister that sounds crazy. Why would you ever think that ?"

"Don't lie to me," Celestia said in an emotionless voice. "You know its true. That creature has been here for over a month and all you've been doing to taking care of him like he's your own. You're a princess Luna and you've been far behind on your Princes duties. We don't have time to raise children here."

“I-I know I'm a little behind than I should but-" Luna was interrupted by sister again.

"Luna, I think you need to get rid of him."

"WHAT, NO !!" Luna shouted.

"But Luna your not his mother !!”

"I'm not mothering him !" Said, Luna, until she accidentally dropped a teddy bear on the floor that made a squeaking sound. Celestia noticed it and then frown at Luna. Luna just smiled at Celestia in embarrassment. "Hehe. Sigh, Okay I'll try to make it at the Manehatten Festival. I promise."

"Good because I expect you to be there. These ponies are counting on us and we can't afford any distractions. Their first ever mayor expects us to be there." Celestia explained as she trotted away.


Later early in the morning at 6:00 A.m Ori woke up and found himself sleeping on Luna's lap. They were high in the sky in a carriage as two of Luna's totals guards were pulling it. "I didn't want to wake you up," said Luna keeping him warm in her arms. "But I think your going have fun today."

Forty minutes later they arrived at Manehatten. Ori was looking down at the village with wonder in his eyes. It was a big village that went on for miles. (Manehatten was a lot deferent back than. There were no skyscrapers. Just a normal old fashion village. But it was still big.)

Luna finally landed as they saw a huge crowd of ponies in the community park facing the stage as the village's first mayor was about to introduce the princess. Luna quickly trotted at the back of the stage where her sister was and Ori fallowed.

Once Luna got there her sister faced her with an angry expression. "You are late !!" Said, Celestia.

"I'm sorry sister, but Ori needed his sleep."

"Will talk about this later but for now get ready." She said as she then ordered the ponies to quickly put make up on her sister for about a couple of seconds as the curtains were about to open.

"My fellow citizens of Manehatten, I present to you, Princess Celestia and her younger sister Princess Luna." The curtains than open and Ori saw a huge crowd staring right at him as he heard the crowd roaring with excitement as they saw the princesses. Ori was scared so he hid behind Luna.

Celestia than rose up from the sky than used her magic to rise up the sun. Everyone eyed at their princess with astonishment, even Ori was amazed. Little did he realized that Luna was rising up to the sky and was about to use her magic to lower the moon but however before she could Ori herd horrifying scream. One of the villagers saw him as the frighten mare pointed her hoof wright at him. “AAAAAAAAHHHH, WHAT IS THAT THING !!!?"

Than every pony stared at him as the whole crowd started to panic as their first mayor called out to the guards. "Guards, guards !! Get that thing off the stage !!" Then a whole group of armored stallions came with share sticks and a net. Ori was now extremely frightened as all he could think of was running but there was nowhere to run to so he bundled up in fear.

Luna quickly reacted before it was too late so she got in front of him protecting him from harm."Wait, please he's just a-" But they did not listen. They were too focused on getting rid of him. "STOP !!" She used her royal traditional Canterlot voice. "Stop it. You are scaring him !"

Every pony completely stopped at her mighty Canterlot voice but the silence came to an end when Celestia shouted at her sister in anger. " LUNA, YOU HAVE DONE IT NOW !!! THAT THING INTERRUPTED OUR CONCENTRATION AND NOW LOOK WHAT HAPPENED !!!?"

Luna looked up and realized the sun went up but the moon did not go down. She then looked at the clock tower and noticed it was past 7:25. Luna frowned as she knew she was in deep trouble. Everything was a mess.

The mayor decided to step in. "Listen, your majesty, I should take the responsibility for what happened-" The Mayor knew that this was his fault too for adding fuel to the fire.

"No it's alright. Its no one else's fault except for my sister." Said, Celestia, as glared at her younger sister with disappointment.

Ori noticed this and he didn't like the fact that every pony was pointing hooves at her just for protecting him. Ori Growled at Celestia with anger and was tempted to attack the princes but was stopped by Luna.

"ORI DONT !, that won't solve anything." She said scolding him. Ori than calmed down as he did what he was told that got off the stage. The crowd of watch as Ori got off the stage. Never before have they seen such a creature. Some ponies thought it looked cute, others were afraid of it fearing what it was.

"What is that thing? It's like glowing."

"Its some kind of monster !"

"Well, I think it looks cute."

"Well, I think it's dangerous !"

"It's so adorable !!"

"What is that? Some kind of bunny !?"

"I want one. Can I have one mommy ?" asked one filly but her mother scolded her daughter and said. "NO WAY, STAY AWAY FROM THAT…. THAT….THING !!"

Ori didn't know what to feel. He heard the crowd of ponies says both mean things and good things about him. It didn't matter. They were afraid of him and that's what hurt him the most.

Ori sat on the bench waiting for Luna to finish fixing the mess that happened earlier. While he was waiting for the ponies that were passing by kept staring at him. Ether in fear or in curiosity. Ori realized something today. He didn't like ponies staring at him. It made look like a freak.

Moments later he noticed Luna trotting towards him with a basket in her mouth. She signaled him to fallow her as Ori than climbed and started to ride on her back while Luna was trotting up the hill. Once they made it to the top Luna got out a white and red striped blanket and laid it on the ground. Than luna opened the basket and brought out some delicious food for her and Ori to eat. Ori Smiled as he watches Luna serve him a veggie sandwich with some chopped up apples on the side and a cupcake.

However, Ori could only eat baby food since he was still considered a baby. Ori was drinking milk from a baby bottle as he noticed in the distance that there was a huge crowd of ponies who've been wanting to speak with the princess of the sun. Princess Celestia was flooded with so many questions. It was like her very own fan club. However, Ori wondered, knowing how famous Celestia is, how come nobody wanted to speak with Luna? she's a princess to wright? That question rang in Ori's head for a while.

"If only they knew." Ori Looked at Luna as she spoke as she watched her sister being loved by every pony in the whole city. "If only they knew how beautiful my night sky is. How the stars shoot across the sky. How my moon shines like a night light. But no, all they care about is my sisters blue sky and how the sun gives them warmth. That is why my sister was up there and not me."

Ori is a bit too young to understand ponies. As a matter of fact, he was recently born not too long ago but he did know one thing. His mother shouldn't have gotten in trouble for protecting him from those hostel ponies. Now that he thinks about it, he noticed he isn't the only one being miss treated. His own mother was in the same boat as he was. They didn't fear her not like they were with him but they still treated her somewhat unfairly compared to her older sister.

Than suddenly noticed something suspicious in the bushes up ahead as he went to check it out. As he got closer he noticed a young cowboy hat wearing colt was doing something strange. His main was black and his fur was brown. He was pretty suspicious indeed as he kept collecting some stuff off of plants. He was grabbing stuff off of a cattail from the pond and putting them in a bag. "Dang nabbit, There has to be more somewhere."

As Ori looked closer he accidentally fell making noise which startled the young colt as he began to panic. "Aah, no officer I wasn't disturbing the piece, I swear !!" Suddenly the colt opened his eyes and noticed that it wasn't the local sharif at all. It was actually something he has never seen before. "What in tarnation is that ?"

Out of curiosity, the young colt trotted closer towards the white glowing creator as he took a good look at it from top to bottom."Is it a rabbit ?" As he looked at its ears. "Or maybe a cat ?" than its furry face. He then finally looked at its legs and noticed there were hooves. "Possibly a pony ?"

Ori got back up on both hands and hooves and he approached the young colt as he wanted to know what he was doing. Ori couldn't talk so he didn't know how to ask but he did point at the colt's little bag signaling him as he wanted to know what was in theirs.

"Huh ?" Said the Colt as he figured what the creature was trying to ask. "Oh, this is just a hobby I do. I plan to collect seeds of all types all over the globe."

Ori tilted his head to the side in confusion not understand why this kid would collect so many seeds. The colt noticed his confusion and just faced the ground in sadness. "Its….Its a hobby of mine you wouldn't understand. The names Alexander Hooves O' Maxxon the third. But you can just call me by my last name. It's Smith." (Granny Smith's father and Apple Jack’s great-grandfather.)

Ori was about to greet Smith somehow but before he could a blue wearing stallion came by and snatch your colt off his hooves. "Well, well if it isn't Smith. I expected you caused trouble here. Wait till your father hears about this !"

"Y-you got the wrong idea Officer Law. I-I was just collecting seeds." Smith pleaded as he struggled from the stallion's grip

"Yeah right. Every time I catch your, your ether disturbing the peace or trespassing other pony's property. You're lucky I'm not allowed to press charges on a kid or I'll-" Suddenly out of nowhere Officer Law felt something bite him in his flank. "GHAAAAAAAH !!!!"

Ori didn't like how this stallion was being such a bully to this odd colt so Ori decided to step up and bite him in the butt. The Police officer tried to shake Ori off but the Light Guardian's teeth were locked tight on his flank. "What in the hay is this thing ?!? GET HIM OFF !!! SOMPONY HELP ME !!!"

Ori held on to him tight until. "ORI !!!!" Ori quickly opened his mouth as he recognized the voice. He whipped his head towards where he heard it and saw none other than Princess Luna. Ori noticed that she was very upset with him and he knew he was in trouble. "No Law biting !! You are such a bad boy for doing that. I am very disappointed in you !!" Luna shouted at him with anger. She could not believe how bad Ori was being.

Ori felt nothing but gelt as he never meant to get his own mother upset. He just wanted to help the colt the only way he knew how. That's all. "I'm so sorry Officer Law, this is Ori my so-…..I mean my……nevermind. Please do forgive him, Officer. He is young, he doesn't know any better."

"I-I would have never expected you would be here Princess Luna. Shouldn't you be with your sister ?" Officer Law asked hesitantly not expecting one of the princesses.

"My Big sister, She’s doing fine on her own," Luna responded why rolling her eyes. After Luna spoke with the officer she continued to skull'd at the light guardian for biting him in the butt. After that was taken care of Luna made her way back to the picnic. "Ori, come finish your food."

"Well, I guess I'll be heading back too. Uh...thank for sticking up for me...What his name again?" the small colt asked.

"His name is Ori." She replied with a smile.

"Ori?" the young colt said to himself. "That's a mighty nice name." He then waved goodbye as he went home.

Ori couldn't help but continue the stare at the young colt. Perhaps he was curious or maybe he was interested in being the colts friends. It was hard to tell since Ori couldn't talk.

Later on at the Castle Celestia was furries at what happened at the festival. When they first entered the castle Celestia started shouted at Luna and kept telling her that it was all her fault. Ori didn't like how Celestia was shouting at the one pony that took him in and wanted to bite her or something but he knew Luna wouldn't like that.

"Today was a disaster luna!! That ....w-whatever i-it is, has to go!" shouted Celestia as pointed at Ori who was being held in Luna's arms.

"Sister leave him alone! He's just a baby! Why do you hate him so much? Is it because he's deferent?!"

"No, I-" Not wanting to discriminate Celestia tried to calm herself by taking a deep breath and tried to choose her words carefully."I-I don't trust that thing, Luna. The magic I sense from this creature is unlike anything I've ever felt before. You're so attached to this creature that it's becoming a bit concerning."

"And you don't think I sense it too? Sister, Ori could be capable of wonderful things. Even though his magic is something unknown to us, that doesn't make him our enemy. He's part of this family rather you like it or not." said Luna looking up at her sister's face as she refused to give in her sister's demands. Celestia maybe the head princess in this country but Luna has the authority of a leader too. Luna doesn't have the same control as her older sister but just enough for her to make her own decisions.

Celestia cocked her eye by her sister's words."So then, you WERE' planning on raising him as your son."

Luna smiled worriedly as she tried to figure out something to say to her sister but it was no use. Her sister was going to figure out eventually. Luna sigh as she stared at Ori for a while before facing her sister. "Yes my dear sister. He is my adopted son. He is not an apprentice, nor is he some wild animal I found in the forest. He is an intelligent creature who is equal to pony kind."

"Sister, have you lost it?! What makes you thin-"


Suddenly both eyes towards the lights guardian as they both heard him speak. "Ori, what did you just say?!" asked Luna as her older sister's jaw dropped. They both stared at the strange creature waiting for him to say it again. "Say it, say it again. Say, mama, say mama."

They waiting for about a moment until. "...Mama."

"Oh my gosh, Sister he spoke again!" Luna got so excited she could just scream. She suddenly got on her hind legs and started dancing around and around while holding on to her son.

Celestia was dumbstruck. She never would have expected that thing to speak. She now knew things were going to change around here and ponies everywhere would want to know who is their new prince is. Rumors will spread across the castle that will soon spread everywhere. The princess of the sun was curious but at the same time, a bit worried. What would this mean for Equestria?

There were so many questions that were in Celestia's head that she couldn't even imagine this thing being next in line of the throne.

"Oh no," Celestia mumbled as she watched her sister dance with her baby.

To be Continued.

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All seriousness though glad to see you back!

Celestia was dumbstruck. She never would have expected that thing to speak. She now knew things were going to change around here and ponies everywhere would want to know who is their new prince is. Rumors will spread across the castle that will soon spread everywhere. The princess of the sun was curious but at the same time, a bit worried. What would this mean for Equestria?

Easy there, Celestia, let's not get too ahead of ourselves there

I saw something pop up in the feature box mentioning Ori, and thought, "Oh, a Stargate crossover?" From the description, clearly not, but I have no idea what it s referencing...

Ori and the Blind Forest is a 2016 Metroid video game made by Moon Studios. It's a great game. And they're releasing a sequel this year called 'Ori and the Will of the Wisps'.


I was always here. :pinkiecrazy:

Yay, it’s back!!! :pinkiehappy: I thought it was going to die off. Glad I was wrong. Though, it did take a bit while to wait. But worth it. Hope to see more soon :twilightsmile:.


Yeah, sorry about that. I suck. :twilightsheepish:

Comment posted by Brotherandsisterop deleted April 13th

Don’t worry about it, it happens to everyone who are making there own story. I’m just glad your continuing it. Hope to see more of your great stories progress. :pinkiehappy:

p.s, great art work, it’s very awesome you can do art.

"Oh no," Celestia mumbled as she watched her sister dance with her baby.

I don't think it was just me that heard this with knuckles voice

please continue this story.
And might I suggest getting an editor.

I've liked this so far, good work but this last chapter badly marred with frequent wrong word usage. It felt very rushed because of that along with simple mispellings that change the words you meant to use to other words entitely, example, you said "witch" when you meant "which" and "than" when you meant "then". I highly advice going through this chapter to correct the mistakes of the mispellings and wrong words.


I try to fix the problem when I get the chance.

I wish you the best of luck. I'll try to help out for future chapters by letting you know if see similar errors. I like this story so i'd like it to do well.

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