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(Cover comes later)

Spike always had an issue he hid from Twilight and the other girls. The fact that he always felt like a sidekick compared to the other girls. The fact that Twilight always overwhelms him with work while she gouse out with her friends and the fact that he is a scaredy cat, but what bothers him the most is that they all have something he doesn't have......a family of his own.

No mother, no father. Twilight has always watched over him but she could never love him that way. Just as friends.

Knowing that they would follow him, he snuck out while Twilight was away. He ran away from home went to the Mount Ebott alone but little did he know that the stories about monsters being underground under the mountain, were true. Now he must escape before the monsters take his soul.

Spike makes new friends & new enemies and discovers the tragic secrets of the Underground. He must stay determined no matter what.

Takes place around Season 4

Spike won't be a side kick no more. Not in this solo adventure !! FAMILY is Magic

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 77 )

When Spike gets back to the surface he's gonna be a dodging master isn't he? I'd like that.

...I, well... sympathize with Spike here. I have friends. I have family. But... I don't really feel like they're true friends and family. I'm so disconnected with everyone else, and I'm just waiting for someone to notice before it's too late. Sorry if I bothered you with this comment.

Man I really do feel bad for Spike. :pinkiesad2: Every damn time Twilight and her friends always hanging out or going on a dangerous quest without Spike as he left out or stuck of watching the library just pisses me off. :twilightangry2: Now Spike is determined to make some new friends. I say go for it little dragon dude, let no other ponies or any others try to stop you! :yay:

Real smooth Twilight, you done fucked up big time.


Sorry I don't fallow. You mean Twilight ?

7747018 Nope, just Spike. Say for instance he arrives from the underground and someone tries to hit him and he's just like "Nope" and pulls a Sans

Knowing that they would fallow him, he snuck out in the middle of the night while the whole town was sleeping.

I think you meant to put, "Follow" instead of "Fallow" right there.

What about the gold and the Spider bake sale or Spider cider


I was gonna put that but than I was like......Nah.

Who knows, Maybe I'll edit that in there one day.

It was pretty fucked up in the comics with Celestia giving a baby to a child, but to blame him is like one of those psycos from a crime show.

I'm loving the story so far. I hope you write more.:heart:

You kinda rushed on the "heart to heart" Spike had with Applejack, since it's not just the parents issue, it's the whole family issue, where I'd argue that it feels like the closest thing he has to a family is Twilight, where she has her grandmother, her sister, her brother, and ALL her cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. , while it feels as though Twilight doesn't consider him as anything more than an assistant, nor herself as anything more than a caretaker, similar to how Applejack would treat someone who's hired to work on the farm... though I guess even that might not be a good analogy, since Applejack would probably make that person feel like family after a while.


Your probably wright. Although its a confusing subject on what these characters would do and how they think. Its really hard to tell sometimes. All I know is that Applejack would help anyone who needs a friend. Just like main six always do.

"Wish'd this was cooked though."

I'm guessing the fall made him forget that he can breath fire? Plus, that's a VERY reliable method of self-defense... and I'm guessing since he's a dragon, fire doesn't affect him at all, either, but then again, I don't know (and this could all even be a dream, anyway)


Actually thats a good point, BUT Ithought the proper way to cook a potato put it in a pot of boiling water in order to cook it. You can't just heat it I think.

I couldn't help but notice one particular word you used: "proper", which implies that it's the ONLY way it should ever be done, meaning that fried potatoes would be out of the question, as would grilled potatoes, and even roasted potatoes (which is very popular over campfires) ... since, if I'm not mistaken, all that's required is a slow heat to cook it all the way through without burning too much of it


I guess the word "proper" wasn't the wright word to use, but I've only seen a potato cooked with boiling water. :twilightsheepish:

and I've had them cooked in a wide variety of ways, and even multiple ways of each variety :rainbowlaugh:

Hell yeah, love these kinds of stories :).

Than suddenly out of no where a femiliar tall she-beast got in between him and the frog monster. She spread her arms wide like she was shielding him from the frog. Her hands were engulfed in burning flames as she shot her head into the air and blew a river of flames from her mouth....like a real dragon.
Ya know, someone should make a Gif of toriel doing that:rainbowhuh:

Awww, cute. Really nice to see Spike actually get treated right for once in this story.

I wonder what will happen if say the mane six got a magic item that let them seen what is happening to spike right now

I really am loving this story i cant wait for sans and spike to hang out!

Man I'm loving this story. I can't wait for the next chapter. Keep it up.

Ugh songs really ? Gah

Plus that spike left to watchthe library thing felt really forced. I mean the only adventure ithin some been left out of was when they went to find Applejack. Sure the show can't make up it mind on if Tia a mother or guardian vit she ans her friend so carexfoe him he bro some slace s sorry if I'm not buying the sob story


Yeah I know. I hate songs too. However these song are goods. You can actually dance to some of them and listen to on your Iphone. There that good. There not broadway songs.

I don't mean to be one of those people but I can't understand what your saying. :twilightsheepish: You mite wanna spell check.

Twilight is absurdly unlikable here. It was written almost perfectly. Well done. I actually started to tear up when she said that. Awesome job!

There is literally no good reason for Twilight to lash out at him like that. NO GOOD REASON AT ALL.


I don't know about absurd. I was trying to keep Twilight in character as much a possible in that scene. You see some people claim that Twilight tends to be very.....self absorb. In the cartoon she takes pride at what she douse and always thinks she knows whats right even though she is actually wrong. You can gauss ponies like Twilight don't take insults like that very well.

Now for Spike I think I'm having a bit of trouble with. I mean I want him want him to be dramatic, but I also want him to stay in character no matter. Having him balance between being afraid and being brave. Scared but also determined. Just like Frisk.

There were a lot of words you misspelled there.

8069565 The cursing or the crime show comparison. I will agree the cursing was unnecessary but in some crime shows I have seen the same reasoning for Twilight’s feeling for Spike several times. But you got to admit it was pretty odd that the immortal ruler of a country thought a 6 to 12 year old could handle a fire breathing infant well attending one of the best therefore hardest school in said country if not world. It's not like she doesn't have a legion of servents, could hire nurse/sitters or get her niece that already baby sits to do. No she as to torture a child and make her life hard and neglect new bore for her master plan.


Your fine, your fine. No big deal. We all curse. :twilightsheepish:

And your right but than again we don't know a lot of details on what was happening in the book. We don't even know how the ponies even had the dragon egg in the first place.

No offense, but do you spell check these? This has a lot of mistakes, especially during the fight...

No, I meant what Twilight said to Spike. I don't have any problem with cursing.

I don't care about cursing. I meant what Twilight said to Spike. There was no good reason to lash out at him at all.

Keep in mind that Toriel does not speak in contractions.

He needs an editor. I volunteered to edit once . . . several weeks ago . . . and he hasn't replied . . . . :raritydespair:


Sorry, I said yes if you didn't get the message. However I'm still writing the chapter so I don't need one right at this moment. If you want to edit the other chapters somebody else editing them however I haven't herd from him in a while so I mite let you edit them if I don't hear anything.

8086917 O i think I read your message wrong the first time. I thought you were talking about my comment but ya Twilight not only step over the line she freaking flashed threw it.

Oh. Sorry. Well in any case just let me know when you are ready!

Jeez, this guy's editor is awesome isn't he? (wink, wink)

Great chapter. Like that you touch on Spike problem, and show a hint of Toriel past.
Keep it up. :twilightsmile:

This chapter is nice, but I'm not sure about ponies being that fearful of meat-eaters, since Fluttershy has been shown feeding meat to her animals, and nopony was afraid of Gilda until she started acting mean.

I can't wait until the next chapter! This such a good story I hope the next to a couple of chapters will be as good as this if not better

Wow...just wow.:ajbemused: WTF, Twilight? :flutterrage: Princess of friendship my ass...after saying that to Spike. You're nothing but a bastard. And that's all I got to say on that. :flutterrage:

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