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(Cover comes later)

Spike always had an issue he hid from Twilight and the other girls. The fact that he always felt like a sidekick compared to the other girls. The fact that Twilight always overwhelms him with work while she gouse out with her friends and the fact that he is a scaredy cat, but what bothers him the most is that they all have something he doesn't have......a family of his own.

No mother, no father. Twilight has always watched over him but she could never love him that way. Just as friends.

Knowing that they would follow him, he snuck out while Twilight was away. He ran away from home went to the Mount Ebott alone but little did he know that the stories about monsters being underground under the mountain, were true. Now he must escape before the monsters take his soul.

Spike makes new friends & new enemies and discovers the tragic secrets of the Underground. He must stay determined no matter what.

Takes place around Season 4

Spike won't be a side kick no more. Not in this solo adventure !! FAMILY is Magic

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Princess Luna was never loved amongst her ponies. Her older sister Celestia always got all the attention. Princess Luna even questioned herself why she even became a princess. Her Ponies never bothered to look at the night sky. All they cared about her sister's warming sun.

One night she found something in Everfree forest. Something that changed her entire life.....forever.

It was a child. A child named....Ori who is a Spirit Guardian who was separated from his father the Spirit tree.

Luna took Ori in and raised him as her own. She loved him so much that she began to change more and more. Luna began to care more about being a mom than her royal duties. They had happy life together, but not all good things last forever.

Luna is banished to the moon. A giant owl named Kuro takes the spirit Tree's light and Everfree forest begins to dye and starts to attract hostel creatures like Timber Wolves, Manticores, Hydras and Cockatrices.

Will Ori ever set Luna free ? Will he help Sein get to back to the Spirit Tree before its too late ?

Discover what really happend before Luna became Nightmare Moon. Discover the true secrets of Everfree forest. Discover how everything in pony history came to be. COMPASSION is Magic

Cover art by The-Butcher-X http://the-butcher-x.deviantart.com/

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