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Ten years after the attack of Lord Tirek, Queen Chrysalis and failed friendship student Cozy Glow, that brought the ultimate test for Princess Twilight Sparkle's Friendship School, strange things are happening in Equestria... Ponies are suddenly not able to get cutie marks anymore and even Equestria's cutie mark experts can't explain what is happening!
A journey has come to a close and three ponies are suddenly left without a purpose in life... but in a place far away from Ponyville, an entirely new journey awaits.
Follow Apple Bloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle into the Crystal Empire, for their biggest challenge yet! Investigations, research, villains old and new, epic adventures and... a rambunctious, hyperactive teenage princess?!
They might have to learn that, sometimes, the biggest adventures happen when a young crystal grows...

Come back for a new episode of My Little Pony: Guardians of Crystal Growth every Saturday at 11:30 AM EDT! Only where your ponies are, on Discovery Family!

The cover art and the "My Little Pony: Guardians of Crystal Growth" logo were designed and provided by DinkyUniverse.

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Hearth's Warming Eve has come to Sweet Apple Acres again. The favourite time of the Apple Family, because of its festive cheer, plenty of good food, gifts and, of course, their beloved holiday traditions.
Pinkie Pie loves Hearth's Warming Eve, too. And this year, she is determined to make it extra special and memorable.
For the first time ever since Applejack and Pinkie found out that they are cousins, the Pie Family is visiting Sweet Apple Acres on Hearth's Warming Eve! It is a momentous occasion in the history of their lineages and momentous occasions require precise planning and a flawless execution.
That's what Pinkie Pie thinks, anyway. As far as she is concerned, the first shared Hearth's Warming Eve of the Apple Family and the Pie Family on Sweet Apple Acres has to go down perfectly.
And no amount of holiday madness, family drama or unexpected guests will stop her from making this the best hearth's warming holiday both families ever had!

A wacky holiday story inspired by "Best Gift Ever" and "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation".

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Spoilers for "The Ending of the End" of the brilliant Season 9 Finale ahead! Proceed with caution!

What is a hero?

It's the question all of Lemon Crumble's thoughts come down to. She has made the pegasi realize that they needed to help the earth ponies and the unicorns, that they have to stick together with their fellow pony tribes, because only if they stand united in friendship, Equestria can be a strong and safe place.
She has led them into battle, has fought herself to protect her kingdom. She has fulfilled her duty for Equestria.
But even with all that, something was missing. An answer. An answer on the most important question Lemon Crumble had to ask herself after becoming a hero:

Why did she help?

Please don't debate Lemon Crumble's gender in the comments and please refer to her as a filly only. Otherwise you will be met with an instant block. This is not the place for debates, keep the comments relevant to the story.

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Rainbow Dash was only half-serious when she said she could become Princess Luna's successor as dreamwalker.
But when the Princess of the Night knocks on her door after sunset, just a few days after King Sombra's mysterious return, Rainbow Dash finds out that the Princess is very serious about it.
She is here for Rainbow Dash's training.

The cover picture belongs to kwhittski on Deviantart.

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After Equestria almost fell at the hooves of Cozy Glow, Twilight Sparkle visited the filly in Tartarus multiple times. She had been talking to her, tried to get to the bottom of why she almost singlehoofedly brought down Equestria by manipulating her fellow friendship students and attempting to banish all of its magic into another realm.
But no matter how often she asked or how much she probed for an underlying reason behind all this, Equestria's youngest enemy only kept reiterating that friendship is nothing but power for her.
Cozy Glow was a special case. But she wouldn't be the Princess of Friendship if she were to give up on a struggling friendship student. Maybe she really was not able to teach Cozy Glow the true values of friendship and neither were her five closest friends. But maybe others could succeed where they have failed.

And so, Twilight goes and assembles a team of ponies and creatures to teach Cozy Glow about Friendship, Villainy, Betrayal and the struggle to choose between Good and Evil.
The only catch was that Tartarus' security level has been increased.
But that's what letters are for.

Set between Season 8 and Season 9.

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Alula is a filly with a goal. A goal that is unfortunately out of reach for her, because the goal she has is a colt called Train Tracks. And Train Tracks is in a happy relationship with Peach Fuzz. Peach Fuzz is Alula's best friend and that makes matters even more complicated.
But complications never stopped Alula before. She is intended to get what she wants and after one failed attempt, the universe suddenly seems to be on her side.
It's Critter Snow Day and then it's Critter Snow Day again. The day just keeps looping and for Alula, it is THE chance to win over the colt of her dreams.
The only question is if Train Tracks' heart is really what she needs. Maybe there is more out there and maybe, there is something that Alula can learn about herself.
Only one thing is for sure: The universe watches and it listens.

A ponified reinterpretation of the movie Groundhog Day. Inspired by "Best Gift Ever".

Additional Genre Tags: Comedy, Dark, Mystery.

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For a hippogriff who lives underwater, experiences and discoveries are very limited. But the world on the surface is filled with wonders and spectacular things. And so, Silverstream makes a new discovery every day.

Often funny, sometimes philosophical and deep or maybe even sad and heartbreaking, but always unique and different, these are the tales of Silverstream's many discoveries on the surface of Planet Equus.

This anthology about Silverstream will get updated very casually; when I have a new idea for a chapter, when I can squeeze in some time to write one or when I'm simply in the mood to write a new chapter for it.
The individual stand-alone chapters and discoveries will be completely random and not in any particular, chronological order. They can happen at any point in time; from when Silverstream first left Seaquestria, to the events of the most recent episode or even far in the future!
Character and genre tags can change and I will add more once they are needed.
This is also a little experiment..... Can I make it to 1,000 chapters? Let's see if that's possible!

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Silverstream, the most exciteable hippogriff that Equestria has ever seen. Known as perpetually happy, she is curious about everything and anything that can be found on the surface.
She is far away from home, but the everyday discoveries of things she doesn't know and never heard about down in Seaquestria make living in Ponyville so much more interesting than living below the ocean.
The surface is the perfect place to learn and explore and she could not be happier with her new life..... But one day, Silverstream discovers something so unusual, so peculiar, so unexpected, that she thought she would never have to deal with it:

She is homesick.

Set shortly after the events seen in "School Daze".

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It's almost Hearth's Warming Eve. Apple Bloom misses her favourite cousin.

A short, somber story for the holidays, dedicated to Babs Seed. Missing, but never forgotten.

Cover art by Anonsbelle.

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20 years ago, in a village hidden in the depths of Equestria's Undiscovered West, a storm began to rise.
Unleashed by a stroke of fate, a filly left her home and set out to see the world. Far away from home and from everything she knew, the filly sought a purpose and salvation.

This is the story of her life and of her adventures, what she gained and what she lost, while seeing things and going to places a pony could hardly imagine.
And it is a story about how one storm met another and how they brought havoc and destruction over the arcane world together.

Tempest Shadow's story is back with monthly updates! Check back here on the first Sunday of each month!
The cover picture was drawn by ServerChan on Deviantart.

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