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I am Silverstream and I am meant to suffer. The stars don't shine for me anymore. Neither do the sun and the moon. They are gone, just like all of my friends are gone. I wish I would be gone, too, but I have no choice than to stay.
I can't leave because I am meant to suffer in this world, by the whims of the force that brought and keeps me here.
All I can do is to keep searching for them. But I know, even if I find them, they will be taken from me again. I make recordings of my suffering with my mobile phone. If you find them, please listen to them. All I want is to be remembered.

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Alphabittle has said a lot of mean things about Thunder and his mother. Now it is time to apologize.
In the meantime, Sprout wonders why he has to give up. Tyrannic dictators (not that Sprout would ever call himself that) never give up, so why would he? He still had a shot at this and once he stole their magic again, he would hide and think of a plan to take down those unicorns and pegasi once and for all.
But things aren't as easy as they seem. Alphabittle and Thunder stand in his way and a new friendship in the making could bring an early end to his new, villainous plan.

A story for the Generation 5 Bingo Writing Contest. Check out the cover picture to see the prompt I got assigned.

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After an accident with her scooter, Scootaloo finds herself in the tragic situation of having to spend the Hearth's Warming holidays in Ponyville Hospital. Her holidays are completely ruined and it's all her own fault. There's nothing worse that could happen at this time of year.
But Hearth's Warming Eve is a time for miracles. And a Hearth's Warming miracle will bring Scootaloo just what she needs, in the form of a valuable life lesson that lets her reflect on her situation and makes herself ask the question:

Is her own Hearth's Warming really the worst in all of Equestria this year?

Sometimes, miracles happen.
Sometimes, a miracle gives you a big sister when you need one.
And sometimes, helping a little sister means that your little sister also helps you.

A story set between Season 4 and Season 5.

The cover art was created by bronybyexception.

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There are many things that Sunny Starscout's dad has taught her. That rascism is bad, that ponies of all three tribes should be friends, that unity will create a better society than separation does, that love and friendship will prevail over hatred and strife and how to murder ponies.
Sunny Starscout is a serial killer and her dad taught her everything he knew. His most important lesson for Sunny was that it's rascist to kill only ponies of one tribe. A good serial killer, with the heart in the right place, does not make differences between earth ponies, pegasi and unicorns. Regardless of race, all ponies equally deserve to die at the hooves of a skilled murderer.
Ever since her dad taught her this valuable life lesson, it was Sunny's goal to reunite the three pony tribes. Once pegasi and unicorns would come and visit Maretime Bay, she would finally no longer have to be rascist. Now Sunny has achieved this lifelong dream, with the help of Izzy Moonbow, a fellow serial killer who is now her first unicorn friend and partner in crime. But what is next for Sunny? A game. She is going on a new quest.
13 Stages. 6 Bosses. Countless victims. Sunny and her partner Izzy will play a game and if they win, Sunny will be forever known as the Queen of Smoothies.

Press A to start the game.

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My name is Silverstream. I don't know where I am. No, that's not right. I do. But this isn't my world anymore. It changed.
The sun hasn't come up for three days now. It's dark. And I am scared. The stars are gone, too. And the moon. There is no light anymore in Ponyville. And everypony is gone. My friends too. I am alone. Alone in the darkness.
I must go looking for them. I need to see if anyone is left. I am recording these messages with my mobile phone. If I don't survive, then someone else needs to know what happened to me... maybe it will help them. And it's easier if I talk to someone, even if that someone is me.
I gotta go. Wish me luck.

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