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Rainbow Dash was only half-serious when she said she could become Princess Luna's successor as dreamwalker.
But when the Princess of the Night knocks on her door after sunset, just a few days after King Sombra's mysterious return, Rainbow Dash finds out that the Princess is very serious about it.
She is here for Rainbow Dash's training.

The cover picture belongs to kwhittski on Deviantart.

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After Equestria almost fell at the hooves of Cozy Glow, Twilight Sparkle visited the filly in Tartarus multiple times. She had been talking to her, tried to get to the bottom of why she almost singlehoofedly brought down Equestria by manipulating her fellow friendship students and attempting to banish all of its magic into another realm.
But no matter how often she asked or how much she probed for an underlying reason behind all this, Equestria's youngest enemy only kept reiterating that friendship is nothing but power for her.
Cozy Glow was a special case. But she wouldn't be the Princess of Friendship if she were to give up on a struggling friendship student. Maybe she really was not able to teach Cozy Glow the true values of friendship and neither were her five closest friends. But maybe others could succeed where they have failed.

And so, Twilight goes and assembles a team of ponies and creatures to teach Cozy Glow about Friendship, Villainy, Betrayal and the struggle to choose between Good and Evil.
The only catch was that Tartarus' security level has been increased.
But that's what letters are for.

Set between Season 8 and Season 9.

Chapters (3)

Alula is a filly with a goal. A goal that is unfortunately out of reach for her, because the goal she has is a colt called Train Tracks. And Train Tracks is in a happy relationship with Peach Fuzz. Peach Fuzz is Alula's best friend and that makes matters even more complicated.
But complications never stopped Alula before. She is intended to get what she wants and after one failed attempt, the universe suddenly seems to be on her side.
It's Critter Snow Day and then it's Critter Snow Day again. The day just keeps looping and for Alula, it is THE chance to win over the colt of her dreams.
The only question is if Train Tracks' heart is really what she needs. Maybe there is more out there and maybe, there is something that Alula can learn about herself.
Only one thing is for sure: The universe watches and it listens.

A ponified reinterpretation of the movie Groundhog Day. Inspired by "Best Gift Ever".

Additional Genre Tags: Comedy, Dark, Mystery.

Chapters (9)

For a hippogriff who lives underwater, experiences and discoveries are very limited. But the world on the surface is filled with wonders and spectacular things. And so, Silverstream makes a new discovery every day.

Often funny, sometimes philosophical and deep or maybe even sad and heartbreaking, but always unique and different, these are the tales of Silverstream's many discoveries on the surface of Planet Equus.

This anthology about Silverstream will get updated very casually; when I have a new idea for a chapter, when I can squeeze in some time to write one or when I'm simply in the mood to write a new chapter for it.
The individual stand-alone chapters and discoveries will be completely random and not in any particular, chronological order. They can happen at any point in time; from when Silverstream first left Seaquestria, to the events of the most recent episode or even far in the future!
Character and genre tags can change and I will add more once they are needed.
This is also a little experiment..... Can I make it to 1,000 chapters? Let's see if that's possible!

Chapters (1)

Silverstream, the most exciteable hippogriff that Equestria has ever seen. Known as perpetually happy, she is curious about everything and anything that can be found on the surface.
She is far away from home, but the everyday discoveries of things she doesn't know and never heard about down in Seaquestria make living in Ponyville so much more interesting than living below the ocean.
The surface is the perfect place to learn and explore and she could not be happier with her new life..... But one day, Silverstream discovers something so unusual, so peculiar, so unexpected, that she thought she would never have to deal with it:

She is homesick.

Set shortly after the events seen in "School Daze".

Chapters (1)

It's almost Hearth's Warming Eve. Apple Bloom misses her favourite cousin.

A short, somber story for the holidays, dedicated to Babs Seed. Missing, but never forgotten.

Cover art by Anonsbelle.

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20 years ago, in a village hidden in the depths of Equestria's Undiscovered West, a storm began to rise.
Unleashed by a stroke of fate, a filly left her home and set out to see the world. Far away from home and from everything she knew, the filly sought a purpose and salvation.

This is the story of her life and of her adventures, what she gained and what she lost, while seeing things and going to places a pony could hardly imagine.
And it is a story about how one storm met another and how they brought havoc and destruction over the arcane world together.

Updates of this story will happen once in a month and on Sundays.
The cover picture was drawn by ServerChan on Deviantart.

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Scootaloo felt miserable. It was the night of the Grand Galloping Gala, but her best friend could not attend with her. And, on top of that, she was required to wear a dress for the gala, something she loathed.
It would be a lonely and embarrassing night.

Princess Flurry Heart felt miserable. It was the night of the Grand Galloping Gala, but all she could do was smile and wave and be the perfect, little princess. And, on top of that, she did not even have a gala partner.
It would be a lonely and boring night.

Such were the thoughts of Scootaloo and Princess Flurry Heart. But, maybe, there was a way how this night could become The Best Night Ever for them anyway.....

This story is set in the universe of Legends of Equestria, but stars Scootaloo and Flurry Heart. It is based on the events that happened during the Grand Galloping Gala that was held there last Saturday.

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The Storm King was defeated. Equestria and the rest of Equus were finally save from the threat he posed for so long. The Friendship Festival had been a rousing success, as the ponies of Equestria celebrated their victory. The Princess of Friendship had even managed to raise her self-esteem again, by pointing out what she could not see herself for so long.
But there was one more thing. One thing was left for Tempest Shadow to take care of, before she could find peace.
She had to return to the place where it all began, to settle the score. To free herself from the chains of her past, once and for all.

The cover picture was drawn by RaxaMermaid on Deviantart.

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In the middle of Ponyville, there lived a filly called Brown Sugar. For the most part, Brown Sugar's life was good.
There were her friends, a group of foals who could hardly be more different, her daddy, who she loved more than any other pony in the world, a gigantic collection of toys, her love of mariachis and Wonderbolt stunts and a huge mansion all to herself! Brown Sugar could have been truly happy, but every filly had a wish and she was no exception.
There were wishes that were easy to fulfill, wishes that required some effort to be met and even wishes that made it necessary to bring a sacrifice if they should become true.
Normally, the wish for a loving and caring mother did not need to be fulfilled, it was something a filly had by default. Brown Sugar's life, however, was not normal and, one day, she realized that going the extra mile might be needed to make her wish become true.
Could a sacrifice bring her the mother she was wishing for so much?

Feature Box! 2018/17/05 (11 Hours and 56 Minutes), 2018/18/05 (49 Minutes)

The cover art was created by the fantastic, extraordinarily talented and overall just plain awesome Novel-Idea! Shower him in praise and bits for the stunning work he did!

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