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Liza Doolots was an ordinary filly. Ordinary, but also content with her way of life, her friends and the things she loved. And there were many things that Liza Doolots loved, but the things she loved most were candies and the candy store of her parents Lyra Heartstrings and Bon Bon.
One day, though, Liza's life takes an exciting, then terrifying, turn. A candy factory rises in Ponyville, a product of the ever increasing industrialism in Equestria. Its owner, a charming and joyful stallion called Sweet Treat, promises a new age of candy, but the presence of the factory also means that the age of Ponyville's candy store comes to an end.
Cheap candies, air pollution, greed for money and five golden tickets, but all that Liza can see is how the candy store of her parents dwindles and how her life changes against her will.
The candy factory must be stopped..... and Liza and her parents are determined to do everything to save their little candy business from becoming a victim of gentrification.

A musical story and ponified reimagination of the movie "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory", with a darker and more serious take on the subject of factories, industrialism and gentrification.
This story is a collaborative project between DinkyUniverse, who provided the idea, and me, who writes the story.
The cover art was drawn by DinkyUniverse.

Work on this story happens on Saturdays and new chapters get released once they are ready.

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At the beginning of the Age of the Great Frost, Canterlot has fallen. The ponies who lived there either dead, hiding inside their houses or having joined the Ponyville expedition to find the fabled Generator.
Those who decided to stay in the mountain city fought a constant uphill battle for food and firewood. In this collapsed society, a mother and her two fillies are part of the battle, but their mother just lost it.
Hyper Sonic and Gooseberry were on their own now and all that was left for them, except for trying to survive alone, was to give their mother her last honor.....

The first story ever set in Yudhaikeledai's "Frostpony" universe! Inspired by his wonderful and epic animation!

The cover art is an edited screenshot of "Between Dark and Dawn" and was created by me and DinkyUniverse.

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Petunia Paleo was alone at home. For the first time in her young life, she was being granted this privilege by her parents, to take care of herself for an entire evening. And this newfound freedom meant watching a horror movie on TV and reading horror stories in the world wide web all night, of course.
Because what else would a filly do once the watchful eyes of her parents are gone for a night?
But in this night, Petunia should also learn where young fillies like her aren't supposed to look.

A Petunia Paleo horror story for Nightmare Night. Tagged "Alternate Universe" for a different look of Petunia's house and the existence of the Internet in Equestria.

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At the very beginning of this year, I could finally join the Flashfic 150 contests.
This is a simple submission to collect all of my flashfic entries in one place and to make them accessible to a bigger audience.

Flashfics are tiny stories that consist of not more than 150 words. They are very different from what you're usually reading, but it is possible to tell a story with such a small amount of words, so maybe you'll still find something that entertains you here.

The stories here can be of any genre and with any ponies/creatures, and many of them will include background ponies, because everypony is important. OC stories, however, happen almost never here.
Because of the short length of flashfics, I will not add descriptions for the individual stories, but the title of each story and the prompt it was written for should give you a rough idea what the stories are about.

Important: Each of the stories shows a slightly incorrect wordcount. This is because of an invisible dot that I inserted with the opacity command at the top of each flashfic to generate more space between the text and the title. You can always check that each flashfic is not more than 150 words long by using Wordcounter.net.

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Sparkler was a hero. For a short moment in time, she could show herself to the world while she helped saving Equestria from doom and destruction. The problem was just that the world didn't see her.

Sparkler was a shadow. She followed other ponies, made sure they were okay and was always there for them when they needed her help. But they never turned around at her. Because what's special about a shadow?

Sparkler was invisible. Always going unnoticed, no matter how much she helped, no matter how often she jumped into the breach for her fellow ponies.

It had always been like this for Sparkler. She was the invisible shadow hero of her world.

Everypony is important. But some heroes aren't meant to be noticed.

A story inspired by "The Ending of the End" from the Season 9 Finale. "Unsung Hero" contains a few references to my story "Aunt Millie", but knowledge about it is not required to understand this story.

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Moving into a new house is always tough. Leaving the environment you know, saying goodbye to the places you are familiar with, getting used to an entirely new living space that does feel nowhere near like home at the beginning..... Moving out from an abusive household, however, is a blessing.
Ruby Pinch had to leave her old home, for the sake of her safety and her sanity. But now that she sees the house she is supposed to live in from now on, doubts come over her. The history of the house and its look are opportunities for second-guessing and, suddenly, Ruby is not sure about living there anymore.
Her friend Dinky Hooves loves the house, though, and the history of it gives her all the more reason to move in together with Ruby Pinch. Her other friend, Liza Doolots, just wants that Ruby makes the best decision for herself.
Ruby Pinch can always rely on her friends. And together, nothing will stop them from having the best fillies' flat possible..... not even a scary, old witch.

This story is a gift for DinkyUniverse and was written to celebrate a very special occasion. :heart:

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After the great battle against Grogar's team of supervillains, the final test for Princess Twilight before her coronation as the new ruler of Equestria, Cozy Glow was turned to stone. Or, at least she was supposed to become turned to stone.
Not everypony agreed with this treatment and not everypony just watched and let it happen. Bitmaker, another student of Princess Twilight's friendship school and Cozy Glow's friend, prevented it. Thanks to him, Cozy Glow can live a happy and peaceful life as a reformed mare in Canterlot.
But how did it come to all of this? What course of events saved Cozy Glow from this terrible fate?
Almost eight years after it all began, Bitmaker reminisces on the time when he and Cozy Glow first met..... and on Cozy Glow's journey to reformation that came afterwards.

Written as commission for bronypony880, my first patron on Patreon! If you want a commission like this yourself, check out my Patreon and pledge 10, 15 or 30 dollars!

The cover picture belongs to jhayarr23.

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Hearth's Warming Eve has come to Sweet Apple Acres again. The favourite time of the Apple Family, because of its festive cheer, plenty of good food, gifts and, of course, their beloved holiday traditions.
Pinkie Pie loves Hearth's Warming Eve, too. And this year, she is determined to make it extra special and memorable.
For the first time ever since Applejack and Pinkie found out that they are cousins, the Pie Family is visiting Sweet Apple Acres on Hearth's Warming Eve! It is a momentous occasion in the history of their lineages and momentous occasions require precise planning and a flawless execution.
That's what Pinkie Pie thinks, anyway. As far as she is concerned, the first shared Hearth's Warming Eve of the Apple Family and the Pie Family on Sweet Apple Acres has to go down perfectly.
And no amount of holiday madness, family drama or unexpected guests will stop her from making this the best hearth's warming holiday both families ever had!

A wacky holiday story inspired by "Best Gift Ever" and "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation".

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Spoilers for "The Ending of the End" of the brilliant Season 9 Finale ahead! Proceed with caution!

What is a hero?

It's the question all of Lemon Crumble's thoughts come down to. She has made the pegasi realize that they needed to help the earth ponies and the unicorns, that they have to stick together with their fellow pony tribes, because only if they stand united in friendship, Equestria can be a strong and safe place.
She has led them into battle, has fought herself to protect her kingdom. She has fulfilled her duty for Equestria.
But even with all that, something was missing. An answer. An answer on the most important question Lemon Crumble had to ask herself after becoming a hero:

Why did she help?

Please don't debate Lemon Crumble's gender in the comments and please refer to her as a filly only. Otherwise you will be met with an instant block. This is not the place for debates, keep the comments relevant to the story.

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Rainbow Dash was only half-serious when she said she could become Princess Luna's successor as dreamwalker.
But when the Princess of the Night knocks on her door after sunset, just a few days after King Sombra's mysterious return, Rainbow Dash finds out that the Princess is very serious about it.
She is here for Rainbow Dash's training.

The cover picture belongs to kwhittski on Deviantart.

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