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I am Silverstream and I am meant to suffer. The stars don't shine for me anymore. Neither do the sun and the moon. They are gone, just like all of my friends are gone. I wish I would be gone, too, but I have no choice than to stay.
I can't leave because I am meant to suffer in this world, by the whims of the force that brought and keeps me here.
All I can do is to keep searching for them. But I know, even if I find them, they will be taken from me again. I make recordings of my suffering with my mobile phone. If you find them, please listen to them. All I want is to be remembered.

There is a reward tier for this story on my Patreon account. For € 1 (US $ 1.03), you can read all new messages by Silverstream 10 days in advance of their release here on FIMFiction.net.

Silverstream has a new message for you: Again?.mp3

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Welp! This is official. This ain't the timeline where G5 happens. :twilightoops: :fluttershyouch:

So will this be another several million-chapter-long story? Partly why I won't touch the prequel. Too damn long, even if it does look interesting.


At least the three pony tribes won't be going to war and separate in this timeline. That's a win, right?


So will this be another several million-chapter-long story?

Yes. Or you pay me 8$, then it will only be five "chapters", just for you.


Agreed! I always have that they regress back to square one. Making Twilight and her friends work mostly meaningless!

But then again, this story is about a mysterious apocalypse event. So, this is much worse, because I doubt their will be survivors.


I always have that they regress back to square one. Making Twilight and her friends work mostly meaningless!

I was just making a sarcastic, cynical joke about this universe, because I can't reveal any future events. A bit of dark humor because it fits the story, you know? I don't have anything against Generation 5 and this wasn't an invite to go into criticism of it.

Good thing I have better uses for $8 then. Now I have even less interest (and I was going to try before this response).


A thing you should never do is telling an author how little interest you have in their story. Or else you'll be fined 8$.

One of the coolest stories I've read in a while, very experimental.

whered the licky thing go though, I liked him

it's the cambrian explosion
(wow, that's animals and stuff)


Thanks! It's a lot of fun and I'm glad I can try out something new here! :scootangel:


I don't think he will go anywhere. Silverstream has a hard time getting used to him, though.

It wouldn't be a Silverstream story without stairs.

Too damn long? Too damn long?!?
Do you see how many words it is? Forget the chapter count, tell me how many words it is. :ajbemused:


I have empathy with readers who feel intimidated by the chapter count. Which is why I have started to link the most recently released message in the description and why I have compiled a link list with the first message of each day for "The Sky is Gone" (aka, Part 1), to make following the story easier for its readers.
But I don't have empathy with a troll who came to the story to complain about it, shame me for its style and blame me for their own lack of attention span. I let her off easy at first, by giving her a snarky response, but when she proceeded to try guilt-tripping me by pretending she was going to try reading the story before I gave her that response, I blocked her. She pays the 8$ fine.

Morbid curiosity compels me to see this story through to it's end, I'm looking forward to more. :heart:


The morbid curiosity is with me as well. There will be lots more, my current estimation is that there will be five or six parts of "The Sky is Gone" in the end.

It a good idea but the way you went about is just plan bad. You put to much work for the read to go to each "chapter" an it really show that you don't Carr about the readers time. You could of done this by logs per day instead of every new chapter.


Every message is in an own chapter because this is the style of the story, it updates in real-time, to give the reader the feeling of going through the events at Silverstream's side. This style is not going to change because you don't like it.
If you want to read the messages condensed by day, your only chance is to pledge to my Patreon account, it has a reward tier for "The Sky is Gone" that gives you early access to Silverstream's messages, ten days before they are released here. Patreon has no chapter support, so all messages of a day have to go up in the same post there.

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