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My name is Silverstream. I don't know where I am. No, that's not right. I do. But this isn't my world anymore. It changed.
The sun hasn't come up for three days now. It's dark. And I am scared. The stars are gone, too. And the moon. There is no light anymore in Ponyville. And everypony is gone. My friends too. I am alone. Alone in the darkness.
I must go looking for them. I need to see if anyone is left. I am recording these messages with my mobile phone. If I don't survive, then someone else needs to know what happened to me... maybe it will help them. And it's easier if I talk to someone, even if that someone is me.
I gotta go. Wish me luck.

This is a list of all the first messages that Silverstream has recorded each day since she left the dorms:

Day 4 in the Apocalypse: Leaving.mp3

Day 5 in the Apocalypse: Morning.mp3

Day 6 in the Apocalypse: Food.mp3

Day 7 in the Apocalypse: Chase.mp3

Day 8 in the Apocalypse: Milk.mp3

Day 9 in the Apocalypse: Goodbye, Flashlight.mp3

Day 18 in the Apocalypse: Only Myself.mp3

Day 19 in the Apocalypse: Confused.mp3

Day 20 in the Apocalypse: Drive.mp3

Day 21 in the Apocalypse: Quiet.mp3

Day 22 in the Apocalypse: Night and Day.mp3

Day 23 in the Apocalypse: Whatever.mp3

Day 24 in the Apocalypse: Clocktower.mp3

Day 25 in the Apocalypse: 3,000.mp3

Day 26 in the Apocalypse: Waiting.mp3

Day 30 in the Apocalypse: Living.mp3

Day 31 in the Apocalypse: Shutters.mp3

Day 32 in the Apocalypse: Movie.mp3

Day 33 in the Apocalypse: Evening.mp3

Day 34 in the Apocalypse: Thirty-one Days.mp3

Day 35 in the Apocalypse: Comfy.mp3

Day 36 in the Apocalypse: Here.mp3

Day 37 in the Apocalypse: Paint.mp3

Day 38 in the Apocalypse: Bells.mp3

Day 39 in the Apocalypse: Morning.mp3

Day 40 in the Apocalypse: Search.mp3

Day 41 in the Apocalypse: Pain.mp3

Day 42 in the Apocalypse: T-&me.mp3

Day 43 in the Apocalypse: Location.mp3

Day 44 in the Apocalypse: Nightmares.mp3

Day 45 in the Apocalypse: Explosions.mp3

Day 46 in the Apocalypse: Charge.mp3

Day 47 in the Apocalypse: Better Morning.mp3

Day 48 in the Apocalypse: Path.mp3

Day 49 in the Apocalypse: Screams.mp3

Day 50 in the Apocalypse: Subdue.mp3

Day 51 in the Apocalypse: Artifacts.mp3

Day 52 in the Apocalypse: Alive.mp3

Day 56 in the Apocalypse: Riddle.mp3

Day 57 in the Apocalypse: Adventure.mp3

Day 58 in the Apocalypse: Holed Up.mp3

Day 59 in the Apocalypse: Question Time.mp3

Day 60 in the Apocalypse: Sleeping.mp3

Day 61 in the Apocalypse: Lack.mp3

Day 62 in the Apocalypse: Yowl.mp3

Day 63 in the Apocalypse: Mirror Room.mp3

Day 64 in the Apocalypse: Healing.mp3

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Wow this is really good :pinkiesmile: Keep going!!

What a thoroughly weird story, and I mean this in the best possible way.

Has a nightmare feel to it, half remembered shards of events, monsters that are barely there yet get worse everytime you look. Definitly an experience. I wonder if this will go beyond just the nightmare of a world both too empty and too full.

A story based on - I assume - The Sun Vanished? Color me intrigued


Finally a detailed comment. I was getting worried. This story is very different and I am surprised that the views and upvotes are as high as they are.
I knew a story like this can be immersive, exciting and scary if done right, but I was unsure if my audience here will care about a story that merely consists of a sentence or two in each "chapter". The numbers and especially your comment show that the concept of the story is garnering interest and attention and for that, I'm very glad.

I wonder if this will go beyond just the nightmare of a world both too empty and too full.

It already is, actually. The events here are all real, Silverstream is not dreaming, these are events that actually happen to her. A horror story in which the protagonist only has a nightmare and wakes up from that eventually, in a normal world and in their normal home, would be boring and lame. Especially if the story ends that way. So what Silverstream goes through here is the real deal.


Close. And it's funny you mention that, because I heard about "The Sun Vanished" only yesterday when I googled for my source of inspiration.
This story is inspired by "Where is the Sky". You can find it on TikTok. This is the reason why the "chapters" here are often a little bit longer and why they are more descriptive, to make up for the lack of video and sound here.
I was worried how much attention this unusual idea will get, so I'm glad you enjoy it!

It definitly is an interesting story. Unique through the shortness. But I remember a saying, perfection is not when there is nothing more to add, but rather if there is nothing left to take away.

A story stripped down to the barest components that still work and I feel like partially work because they are just the barest impressions of what is happening, yet tell us more then enough. But also tantalizingly little.

It's a unique style that lends itself well to this nearly dreamlike horror that I at least percieve.

And forgive me my probably overly poetic phrasing, I didn't take the story as a dream, more a waking nightmare, or perhaps nightmares made part of the waking world. Perhaps I am just a bit to fixated on the nightmare imagary I think to see.

What I meant was a question whether the story would stay one of pure survival in this world, or if the discovery of what had happend or perhaps recovery from what has happened. Though then again, not knowing can be quite fun in itself.

Either way, rambling mode off, thank you for tgis quite unique and thoroughly intriguing horror story, I'll definitly keep reading.