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Welcome to oneshot hell, I hope you like quick fics. Eris is best pony! Or Chrysalis, if Eris doesn't count.


It's a weird morning for Smolder. There's a griffon in her bed, except it's not her bed, and she's fogged in while just in a room, not the building itself. Fortunately, there's a griffon in the bed, and four claws are better than two.
Contains Smollus and implied Gallbar, rated T for some innuendo and flirting.

Written for the Smaugust day 24 prompt, "Cloud."

Edit: top of the Popular column? This makes me a happy dragon

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I never look at the 'new releases' pile, but I'm glad I did this time, this is a great and cute stor -

hey look it's not vore for once


This is great! Thoroughly enjoyed it.

I'm glad you liked it! And yeah, while I'm admittedly less... that sort of thing in my MLP fics, it comes up occasionally.

Thanks! It was fun to write!

Ha, yep! Hard to get too complex when I'm writing these in a day, usually just a few hours.

This was a pretty interesting story What's again pretty cool interaction between smolder and Gallus

So they never did explain how Smolder and Gallus ended up in the same bed together. I mean...it's not hard to speculate an answer, like, at all (:trixieshiftright:)...but I am admittedly curious as to what the proper in-story answer to that question was. :twilightsmile:

Probably? The six got together in Yona and Silverstream's room, Gallus peaced out early to sleep in his own room, and when Smolder declined to sleep over all together, she was really, really tired, went in the wrong door, and promptly snuggled up to the comfy thing in "her" bed.
Alternatively, they were all hanging out in Gallus and Sandbar's room. Ocellus left with Silverstream to help study for a test, Yona took Sandbar back to her room for reasons, and Smolder fell asleep. Gallus decided to be a gentlebirb and put her in his bed, then turned away from her and fell asleep. In the middle of the night, Smolder turned around and snuggled the catbirb.

Thanks! I rather like this pairing, as well as a [Sandbar/Gallus/Smolder, Smolder&Sandbar] shaped poly ship, which I alluded to.

Surprisingly not many seem to ship Gallus with anyone besides silverstream or sandbar so it’s nice to see him flirting with smolder

Considering how much Gallstream things I seem to find all over the internet, this is a welcome change. Nothing wrong with the ship, I just like Smollus better.

It’s fine if you don’t want to but do you think you could write more stories about smolder and Gallus (ship wise) I don’t really see much of them and I like how this ones written

>implied gallbar
on the one hand, thanks for telling me about this beforehand, i don't like getting surprised by garbage
on the other... you wrote this slop in the first place

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stay mad lmao

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