After several bloody years of war, we are about to defeat King Sombra. I almost wish we would have lost.

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Chilling. Loved it.

This reminds me to "the talk" from "The Last Tears on Tartarus".
Which means this is great!

This is absolutely perfect...

Now excuse me while I cry in a corner from the feels here.

Well-written, but the lack of actual story killed it for me.

That. That. That was perfect

Oh, that was just fantastic. And the decision to tabula rasa the planet? Chillingly brilliant.

This was dark-ish and I liked it.

Better than I was expecting, going in. The song at the end pulled it together beautifully, as well.

Target neutralized.

Interesting take on the "wrongness" idea towards the end there.

Some dreams are too destructive to ever be shared.

Sorry. :fluttercry:

Yes. Just yes.
The Crystal War timeline mixed with a possible explanation for the Ashlands timeline, and linking Twilight and Starlight together? Just, yes.

I guess the best part of it is equally the ever-dawning realization that each question brought up is answered as the story progresses, and those two somehow, though a different time, become friends again (hmm...reminds me a little of something else...).

That's when I see it. Rising over the rocks and boulders that make up the nearest horizon. It's a town—or at least a tiny, half-flanked excuse for one. A threadbare trickle of a dirt road runs through the outpost. Two tiny shacks rest parallel to a military supply station and a two-story saloon. Hanging from a crooked pole at the southeast corner of the roadside junction is a remarkably bright banner featuring the royal solar crest. That's how I know it's still our land. I can't imagine the supply station holds much. Our brigade likely stripped the armory of supplies for the final push downhill.

This, for example. I had the slightest inkling that this was similar to Starlight's commune, but I just kind of put that thought away. Then this happened:

I can tell from the way her face melts... how she tries to sustain it by resting her pink cheek against the leftover coolness of the moist glass.

“You know...” She gulps, shakes, then continues. “There was a time when I was angry... at how unfair everything was. I spent years and years studying magic...

Wow. Just wow.

I love your dark stuff, Skirts.

Wheeeeeeew, man that was... intense, chilling and dark...
Nicely done my friend... the music really fit.

That was fantastically brilliant... Well done... and perfect song choice. The feels... they're strong with this one.

Also, considering this timeline is canon in the show, I'm not exactly sure the AU tag applies. ;P

That's post-apocalyptic war slice-of-life for ya. Too bad that's not your taste, because it's totally mine.

6680948 No, I understand that it's Slice of Life and all. It just didn't feel like there was really any conflict.

Is this the world from the season finale, because there is a group for the alternate timelines featured in it now

Its right here!

And I wanna know if its alright to add this.

Does there need to be? I didn't feel that way. I was absolutely interested in the world, the characters, the situation, and the emotion behind it all. (Not to mention the really cool connections made in this timeline.)

Like, what's the conflict in a sad story that skips the event and goes straight to the mourning? Doesn't need one. It's exactly what it was meant to be.

6680999 Again, that's fine. I respect that. I guess where you and I differ is that I didn't really care about the characters all that much, which is what the story banked on. Just didn't work for me, I guess.

Huh, well, suit yourself. I thought it was interesting. Survivor stories always get me connecting with the character.

That was depressing.

To be honest, I didn't really like this season's finale, at least, not nearly as much as I liked its premier. The main reason is that the finale went against one of the major lessons taught during the premier, which was that even if the Mane 6 can't save the day, others will rise to the challenge in their stead. I think the finale focused a bit too much on being action packed, and didn't really give any thought to the major questions about time paradoxes, or logistical fallacies in many of the alternate timelines.

My chest actually tensed up when the 2 ponies revealed their names.

Probably because Starlight came back to the present the long way and seeing Twilight in this situation after what she did must have been very hard for her. Though I might be wrong, it seems that you intended for it to be ambiguous.

6680824 hear-hear on both accounts. I don't normally like the songs people add into their stories, but in this instance it worked, and really well. It helped that it was in the a/n and not hotlinked to the actual writing. Added a visual element to the story for that critical, unwritten, postscript moment. Anyone else reminded of the ending to Metropolis? Also your avatar is kind of perfect in context.

6681050 Never try to make sense of plots involving time travel, more so when they involve event cascades.

I thought the tragic irony of the rainboom connecting them all in the end was a very sad but clever touch.
I really enjoyed this one.

Goddammit, Skirts.

I knew what this was almost from the first paragraph. Despite this you had me – hook, line and sinker! That was an amazing read! I didn't want it to end. Hot damn!

Wow. Wooooow. This was very chilling and deep. Well done, dear author. Now I can go contemplate mortality.


...great story.

Oh wow. I realized it was Twilight as soon as she mentioned her brother, but I didn't realize the other mare was Starlight. Though going back, the foreshadowing was all there.

That was a very intense story. A lot of densely packed emotion, and the powerful imagery of the environment loomed in my head the whole time I was reading. That last bit when the bomb went off was a particularly haunting moment that I will not be forgetting anytime soon.

Great work as usual.

Or, for the peaceful solution, they could just go west and make a magic sonic rainboom powered barrier.

Dang it, man.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. In the end, all of our bodies will ride in the wind, blowing carefree and unhindered. We are born unique, but die equal.

Float away... Float away.

~ Neon Lights

6681050 There were SO many problems with the story, namely one of the big ones I predicted: if multiple altered timelines are utilized, the writers will forget that every one MUST INCLUDE NMM AND DISCORD. Those two villains are set in stone, literally! If the Mane 6 are gone, they both come back and somehow must be dealt with EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Somehow in the timelines with Sombra and Chrysalis, Celestia managed to defeat them both by means we aren't shown. But if she had another plan in mind before the Rainboom seemingly alerted her to the special bond and power of Twilight, then she would have used that in every alternate timeline as well, and since the Mane 6 would have taken no greater role in any of those alternate events, the method Celestia chose would almost assuredly work every time.

We are also never shown what kills the entire world when she drags Starlight along. At that point, they were out of major villains. Which one left a desolate, lifeless desert that time around? It felt like a lazily inserted melodramatic doomsday to bluntly drive home the point to the oblivious Starlight, who was quite plainly the stupidest brilliant villain of the entire series, who could rework a spell by the most skilled wizard ever and had power to rival Twilight... but couldn't put together the most basic tenets of cause and effect, which even modestly intelligent children can discern if they think about it for a few minutes.

except there are survivor and when they return they fin the world of fallout and luna is the enclave

Loved it. definitely the same spark as EOP.:twilightsmile:

“Princess Luna would use the Elements of Harmony to banish herself to the moon.

And would the Elements allow this?

Wait... if Celestia and Luna can use the Elements... Sombra doesn't hold a candle to Discord's powers... why can't the Elements stop him? And where is Discord in all of this?

And... no, no more. This is making my brain hurt as much as the horrible time travel tropes in play in the episode itself. God that thing was lazily slopped together like all the bad time travel fanfics lumped together. The biggest sin was forgetting that in EVERY loop, NMM and Discord would ALWAYS get out. The episode's plot never took that very obvious causality cascade into account. Very very lazy.

It should have focused on one or two alternates at most and better developed them, and dragged Starlight back for the second and allowed her to be shown over the course of attempting to escape the loop how horribly she'd screwed up.

Horrifying. The song at the end fit too perfectly.

Well done, Skirts. I am inspired by your imagination again.

6681062 Actually, I think that this was this timelines Twilight and Glimmer. I remember it saying how Glimmer seemed young to Twilight, but that might well have just been because war ages you. Either way, I just got the feeling that it was them from this timeline just meeting in an unforeseen, chance, beyond all possibility meeting.

Well author, you just earned yourself a follower.

And so it begins

Well crap... I was planning on going to bed with a happy go lucky tone but now I'm all contemplative and stuff.

SS&E strikes again.

Damn. I'm speechless.

~Skeeter The Lurker

This was an experience. I figured out the main character was Twilight, but I should have known that the other pony was Starlight.
Well done, Skirts. Superb.

Wow. Such an excellent take on how one of the alternate universes came to pass. A final, brief encounter at the end of the world, before all is cleansed to irrelevance. Poignant. Beautiful.

I don't feel like reading anything else today. Thanks, Skirts.

fucking fuck.... like there are no words to describe how fucked my mind is right now

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