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This group is dedicated to one of the best My Little Pony installments in Generation 4, Rainbow Roadtrip! Stories involving Hope Hollow, the citizens and the Rainbow Festival itself are included in this group.

Please don’t harass or cause fights and NSFW contact isn’t allowed. You can promote your stories in the threads if you want as long as it’s related the special.

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Um, click on Members.

From there, you should see a button or maybe even click the Member's name.

Just switch the permission to Admin.


Click on Members, then click the person's name.

Don't click the tiny box with the arrow, lol.

On the side you'll see a bigger box after clicking the name, switch that from Member to Admin.

Ta-da! You're done!

Sure but the problem is I don’t know how to make you one.

Hello! Welcome and have fun!

Awww, ty!

You’ve got my vote

If you'd like, add me as an Admin.

I'll be able to place entries in the contest folder, without having to constantly bug you.

I'll also help run things around here, if you're not online.

Just if you want too, if not it's perfectly fine.

Lol, no problem!

I'm happy to welcome anyone new!

Groups thrive on communication and discussion.

Aw man, I love your avatar. Especially since your welcoming me.:rainbowlaugh: Thanks

Welcome to the group Crystal!


Do as you wish, fine by me.

Would it be ok with you, if I hosted a contest for the group?


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