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In the season four finale of my little pony, as you may know, the golden oaks library faced its untimely doom. This group has been created to honor the golden oaks library. Please post any stories about the golden oaks library here.

1. this group was not made for complaining about the incineration of twilight's library. it was created to honor the tree. Do not complain in the comments. please.

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The creator of this group needs to properly capitalize the title. Q__Q

When I found this group I just, I can't even :rainbowlaugh:

R.I.P Golden Oaks Library, may you never be forgotten, for your death was the catalyst for Twilight to go Super Saiyan.

And the Bees! Won't somepony think about the BEES?:fluttercry::raritycry:

Seriously, I loved GOL because it reminded of the tree-houses that Pooh and most of his friends (sans Eyore and Gopher) live in.
I might actually do an AU/Crossover where the Library ends up in the Hundred Acre Woods. Would anyone like to see a story like that?

It's what's inside the tree that counts. All those poor books that no one but Twilight read...

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