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It is Nightmare Night again and the crusaders are out having fun. Afterward the three girls return back to their clubhouse to tell scary stories to each other, but this time their older sister or role model is there to listen in onto their horrifying tales.

Note: a sequel to Clubhouse of Horror

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not bad, though i can't wait to see the older mares reactions when it's all said and done.

dude, you SERIOUSLY need to do a grammar check before you publish...

Yeah, does anyone know good grammar checking site. Preferably something fast and quick.


yeahhh.....i don't need sleep to night...it's friday....hehehe:pinkiecrazy:

3298701 your username is something applejack would never do


Lyra isn't green

In the real MLP universe, ponies don't know about fingers

Why did you have to make Lyra and BonBon lesbians?! :facehoof:

Anyway, that's basically all the problems I had with it. Otherwise this was a pretty decent story, and it gave me goosebumps! :rainbowderp:

6115227 don't you know about LyraBon? It's they're one of the most popular MLP couples in the fandom.

6732746 I know of it, I just don`t approve of it.

Hmm, there are a few duds here; "The Murder Hotel" and "Blood Diamond" end a bit too abruptly, they would benefit from being more expansive, and the former has Carrot Top and Lyra reacting a bit too calmly when they realize that they just murdered their friend/lover.
While "Night Shift" has better pacing again, but a few plotholes, namely that they could have just locked up the undeads inside the graveyard with very high and sturdy walls made of concrete, a pony staying there to keep them from getting out isn't really necessary, not to mention that they could have just told Celestia that she forgot this graveyard and she could have come to dispel the spell.
The atmosphere was done right in all stories, though, sending nice shivers down your spine, and "The Dead Seek Vengeance" has a great twist, which I saw coming a little and it could have been masked better, but it was overall a nice and deep idea, with a well-executed shock for Bittersweet and the reader alike.
This story alone earns it a favourite by me.

Oh and about this:

My headcannon is that Babs Seed is actually the daughter of Aunt and Uncle that AJ lived with in the past, since they they live in Manehattan and since Babs Seed lived there so it's quite obvious.

Not really a headcanon. Aunt and Uncle Orange are relatives of Applejack, one of them the sister/brother of Pear Butter, and with Babs being Applebloom's cousin, it means that Babs is indeed their daughter.


In the real MLP universe, ponies don't know about fingers

They actually do know what fingers are. As well as what hands are. Spike's claws are similar to fingers and Iron Will, as a centaur, has hands and fingers. Not to forget Ember in Season 6. Ponies are familiar with these kinds of limbs to a certain degree.

Why did you have to make Lyra and BonBon lesbians?! :facehoof:

He "had to" do this, because this story is not following christian doctrines and does not exist to please christians in their beliefs.

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