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I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, a Doom wad author, and avid brony. I both write and review fanfcitions, and I can't wait to begin submitting.



What happens when Rarity becomes obsessed with the game Doom II? A lot, actually. Not only is she seeking help from unlikely sources (like Discord) to help beat the game, but she's in terrible trouble. It turns out the Icon of Sin is not happy that a pony is defeating his army. What distance will he go to put a stop to Rarity's success?

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As a huge fan of both Doom and MLP. This Is Awesooome! :rainbowkiss:

It turns out the Icon of Sin is not happy that a pony is defeating his army. What distance will he go to put a stop to Rarity's success?

Challenge her to play the Hellcore 2.0 WAD on Ultra-Violence without dying. Savegames are allowed.

heh, seems like a pretty funny little fic. Quick question though, is it supposed to be implied that the characters/enemies in their copy of doom 2 are human/humanoid, if so how the heck does that work? :applejackconfused:
oh well regardless cool fic ^_^

That's an interesting question. I guess I always thought of the characters in their version of Doom as being human, but perhaps I should make them ponies, at least those who are human (Doomguy, the former soldiers, and John Romero). That way, it will make a little more sense. Every other monster can remain the same.

Thanks so much for your comment! :pinkiehappy:

I will certainly check that out.

Further proof that ponies can be crossovered with anything :pinkiehappy:

Doom II was one of my favorite games when I was young. I think it might have even been the first real video game that I really got into. And it was my grandma who introduced me to it. It was like Apple Bloom and Granny Smith playing Doom II together or something.

Love it you must keep going on in the story ok

Nice chapter
But i dont get it at all

It will make sense once I get the rest of the chapter finished. This is only a portion.
Thanks for your responses, by the way!

And then she learns about Brutal Doom...

WAIT so who's the winner?

The game maker that also have made the maps.
A young pony who dont know all the things in the game including secrets.

You'r choise mate.

Ok so shit is going down on them now right?


i wish somepony wrote about mlp plays brutal doom i mean that mod is freaking awsome

Chapter 10 will be coming soon...
I want to know what you guys think so far of the last few chapters, specifically chapter 9. :moustache:

No, there's still more on the way.

Oh, I've only started chapter 10. The rest of the chapter is still in progress.
Like usual, it should be fairly lengthy.
Thank you for your comments! :yay:

"Luna, Celestia!" said Rarity, running up to the two sisters. "You must help, there's demons in the base-"

some ones been playing a bit to much :rainbowlaugh:

7273985 that only came put recently and want really announced when o commoner. Though if it'd as good as doom 3 and what the E3 preview showed then totalu needs to be done.

I am furious! Why would Rarity ever stop these kids from playing Doom, they need to if they're gonna stay away from shit like COD. Kids need good games in their lives

7273985 got the collectors, it's pretty good mang

Can't wait for the inevitable Doom 2016 crossover

7301265 Indeed, fellow non-employees of Bethesda(C), number one gaming company! Make sure you all buy the Season Pass(tm) of DOOM(C), suc-I mean gamers!

What's up with the huge blank space the plot synopsis?

That I have no idea about. Let me see if I can fix it.

I swear, Doomy's in the air more than he is on the ground, that meat hook sure does it's job.

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