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Hi. It's gapty. Read a fic today. Or don't. They're both the same to me. Just don't tell knighty I said that.


Twilight finds a restricted forest fenced with wires outside Ponyville. When a guard chases her away, she's eager to find the answers for the mystery behind it.

Huge thanks to RB_ for prereading this fic!

Updated description part: This fic is inspired by SCP-2316 written by "djkaktus".

Now with a Russian Translation by NovemberDragon | [ponyfiction.org] [tabun.everypony.ru]

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Why isn't there a tragedy tag?

Freaky. Very freaky. Seriously nice grimdark story.

This could be a scp right
Creative and scary Just How i like.

Scp 2316 is very similar in concept

You'd think Celestia would invest more than a wire fence and a hoof full of guards for something like this.

There's a reason why Warning signs are a thing, beyond being able to say "we told 'em not to."

That the one about not recognizing the bodies in the water?

You are correct but I need you reiterate you do not recognize the bodies in the water.

Because me dummy and having tunnel vision focused on "I see mystery, now it's three blue tags". Fixed and thanks for pointing it out :twilightsheepish:

I do not recognize the bodies in the water.

But how will the story happen? :trixieshiftright:

That sign can't stop me because I can't read!

I̶ ̴d̶o̴ ̴n̷o̸t̵ ̴r̵e̵c̴o̸g̴n̵i̸z̵e̴ ̷t̴h̵e̷ ̸b̴o̷d̸i̸e̴s̶ ̸i̶n̵ ̶t̶h̷e̶ ̶w̶a̸t̸e̸r̷.̷

Technically, everything paranormal can be an SCP :derpytongue2:

As others pointed out, the concept of repeating a phrase was indeed inspired by SCP-2316, but otherwise thanks for the comment :twilightsmile:

Edit: Actually, there are more similarities. I have updated the description to credit the inspiration :twilightsheepish:

Thanks a lot for all the comments and the kind words :twilightsmile:


Very nice story. This needs more views :twilightsmile:!

I do not recognize the bodies in the water.

Never seen them before in my life.


At the time of the comment, only half a day after the publish has passed :trixieshiftright:


Thanks a lot for all the nice comments! :twilightsmile:

This needs a sequel for sure—it's so great I can't get enought of it!

Cool to see SCP-inspired stuff, mostly people just look confused when I mention SCP. :ajsmug:

Holy cow! If you go in the forest you turn into one of them and can't leave because the guard sees no foals!

Remember: you do not recognise the foals in the water.


I do not recognize the foals in the forest


Comment posted by Driver Nephi deleted Dec 23rd, 2022

I like how you managed to wear your inspiration on your sleeve while at the same time, making an effort to make it into its own thing. The precedent that this sets though, implies an effort by the Diarchy to secure things like this, be it sites or individual anomalies, but I have to wonder, how'd they treat equine anomalies? I could hardly imagine an equestrian equivalent to the Foundation being half as ruthless and cold as its human counterpart.

(The irony that this occurred right after the lesson where she was supposed to learn to listen to the advice of others even when sometimes they don't make sense is not lost on me.)

This was reaaaal freaky and eerie, well done!

The story leading up to the end was unsettling.

The part where she gets covered in black goo. :rainbowwild:

The lesson of the story: if you find a wired fence in a forest, turn around

I in fact do recognize the bodies in the water. What are you gonna do about it? For something that is solely fictional, people treat SCP as though it's actually real it feels like.

:pinkiecrazy: too bad the element of magic is gone, what now?

whats Celestia's reaction to Twilight's stupidity?

Hmm, what happened here exactly? This story has enough depth that I spent a lot of time thinking about these events.

The most obvious explanation is that these foals are the ghosts of the foals that were hanged. But there it already got difficult, because what do the ghosts, or apparitions. of these dead foals want? Justice, that their murderers are found, so they can find peace? But ponies who enter the forest can't help them with that if they turn them into one of their own. Perhaps they just feel lonely and want company? But what good would that company be then, if all ponies who enter become the same, lost existences as they are? Or maybe it is revenge what they want? But regardless who their murderer(s) is (are), most ponies aren't at fault for what happened to them, so why enacting revenge on them? Ghosts can't be the answer.

I was thinking of demonic entities that just mess with the ponies who enter. The forest is very clearly dead, so a demonic influence seems likely. But why would demons turn a pony into one of them? They have nothing from that. And demons typically don't share their powers with lower individuals. "Demons" is too simple of an answer.

My thoughts even went into the direction that there is a bacterial/bacteria-like or parasitic lifeform in the forest, consisting of multiple manifestations/bodies, that befalls either the body or the mind of ponies who enter and that needs to infect ponies to survive. In the former case, I was thinking the black liquid is that lifeform and that it somehow is able to create these foal apparitions, so they can lure ponies into a trap. In the case of a bacteria or parasite that befalls the mind, I was thinking the foals and the black liquid are hallucinations, that originate as a side effect from the bacteria/parasite and that the phrase "I see no foals" is like mental antibiotics that limit the control of the lifeform and push its hallucinations back that way. Until it works less and less and eventually doesn't work at all anymore, because the lifeform has gotten resistant to it.
That explanation made the most logical sense, but it still left a lot of open questions. If the bacteria/parasite befalls the body, then what is the connection to the dead foals? Did a bacteria originate in their corpses and then took control? That doesn't seem likely and even feels absurd to me. If the mind is befallen by that lifeform and the foal apparitions, as well as the black liquid, are hallucinations, then why did Twilight see that her rope got dissolved by the liquid? If this theory is true, then the hallucinations are a side effect. But the affected rope feels like a deliberate illusion and why would the lifeform show Twilight that? To keep her from leaving, by making her think that she won't find the way out? But if the lifeform is already in her mind, then it shouldn't matter anymore whether Twilight leaves or not. It already has what it wants.
The possibility with the infected mind comes with the problem that it doesn't explain why ponies who get in contact with the black liquid become one of the foal apparitions themselves. This would of course be a hallucination, too, then. But that doesn't seem to have a purpose. And both of the possibiities don't explain what the connection to the foal corpses is.

I was also considering that the foal apparitions and the black liquid are two different entities that have nothing to do with each other and act independently. That would explain why the foals cry for help, even though ponies who might be able to help them get turned into one of them. It's not their doing, the black liquid does that and they have no control over it. This is why they appeared so confused when Twilight turned into one of them. But there are also problems with that theory.
When the bodies of the foals burst to pieces, the black liquid came out, and that implies the foals and the black liquid are one and the same. Which would bring us back to the same question, why do the foals turn ponies into one of them after begging them for help? The only way I can still explain that is if the entity that manifests as the black liquid befalls the foal apparitions too and makes them do things they don't want. But that still doesn't feel like a satisfying explanation.

The end of the story contains an implication, that all ponies who entered the forest (before the guards sealed it off) became those foal apparitions, by some higher, dark power that turned them into that. Maybe these apparitions have nothing to do with the dead foals, at all. These aren't ghosts of foals who ask for help to find their murderer(s), these are ponies who came into the forest and got turned into those apparitions, like Twilight, and who ask for help to leave the forest because they still see themselves as the ponies they once were. This explanation makes even more sense than the one with the bacterial/parasitic lifeform and feels like the most probable theory. But even here, the question about the foal corpses remains.
Let's say, right after the foals were hanged and died, a mysterious entity that manifested itself as the black liquid began to turn ponies into these foal apparitions, reminiscent of the victims, each time one entered the forest. Then the question is, why did this entity do that? Because it's a good entity who wants to help find the murderers and bring justice to the innocent foals? But then, why would it turn ponies into the apparitions of foals? They can't help that way.
This last explanation really makes the most sense, but even here, a piece in the puzzle is missing.

All of these explanations and theories still leave many open questions and most of them don't reveal a connection between them, the phrase and the foal corpses. They also don't give an answer on it if it really were the guards who murdered the foals or if the deed was done by other ponies. Or maybe not even by ponies at all, maybe by a dark force that's at work in the forest and these foals were the first victims.....
All explanations for the events here resist a logical and satisfying conclusion. I can't find an answer to what exactly is going on here, no matter how much I analyze the events and think about them. You wrote a very complex story here.

After I went reading about the SCP that inspired this story in the hopes to find a clue that way, I am, however, thinking that the answer maybe just can't be found. This is an SCP, after all, and nopony understands SCPs. So maybe these events transcend the mind of ponies and simply can't be understood. This feels as close to a satisfying answer as it can get.

I am thinking a lot about this story. And I came to wonder if all of this could be recreated..... Buying a plot of forest land somewhere (if it's a permanent installation, but that would give more freedom), using AR holograms to let the foals and the black liquid that leaves their bodies and oozes through the forest appear, speakers for the foals' voices and the sounds they make and microphones that record visitors of the forest when they say "I see no foals.", then having all of this connected to a computer with the necessary software and files and the computer recognizes it when someone says the phrase and lets the foals' holograms disappear for a little while then. Only the foal corpses could be made from physical material and the ropes are of course easy to get, but the rest would be a digital installation.
It would come with a few difficulties and hurdles; the AR devices, speakers and microphones would have to be tiny and need protection from rain, snow, wild animals, strong wind and falling branches, one that retains their full functionality, they would need to be hidden well, the AR devices might even have to get buried shallow under the ground, which begs the question if the holograms still reach the surface then, the computer would have to be a fair distance away inside a cabin so it won't be discovered and ruin the illusion and that would require many long cables to connect all the hardware to the computer, which also need to be hidden and protected then. Unless you use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to connect them, but I don't know if AR devices, speakers and microphones equipped with that exist, and wireless connections might not reliably work in a forest.
It's a very complicated task and I'm not sure if technology has already come far enough to create a realistic illusion of the foals, but it would be cool.

I do not recognize the bodies in the water.

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