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The refusal of princess Twilight Sparkle to marry a noble of Luna and Celestia's choosing, and running with Flash Sentry instead, leads to the Elements of Harmony siding against the Goddesses, and the people of Canterlot choosing sides.
Now, a wounded and weakened Flash Sentry must reach Canterlot, hoping to reunite with Twilight Sparkle, who was taken by Princess Luna. In the way there, he and the Elements must fight Twilight's suitors, three Guard captains of noble blood.
Note for FlashLight haters: You'll get to read about Flash Sentry being beaten mercilessly for most of the story, so you can enjoy it too.
Art by the great Me. I can draw for you, if you ask nicely.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 38 )

*looks at final description* seems fair. But, shouldn't Brad at least know how to fight? He is a guard.

I don't mind the FlashLight, but Celestia and Luna acting this way just seems way off to me. Still, I might keep an eye on this... if only because I like seeing what's done with Flash.

Hmmmm I like, I like. Is this based in a different universe, similar to the story The Order?

I'm keeping watch.

-Mr. Discord

I want to make it clear that I am aware that this is just a fan fiction and is a product of whatever the author wants to make, but it feels a bit uncharacteristic of the princesses to to not approve of the life choices Twilight makes for herself. The driving force of the story is a concept that I find difficult to understand. I will be honest, I don't really like this. I suggest you find a proofreader and an editor with your future stories.

I think that some of this OOC, for the princesses at least. Overall, I'm pretty interested.:derpytongue2:

This seems like an interesting story. I wonder how it will all workout. I can't wait for the next chapter. Best of luck.

I hope the sisters die at the end because they deserve it.

I don't get this at all im downvoting it for the Princess being OOC alot.

I don't get these people complaining about the princesses being ooc. Check the AU tag that happens to be there. What that means is that we are not in the show's Equestria, thus there will be differences, which include charqcter traits and actions. So we can have Pinkie being a sadistic maniac but Celestia and Luna holding the kingdom above anything else, no matter what? No way, that doesn't fly. Just my opinion but I felt like I needed to say it.

4307796 He's not at his best. The first chapter explains he had an encounter with a Princess

4307833 Hey, someone I think I heard about commented my story. Cool!

4307923 Never heard of The Order. Is it any good?

4307954 I expected the Alternate Universe tag would keep people from paying much attention to the OOC. Their attitude will be explained later, and will probably make some more sense, even if it doesn't make everyone agree with them.

Oh yes, quite so. It is an interesting take on a flashlight fic.... You should search into it

4310417 Well, some of my influences include gods being defeated by sufficiently strong alien martial artists, so it could happen. :derpytongue2:

4311524 Thanks. I was thinking the same. I didn't expect so many comments about OOC, considering the AU tag.

4312325 Will do, then, once I finish writing this one, so I don't get influenced.

I'm interested in seeing where this goes.

whoa things are happening :pinkiegasp:

Great chapter. I liked how you have the guard now against Flash.

Flashlighters... well didn't expect you would use the name Flashlight for the rebels.

Great job with this chapter. I can't wait for the next one. It seems like everyone is fighting now. Good luck you guys.

4644346 The rest of the story will include a lot of fighting, but will not be all fighting.

This is probably one of my favorite stories I've read.

Sorry. I kind of had this finished since some days ago, and forgot to post it.

OOOHHHHH!!! I wonder what Discord did. Great chapter. Good luck with the next one.

Thanks for the update. I enjoyed it. It was great reading about Rarity and Pinkie in action. Good luck with the next chapter.

5198699 I just hope I can do it faster than this one. I dislike not having a computer.

Gosh, loving this book! Hope you continue!:trollestia:

5515265 Thanks. I try to continue, but I give priority to my art, so only do this when I have free time.

Why do I have a feeling Twilight will remove her own wings and possibly her horn just to get her point across? Now that would be interesting. I should make my own story based of that idea.

I am really exited to the next part!! Good luck for the fanfic, you are doing very well!!!!

6326269 Where? Maybe I put it there without noticing.

the AU tag isn't enough to excuse such a blantant OOC for the princesses. It appears this runs parraleele to the show till this part then it all goes nuts. If anything the Princesses are shown to disdain much of the noble culture, prefering the common pony. And Luna would not be so flippant with the mares that SAVED her from being Nightmare Moon. SOrry man this has to be downvoted.

I understood the reference!

I agree. I'm a flashlight shipper, but I want to see Flash Sentry get beaten some more.

When are you going to update?

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