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Starburst, daughter of Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry, has always wanted to be a Royal Guard. Training everyday, working hard to make her dream come true. But when war is threatened on Equestria, Starburst fights for the safety of her home and country. But soon, she will realize that her strength alone will not be enough. Poor Starburst is in need of power, the power to protect her family and friends, the power to defend her homeland, the power to instill fear in the hearts of her enemies!

Little did she know, that that very power would seek her out. But when she obtains it, how will it affect the rest of her life, her relationships with her parents, her little brother, and her friends? But more importantly, will she become the hero Equestria needs or become an even greater threat than anyone could've possibly imagined?

Update: With its own tv tropes page, courtesy of DarknessRising.

Next Generation characters belong to kilala97

Green Lantern is the property of DC Comics.

Character Bio: Starburst

Yeah, after looking at kilala97's stuff I finally caved and decided to try and write a story about her OC characters. Since Starburst's special talent is "intimidation", I thought: "Why the hell not, make that mare a Fear Lantern!" and so here we are.

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Time to see what Parallax's little plan is this time.

4279576 Should mention this is in no way related to the Entities of Emotion story. Separate universe in which I wanted to explore the gifting of power rings to the Next Generation.

Hope you enjoy what comes. :twilightsmile:

4279618 I know... kinda thinking Rainbow's kid is a Red Lantern.

as much as like the Kilalaverse.

im still waiting for hello big brother

What in the world. What is that?

4279678 I'm surprised no one has done it by now. :rainbowhuh: Oh well, go fig, I got the monopoly on it, ha, ha! :pinkiehappy:

4279724 MPP is referring to my only featured story Hello Sister and my promise of a sequel.

4279714 And yes, I am currently working on that. After the hype of the first one, I want to make sure that it's good before putting out there. Trying to go for 2 on the Feature List. :raritywink:

I'm thinking we should make a badass Starburst group.

All in favor?

4279932 4279932 Well, I'm actually doing a similar thing, except it's mostly Marvel, and deals with the Main Six.

I haven't found a way to fit kilala97's characters into my universe though, so you're the first to use them.

4280101 Gee... great to see you're online. It makes me feel so much better knowing I wasn't imagining things when I get on Skype and see your tag as online.:ajbemused:

Two of my favorite things together. Next gen mlp kids and the sinestro corps! Faving so hard!

4325180 Thank you, honestly, the yellow light of fear isn't my favorite, but I'm interested in exploring it with Starburst. She's so badass :twilightsmile:

4325817 She is badass. The yellow light of fear was always my favorite and i'm glad you making an already badass character even more badass.

4279623 to be honest, clarie, rarity's daughter is a better fit for that if you ask me.

4332057 Really? I only said Rainbow's son because I'm reading a story about Rainbow being a Red Lantern is why. I figured Blitz's loyalty would make him suitable because anyone who hurts his friends is in for a beating.

4332061 yeah, I think tat prism is to laid back to be a red lantern, clarie's temper is more resemblance to a red lantern. And I agree, T would probably be a pink lanter cuz his fierceness is tied to the love he has for his friends.

dayum that coverart is bad@$$

4354500 I know that in the DC comics that Sinnistro was a supervillian with the power of yellow. But what about in this story, is yellow good or still evil, or does it depand on the user?

4357385 stricly speaking, the yellow light is considered evil because it instills fear. Those that use it are typically those who instill fear and they are not usually good guys.

However, Sinestro, despite his methods has always believed in the Green Lanterns as a force of order. He was even chosen by a green ring once again when he fought with them against Korona because he was willing to die for the corps. He then went on to help Jordan take down the Sinestro Corps because they had enslaved his homeworld instead of protecting it as he had ordred.

Therefore to answer your question; the yellow light itself is considerd evil, but the user doesn't have to use it for evil. A person can instill fear and be a good guy, just look at Batman.

4357385 4357850
And let's not forget, that the Batman, for a short few seconds, was chosen by the yellow ring of fear, but just as quickly refused its power.

Wow. Just wow. This can go south Really quick. Best of luck with the next chapter. I like this chapter.

I find it redundant that a lanturns ring is based around their personality.

It's somewhat like a caste system

Starburst used Thousand Arrows

It's super effective!

First of all: Really? Magical Lesbian spawns?! And I thought this fandom couldn't get anymore desperate

Second of all: why is Starburst third in line? Who is second and first?

4387386 I go by oldest to youngest, since it is custom in many ancient monarch societies that the oldest inherit the throne. Illusion is the oldest (I think, need to double check) thereby being first in line, followed by Nidra, third is Starburst, and fourth is Night Light Jr. (aka Nighty) being the youngest. I could count Valiant Heart, but he's more likely to take over ruling the Crystal Empire than Equestria.

4387423 but isn't it suppose to be Luna then Twilight?

4387437 Technically Celestia, Luna, Twilight, and their spouses, are all co-ruling the kingdom. Which is why I dubbed them High Princess and High Prince, I got the idea from Narnia. Seemed like a good way to keep hierarchy set.

NOW it get it. I was wondering where that armor came from, but with this chapter I know what happened.

Wow. Now she needs to recharge her ring and get medical treatment.

That was truly awesome. The question is, are you just going to have the fear lantern? Or are you going to add more Lanterns as the story progresses?

Intense man, really intense. Just one query, the ring said that it chose her for her sense of justice as well as he ability to instill fear, but in the comics I didn't get the impression that was the case, as the Sinestro Corps is made up of some of the most terrifying beings in the galaxy, and a lot of them arent exactly known for their sense of justice. Sinestro wasn't exactly picky about recruits.

However it would be reasonable to assume that Sinestro reprogrammed the rings after the debacle on his home world, thus conforming more to his vision about fear as a force for justice.

Alternatively I may be reading too much into this.

Yeah, as usual, she ran herself ragged.

Hmm...could I be leading up to something? Now that is the question. :trollestia:

It's reasonable. :ajsmug:

4421233 I have read the latest Sinestro comic and redact my previous statement, turns out they do seek those with a sense of justice, but the rings can be reprogrammed like any other piece of technology.

Still love the story. :pinkiehappy:

Well, this is getting interesting. How is the rest of the war going? It's too bad that Starburst has to give up her dream, but hopefully she can set herself up as a hero soon (though she'll need her helmet up in battle to keep her identity hidden). Hopefully it'll all work out in the end.

That is sad........ Star can't join the royal guard now. I think I understand the other bears. I wonder who will get red. I am betting Prism, or Crystal. Best of luck with the next chapter.

Yes, it was sad, but now she's part of an organization with similar ideals, plus she gets badass power ring. Silver lining! :yay:

Well, that's for me to know, and for you to keep on guessing. :trollestia:

And thanks!

Wait until the ring tells her about mogo

4433929 the question is not who gets the red ring, but the orange ring

4436186 My predictions, if all are her friends.

Red: Clare
Orange: Prism
Green: Valient
Blue: Del
Indigo: Candy
Violet: Athena

But I'm not sure at all.

Sinestro cameo for the win! :pinkiehappy:

4436288 I would switch it around a tad, where del would have the green, t would be the purple, while candy would be the blue.

4436288 4438236
Love this whole debate that over who's getting what power ring, even though my description was vague as all hell.

4438236 Okay lets start small. We both agree with Clare with the red ring. and Prism with the orange ring. Now, why do you think T should be purple instead of Athena. I think it would be better if she got it.

4438356 well the way I see it T fights in the sense protecting those he cares about/loves, so I think it fits him better, where Annie would be more towards the indigo staff, because her good deeds stem more from compassion for other like her step mom.

There's also the question of prism being the agent orange because he seems to lazy to have the avarice drive. But then again, I don't know who would fit the bill any better.

4438494 Okay, I am sold about T and Annie. Also I chose Prism for orange because the rest didn't seem to fit. I wonder though. In the vision Star had, green and yellow faced off. I can easily see Star taking on Valient, not Del.

4438310 we're nerds reading a compelling story with vague suggestions, it was bound to happen.
4438535 I don't know about that, I could see del fighting to stop star for her own good about as well as I can see valiant doing it. And frankly valiant doesn't need a ring to fight star. Plus I can't see del being left to the sidelines either.

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