• Published 23rd Apr 2014
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MLDC Next Generation: Know Fear! - Michael_Ravencroft

"Starburst of Equestria, you have the ability to instill great fear!"

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Across the infinite number of stars, a blue planet floats in an unknown solar system. Oddly enough, this solar system orbits, not the sun, but a blue planet at its center. Unknown to this planet, heading towards it at a speed that many of its inhabitants could barely fathom, were two shooting stars. One was fiery orange and the other a wispy violet-pink.

These two stars had been streaking through the universe, searching, seeking, and looking for something or someone specific. These two stars were now within the general vicinity of the blue planet and were about to pass it by, like they had done for many others thus far.

Suddenly the two stars stopped, hovering in the emptiness of space. They blinked rapidly until they finally shined and took off towards the planet they were just about to pass by. Their long journey had come to an end...

[Avarice detected.]

[Love detected.]

Author's Note:

Coming Soon

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So, Nidra is going to be the new Agent Orange and Annie is a future Star Sapphire?

Dang you for ending this with a cliffhanger!

4850626 :eeyup: "Eeyup."

4850633 I know, I'm an SOB for doing that.:trollestia:

I'm ok with this

I was right about Athena, but Wrong about Orange ring. Now that I see those pictures, I can understand. I think this is to involve a lot of love between T and those two mares. Good luck with the next chapter. I can't wait to read the first chapter. Congrats on completing this story.

4850343 NEVER! :pinkiegasp:

4849026 Glad I made your day. :twilightsmile:

4850322 Oh SageBrony, you think you know, and you would only be half right. :derpyderp2:

Ah, that was great. Now it's time to sit back and wait for the sequel. :trollestia:

I would not have guessed the orange one at all for nidra. Prism for Rage or Hope, or Del, respectively for Hope, yes. Cadence for love, but interesting choice seeing your choice here. Looking forward to it.

Interesting I can totally see anthea as a Star Sapphire but I'm not so sure about Nidra being an Orange Lantern, oh well I guess I'll have to wait until the next story. Also found this:

the other a wispy violet-pink

Just a missing period.


4850673 Seems I'm throwing everyone for a loop with the whole "Nidra is Orange Lantern". Rest assured I have my reasoning's. Check their bios on kilala97's page and you'll see why I made this choice.

4850701 Thats where I found this story actually. Rather than from fimfiction word of mouth advertising. Shame there wasn't more illusion overall, but ah well, fun times for all. The orange rings, well, are a bit of a tricky aspect in what i've seen comic wise. Thats why I discounted them more so than the characters themselves.

Love, is almost a given here in this world. The who fits, pretty easily. But avarice, heh, is tricky beast to delve into.

4850716 Believe me I know, you gotta look REALLY deep into the characters to find that one flaw or trait that would justify giving them the negative emotion rings. For Star it wasn't that hard, special talent is intimidation, intimidation = fear, there you go. But the others...yeah, a challenge. :twilightsheepish:

4850733 Nidra as a lantern isnt that hard to see, none of the 2nd generation are. Its more the ring as a plot device. Greed and avarice, are very unique emotions to what you can see pony's aspiring under. Yes, some do, but its often hard to write for given its a destructive influence on its wielder.

4850743 And that's where creativity comes in, which I have plenty of! HA HA!:ajsmug:

4850758 Time will certainly tell, thats for sure. May your muse shine in brightest day, and darkest night.

Larfleeze is going to flip his shit like a monkey at the zoo when he hears that someone else has an orange ring.

4851892 Oh you magnificent bastard! Thank you very much!:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

.......I don't even

I'm majorly excited about seeing a Lantern story with the other Corps and no Greenies around to spout about how evil everyone else is. The fact it comes with good writing and awesome characters is just icing.

Star is right about one thing. She's not like the Griffons, she's a hypocrite on top of a monster.

Oh man I freakin' enjoyed this! Totally looking forward to the next part.


I'm mostly going off of what happened after the events of Wrath of the First Lantern, where Sinestro admits to Hal Jordan that he did consider him a friend even after everything they had gone through.

I like to think that Sinestro realized his mistakes with his Corps and sought to fix them with future Fear Lanterns. So it's a bit canon mixed with personal headcanon.

5031955 I see...
Well, I do think that Green Lantern is a good superhero, but my favorite is Superman. Anyways, I'm wanting to read some GOOD comics. Do you think I could find the comic that these events take place in?

Don't get me wrong I love Superman too, but I like the concept that the rings actually choose their wielders, allowing (almost) everybody a chance to be a superhero. The rings being the proverbial Excalibur of the DC universe, in a manner. Plus, they make whatever the wielder's imagination come to life, making it very versatile and in the right hands, a devastating weapon.

You can pretty much find these in any place that sells comics and graphic novels. This is the cover image for Wrath of the First Lantern where most of this story and the sequels canon material is coming from.


Okay thanks!
I see. You're entitled to your own opinion. It's just that for me, as a Christian, one of the reasons why Superman is my favorite superhero is that he's a Christ-figure, having parallels to Jesus. (Well, at least in the first movie with Christopher Reeve.) In Superman the Animated Series, Kyle Rayner became the Green Lantern.
Anyways, have you read this masterpiece?

5033178 No, but it is on my "comics to read list", also, my second favorite hero is in the cover! SHAZAM!:rainbowdetermined2:

Well, read up to 'The Liberation of Cloudsdale, Part 1' and loving the work so far. :twilightsmile: However, there is one issue I am curious about: in Chapter 2, Starburst, the daughter of Twilight Sparkle, is getting lectured about putting her life on the line when she did the same thing at her age? :ajbemused: Call me crazy, but doesn't that seem a bit hypocritical (and I am genuinely surprised and curious why neither Star nor Flash Sentry didn't call her out on it.)

5110322 While I do agree that Twilight is being Hypocritical, when you're a mom, your mom instincts take over and they don't see the contradictions. I actually suspect in the future chapters or story, Star may call Twilight on that. As for Flash, I think he is just as devastated as Twilight and he blames him self for building up Star's dream. He is probably taking this as hard as Twilight.

5110497 Well, I've read up to 'Liberation of Cloudsdale Part 1' and have seen the consequences of Star's actions (hasn't been mentioned yet, but it might)

5110568 Pray tell, are these consequences against Star, Griffons, or against Royalty?

5110578 All three, actually (namely Valiant so far in the 'Royalty' category), however, I was referring to what happened to Starburst after she got out of the hospital. (Honestly, she should've just waited for 15 to join, regardless of what whomever has to say about it.)

5110497 besides when twilight was saving the kingdom, her mom wasn't their:derpytongue2:

5110656 Still seems prejudiced though (for lack of a better term)

Wow! Just wow! I must see what happens and what was happened around Nox.

hate to say it, but i wasnt as impressed with this story as i was some of ur others. a lot of the internal conflict in the family just seems too contrived and not in character with the few cannon characters there r. otherwise, the conflicts were at least semi believable in a comic world context, though still not completely. overall, i prefer ur Shazam and Teen Titans stories

So wait is this story's starburst the same as the one time Turner mentioned at the end of firestorm?

Feel free to answer or not.:pinkiehappy:
I am now going to start reading this.:scootangel:

BD out

8095935 Yes, but as to the when her recruitment begins? Well, that would be telling, wouldn't it? :trollestia:

8096524 awesome!
Just finished reading this and starting the sequel tomorrow
You are great at these dc crossovers and I hAve loved all of them

BD out

If I made this fic into an animation, chapters 1-2 would be episode one, chapters 3-4 would be episode 2, chapters 5-6 would be episode 3, chapters 7-10 would be episode 4, chapters 11-12 would be episode 5, chapters 13-14 would episode 6, and chapters 15-17 would be episode 7. The epilogue would be the post-credits scene of the final episode.

So I just finished this story and it's sequel, and I must say.. It was really great! I'm not usually too big of a fan of crossovers. But I got so into things with this story that I finished the both of them in just two days.

I'll have to check out some of your other stories. You certainly have me interested in seeing what else you'll do

BTW I was wondering, Do you have any plans to continue this series? It seems like you've moved on to other things

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