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King Sombra is resurrected from the dark magic of a gem found by Rarity. Twilight takes it upon herself, as the Princess of Friendship, to attempt to help him. However, Celestia has warned Twilight that his heart is "black as night" - can he even be saved? Should they even bother? And what of the gem that resurrected him?

When trouble once again comes to Ponyville is seems as though Sombra's time is up. Twilight must decide if he is to be imprisoned or allowed to roam free and it seems Rarity will be the ultimate deciding factor.

SEQUEL: The Umbra Queen

[Picture from Grumbeerkopp on Deviantart]

Chapters (12)
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Comments ( 85 )

Interesting. I wonder how you're going to portray his character. I always like going against the flow, but even I know when a character should act as expected, s I think this is going to be interesting.

I'm glad you found it interesting and hopefully my depiction of him won't leave you disappointed. :3

4489546 oh, don't worry for my behalf! He's your character right now. And I doubt you'll disappoint.

Question. By "Umbra", you mean shadow, correct? Not a name?

... Something tells me Sombra isn't showing his true colors.

Yes, I meant it as a play on 'shadow' - I just figured someone, somewhere would have named their fic 'The Shadow King' - plus, I believe I read somewhere that Sombra's name is based off the word Umbra (seemed fitting). :raritywink:

Me thinks Rainbow Dashes overconfidence shall be her undoing when facing a unicorn who has enough power to fight off two alicorns.
Nice idea with extra doom timer.

Very interesting. You have my interest:raritywink:

Rarity turned and saw that Sombra was back in the shadowy corner. Again, she heard nothing when he moved. He was as silent as the shadows he loved.

I loved that metaphor for Sombra. Clever.. and creepy:rainbowderp:

Thanks! I like to imagine Sombra is 'shadow-like'. xD

Either this escalated quickly, or it's the rapid fire new chapters. Slow down, mate. Some users probably are waiting to read this. If you have so many ready for release at least do so a day at a time.

Oh, all right - I actually wrote the story ahead of time and posted the first chapter after I finished editing it. Then I started posting the following chapters once I re-read them. I can wait between posts though - I was just excited to finally post the story to the site. :3

4493992 I know! When I posted my story I was really excited! But try to spread it out. Makes it more likely people will see your story.
Anyways, I've read the first three chapters and I'm gonna read the fourth in the morning. So far it really good. Keep it up an you'll get more than a star and a thumb from me :raritywink:

Thank you for the encouragement and the advise! :raritystarry:

4494042 *smiles somewhat sadly* I try.

4491372 Yes, Sombra was based off of Umbra, Latin for shadow. Sombra is also Spanish for shadow.

The reason I asked what I did is because I named an OC Umbra in my own story. The reason for this is that he his the nephew of Lord Sombra, regent of the Crystal Empire until the true heir was old enough. However, Umbra overthrew his uncle, took his name, and declared himself King of the Crystal Empire. This is the history to my current story. I plan later to write this history as a prequel. What I told you above is not even the entire idea of the prequel.

Noooooooo, but I guess I can live with that. Define update slowly. Once a day,a week, a month, a year? Century, millennia?
I'm also rooting for Sombra to kick Twilight out of the library and have a night of passion with Rarity. :D

Haha - updating once a year would be a painful process. No, I meant once every day (or every other day, if I go out of town).
And a night of passion would be amazing! They would make adorable gray babies! :raritywink:

4500012 With dark purple manes:raritystarry:.
Eh, we seriously need villain emoticons.

Dang it Twilight and Spike... U just had to storm in right at the beginning of Sombra's revelation... XD

But great story so far!

I like scene where Sombra tries to make Rarity doubt herself to try and gain power, sort of like the fall of the empire short when Sombra tried to make Luna doubt herself as well. So far u write him very well.

Thank you - I'm glad you're enjoying it! :raritywink:

Sombra is a zombie :pinkiegasp:. Everyone run to the hills :raritycry:!!!!

It's nice reading a story showing that rarity can figure things out like twilight and that she's not always being overdramatic or superficial. I like you giving insight with Sombra's past. It's pretty believable so far.


U also write Spike spot on. I love his pre-panic mode XD

Well i guess Sombra isn't evil. Just misunderstood. This chapter does makes me wonder how citizens of Equestria feel about Luna invading privacy of their dreams.

Luna is best dream stalker XD

Great chapter as usual!

This has been a great story this far! (I'm at chapter 4) Keep up the good work!

I am simply enjoying this story, so much and I hope to read more of it soon. definitely looking forward to more of Rarity's encounters with King Sombra.

Ooh... Some juicy Sombraty/Raribra ahead :3

Well, Spikes going to have a heart attack in the morning.
But aren't they moving a bit too fast? I don't really have a problem with it but there are quite a few others who might.

This was my first fanfic ever written - didn't know if I wanted to make it very long so I opted for shorter (which means things play out faster). Hopefully nobody minds too much. :rainbowderp:

(Also, weren't you the one that wanted them to hook up in the library? xD)

4514408 Yes indeed. I wanted Rarity to tame him by riding this magnificent stallion until his will would be broken.
I don't mind fast hook up. Just wanted to throw out that someone will probably raise a fuss about it. I also like the end of chapter. So ambiguous.

So much fluff and sweet. That chapter ending XD luv it!

Great chapter! I adore the scenes with Sweetie Belle. I loving how your getting Rarity and Sombra connecting; Personally i don't mind if it's a fast hook up because you are having them get to know one another on such an emotional level as opposed to the cliche of 'slap-slap-kiss' if you ever heard that expression.
Simply cant wait to read more.

I prefer characters hooking up because they have emotional/genuine interests as opposed to just being physically attracted - makes for a better story (in my humble opinion). :raritywink:

4516722 don't care if it's humble or not

It's your opinion

Poor Spike. He finally realized that behind the good nature of ponies:twilightsmile:, his difference will end up being the end of him:moustache:. I guess he finally remembered that mare 6 had kicked one dragon out of his cave once already. Anyone knows what had happened to that dragons hoard:trollestia:? Did Major or Celestia took it?

I felt really bad for Spike. Especially when he held his tail like it were his security blanket or a teddy bear. :(

Yup! There are as many opinions as there are people - but that's okay, because it takes all the colors to a make a rainbow (or so my grandmother would always say). :twilightsmile:

Whoa... That's all I can say...


Was the cliffhanger really necessary:ajbemused:? We all pretty much know by now that Sombra will come to her rescue:unsuresweetie:.

This cliffhanger seems bit cliche, (hoping I'm wrong) but the chapter itself was pretty exciting. I really enjoy how you are portraying sombra. Most other stories I've read have him either totally evil, or not evil enough, or comedic villanary. Your character version keeps him as a worthy, but troubled angontist with a believable past. Also the ruin worms are a cool concept ;)

Yeah, I have read a lot of stories where Sombra is the "comedy" villain - don't know why... he never seemed "comedic" in the two episodes he was in. :rainbowhuh:

Or is he!? :trollestia:

But seriously, since I update once a day it hardly seems like that big a deal... more like a titillating speed bump as opposed to an actual cliffhanger.

(Watch, I die tonight and this story is never updated xD)

4533196 Do that. And I'm reanimating you in the image of Frankensteins monster. That or annoying your ghost beyond the grave until it comes back to finish it.


Exactly! At least Fall of the Empire have him better spotlight than those two episodes.

I did enjoy Fall of an Empire! SillyFilly Studios does good work. :rainbowderp:

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