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Hey! I'm new, but I write a lot of stories on Wattpad(c)! Sooo I decided to write on here too! My Wattpad is also @AngelinaSmith590!


After Sombra became dark, all the crystal ponies rejoyced. Except one. Amber Leaf. The only pony who had ever loved him. She still loves Sombra even today. Amber would give her life just to see his face again. When Sombra gets that choice, will the two be reunited once more? And what happens when an old enemy comes back? With the hellp of some new and old friends, Sombra is about to find out.

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This seems like a great story. I loved the cover art. That was a nice touch. A bit fast pace though.

Excuse me i dont know if youcame up with the name amber or not but if so id like to ask permission to ise it for a fan fic of my own?

The end of chapter 5 is sad it actually made me cry!

Chapter 5 was so sweet/sad at the end it literally made me cry!:fluttercry::applecry::raritycry::scootangel:

This seems extremely rushed. I think it would benefit you greatly if you took the time to add detail and suspense, rather than just dialogue.

Hmmm...:trixieshiftright:Seems like a well placed cliffhanger for a sequel...:ajsmug:
Edit: Didn't see Author Chat box...

Amber was put into a green ball. All the other unicorns in the room, including, Twilight, Rarity, Sombra, and all the royals used their magic.
It was no use ...it was a magic-proof prison.

Hit er' or something to break her concentration...

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