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Scootaloo, a little filly who lives with her mother in Ponyville is still trying to learn how to fly, and hopefully get her cutie mark.

But, where is her father? No one may ever know, except her mother.

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This was a nice story to read, Thunderblast. As always, it was interesting and quite imaginative if I do say so myself. I love stories about Scoots.

I love this story! It's sooo good! Thanks for such a great read!:twilightsmile:

4571310 No, Thank you! :pinkiehappy: I'm glad you enjoyed it :twilightsmile: I was worried the idea might have been taken already, so far I have yet to find a story like this one.

shouldn't applebloom have raised her hoof as well? her, as well as Aj and big macs parents are gone too

I found this to be a very charming story, I just hoped it would be longer. Maybe a follow up chapter showing Scootaloo's family interactions.

Tear and only on the first chap, DAMN YOU HEART, but good so far, must read the rest now.

4577043 I'm glad you enjoyed the story. ^_^

Sadly, the story is as you see it, and won't be continued, nor do I have plans to.

So bucking cute I almost cried

Nice story, good feels. Helped me out after a downer of a day.

When Daddy came and helped her fly..."this is what flying is"... ;,) Made me sniffle smile. :)

So heartwarming. :twilightsmile: Thank you for writing this.

Sniff sniff this story is touchy:raritycry:

The one problem I have with this is that you should probably indent the flashbacks, just to make it clear that they're not actually happening "at the moment." Having them in the same type font as the rest of her speech makes it kind of confusing.

5777380 That's the point. I don't want to make it all obvious. Besides, I want to give it a feel, like it's a part of the show. Like, it fades into a flashback, with the pony explaining it talking in the background as well as in the flashback. It happened in A Canterlot Wedding when Twilight flashed back to her foalhood memories.

This story should really be an episode.

You know, going back and rereading this, I find it interesting that we both apparently had similar inspiration for Scootaloo's father and family life, but went in very directions with it.

God, when I thought Scootaloo's father was dead I cried tears of sadness,:fluttercry: but now that I know he's alive they're happy tears. Happy tears man! Now, if only we could see the reunion between husband and wife...

Sweet tasty fluff. I'm not sure what you intend to accomplish by killing Chrome Blade in the sequel that you didn't accomplish by having Scootaloo already believe he was dead.

But I do really want to know what kept her dad away for so long.

7490050 If I make a sequel at all that likely won't be the main plot anyways.

welp, this story drove me to shed a few tears. nicely done.

Darn I think I'm crying a bit. Love this by the way, it is very sweet. :'D

This wholr thing was a massive jar of cheese and I loved it.

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