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This story is a sequel to Millennia: Beginning

Beginning | Eye of the Storm | Starfall (CANCELED)

A new year means new opportunities. Not for Star Shooter, however. Recuperating from the horrors of combat is easier said than done, and bearing the proud title of a Marine holds a different significance than what most suspect. It means pushing himself to the very limits to defend those in harm's way, even the ones he did not know he cared for.

In the aftermath of the attack on Manehattan, in light of enormous changes that have grasped the city, he has landed someplace he never expected to go—the eye of the storm.

Second book in the Millennia Saga. Familiarization with Beginning is recommended before reading. This story series is set in an adapted universe where there is no Solar Empire vs. New Lunar Republic conflict and is part of the Pegiverse. Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. All OCs used belong to their respective owners.

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7571069 Don't worry, there's no Solar Empire war going on in this universe.

Great work dude. :3 Can't wait to read about more of Star's adventures.

I hate to complain, but, could people leave constructive comments as to why they dislike this story?

Love the scene with Ray at the end of Chapter 6, dude. :3 Great work.

This is getting intense, dude. I can't wait for more!

Is that a good thing or a bad thing? :rainbowderp:

Good thing. But this reminds me of the beginning of apocalypse now.

EDIT: The changes listed below have been made.

NOTE: I am going to combine the current chapter 36 with chapter 35 (so what is currently written for Peaceful Measures - Part I will now be a part of Recalled), as well as move chapter 37 into the place of 36 (Part II will become the new Part I). What I'm currently writing will then go in the already-published chapter 37 slot (Peaceful Measures - Part II), so the new chapter won't show up as an update since it is already published, and I will just be moving the completed product into Part II.

This was such an intense chapter 😀 I loved it, dude.

Can't wait for chapter 46 :pinkiehappy:

I loved the chapter, dude :3 Can't wait for more.

Don’t het your panties in a twist, only three people disliked so far, doing very well on that ratio of likes and dislikes.

Well, at the time I posted that comment, the L/D was I believe 2/2 or 3/2. :rainbowwild:

A great conclusion to a very well-written and hugely engrossing story. I, for one, really loved it and can’t wait to see more of Star Shooter’s adventures in Starfall. :twilightsmile:

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