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Twilight leaves her royal status behind when she visits Sunset and the girls in the mirror world. So what is the Princess Move and why is Spike so worked up about it?

This story takes place in the Equestria Girls world, between Rainbow Rocks and Friendship Games.

All characters copyright Hasbro.

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Pretty good so far. :twilightsmile:

I liked seeing Spike call the girls out on how much rough Twilight has it.

This was a very good story can't wait till i get the time to read the rest of it. you did a fantastic job on this.

Warrior Princess Twilight Sparkle? Its got a nice ring to it

Nice going Spike! You are definitely best Dragon/Talking Dog! :pinkiehappy:
(Not that he has much competition in either category anyway...) :pinkiecrazy:
Nice work.

6801611 there should be a story for that. I bet it would awesome.

There is always something awesome about a character calling out others simply by listing achievements like this. This was quite fun and it's always awesome to see Spike put his foot/paw down.

Awww, I really loved this story! :twilightsmile:
so warm and fuzzy :heart:

“Twilight has lead her real friends

What is it with people getting 'lead' wrong?!?
The past tense of 'lead', as in to 'cause someone to go with one by holding them or guiding them', is 'led'. L. E. D.
By adding the 'a', people are using the noun (lead, pronounced 'leed'), or using the poisonous metal, lead 82Pb.

I am getting so sick of this. If you want the past tense, drop the 'a'. If you want to use the noun, the future tense, or the metal, don't drop the 'a'.
IT'S VERY SIMPLE. For buck's sake...

8017757 Thanks for the catch. Fixed.

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