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Sunset Shimmer has a growing crush on Twilight but as with most people asking her, she's unsure which one. Once the girls find out, they try to push her to some kind of confession.

Some are more insistent than others...

Chapters (2)
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We NEED a sequle !!!:rainbowlaugh:

Plot twist:
She likes both.

As Sweetie Belle would say: "Oh come on! You can't just leave it there!!!"

7119279 I might do a follow-up. I kind of wanted to leave it ambiguous so the readers could wonder which one she likes.

Rainbow dash you rotten cheater.

A little disappointed there was no explanation for why Sunset was so strong.

7148979 I'm probably going to touch on it on the seemingly unavoidable follow up. I mean, it doesn't seem too out of the possibility granted in the first movie she had that big sledgehammer poised for a startling amount of time with no issue.

One thing that's struck me in the past is that ponies seem to have considerably less sexual dimorphism than humans do. While there does seem to be a small difference in the average size of male and female ponies, their sports seem to be gender-integrated to an extent few human sports are, suggesting more or less equal physical strength and stamina.

Equestrian Twilight, Equestrian Twilight...

That was a really fun read, though. :twilightsmile:

7368795 Thanks a bunch! I have a few ideas for a follow up but so many writing ideas~

Hmm. This is well done, and I really want to leave a like, but this Rainbow Dash is just so unlikable. Invasive, insensitive, rude, cheating, and claiming victory in a game that was a tie even after cheating (you can't leave the original surface, and the crate was destroyed). Sunset's friends are kind of being jerks in general, to be honest.

We'll see after the next chapter, though.

What? She knew who she'd choose all along? :raritydespair:

Not that I disagree with Sunset's choice, but where's the promised indecision? I came for dramedy and farces, but got cigarettes and a crossover sequel hook.

7836621 Idea that came months after.

Ha! Yes. Sunset Pilgrim. Awesome.

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