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I'm Sheena. I write mostly angsty teen lesbian romantic dramedy, a few AUs, and sometimes porn.


Sunset Shimmer hasn't had the best time readjusting to human society after a series of traumatic experiences from getting caught up in a coup on an unplanned visit to Equestria end up afflicting her with PTSD. Finding a job after graduation was hard enough, but keeping it proved to be just as difficult. She claims it isn't a big deal since the aforementioned job sucked anyway. But that doesn't necessarily make the fallout any easier to handle. Luckily she isn't alone.


Part of my extended Equestria Girls chronology, but is standalone and doesn't require previous knowledge of other fics to read or understand.

Rated for profanity, cannabis use, non-explicit sexual references, and very brief sections containing violence and gore in flashbacks.

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Rainbow Dash and Spitfire have been dating for a while now, and today is the official sit-down meal with the parents. But Rarity arrives with Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo in tow with upsetting news. Rainbow then decides that it's time to call for an emergency friendship meeting. There, after Rarity unveils a long-held revelation, Sunset (struggling with her ptsd) and Twilight leave the room upset for different reasons. Rainbow and Spitfire then take it upon themselves to decode why, and ensure that their friends are all taken care of...

...but can they do so?


Part of my Extended Equestria Girls Continuity arc.
Sex tag for mention of sexual activity.
Profanity tag for some naughty words.

This was written in 2018 and uploaded in February 2019 but I didn't publish it until now. Happy Pride 2020 🏳️‍🌈
All bigoted comments will be deleted. This is your warning.

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Twilight wakes up in a strange new world. As a scientist, this fills her with joy! That is, until night falls... That's when the monsters come. Luckily she doesn't turn into zombie food on Night 1, since Rainbow Dash is there to save her. But when the dust settles, one simple fact remains: there is no way out of this endless nightmare. Or is there?


Minecraft crossover with blatantly obvious Resident Evil influences in terms of the zombies. Campy Trad-Horror themes abound. First arc is primarily centered around Twilight and Rainbow, Second arc adds Applejack and Fluttershy, Third arc adds Rarity and Pinkie. No dumb boring romance subplots getting in the way.

Gore tag for zombie guts.
Violence tag for killing zombies.

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Fluttershy is spending part of the weekend with her best friend, Rainbow Dash. But that's not all that's happening. She has some questions to ask. Rainbow has some answers.

NOTE: takes place before the first Equestria Girls movie


Rated T for some not quite sexual content but for some maybe not kid-friendly content. (They talk about breasts a little bit).

Shameless Flutterdash fluff piece to crack my proverbial knuckles before getting back to my main project. Might make an M rated sequel if people wanna see more of this.

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What if Applebloom hadn't admitted to being Anon-a-Miss when she did?

This is the story of the aftermath of what might have happened, Sunset's recovery from the trauma of abandonment and resulting depression, and the road towards healing and forgiveness. There will be roadblocks, detours, and maybe even engine troubles, but through friendship, Sunset's wounds may yet be mended.


Third person. Present tense (except for flashbacks which may be written in past tense). Profanity tag for up to f*ck. Sex tag for mentions and discussion of sexual activity (both heterosexual and homosexual). Suicide / Self Harm tag for suicide attempt and frank discussion of cutting. Contains related B-plots about Rarity, Flash Sentry, Scootaloo, and Rainbow Dash. Contains Dark themes; not enough to sufficiently justify tagging as such, but enough to make a note of. Contains mentions of cannabis use.

My aim with this fic is to modify and adapt the comic into something a) written better, b) not candy coated, and c) somewhat attuned to how social media actually works, while still remaining faithful to both canon and the rest of my Equestria Girls fanfic chronology (which includes my other fics Stupid Girl, Milkshake, TFW YFYCN, etc).

Thank you for getting me featured! ❤️
Thank you for 200 likes! ❤️
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Twilight Sparkle is having a regular normal slow Saturday alone because her friends all have plans that don't include her, until she makes the discovery that Rarity and Sunset are having sex. Considering she has unrequited romantic feelings for Sunset and unconfessed romantic feelings for Rarity, this is very upsetting news and suffice it to say... she doesn't take this very well.


Part of my Equestrian Girls chronology.
Preceded by Coming Out.
Followed by []
Rated T for profanity and implied sexual intercourse.
there will be a short spinoff epilogue and following sequel

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Maud calls for a meeting at Sugarcube Corner among all her friends in Ponyville, except for Trixie who is busy doing something that doesn't matter to the plot. The reason she does so is that Boulder has some very exciting news: he found out who his parents are! The girls are all very glad to hear this. But the best part has yet to come: they've all already met both of the parents.

A heartwarming tale of finding your family despite all odds. After all... stone is thicker than water.

Also, Twilight Sparkle has a very bad day.


A nonsensical little plot bunny I've had since 2012. Science and logic are on vacation. Warning: character death but for comedy. Featuring a small amount of Raridash.

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Starlight succeeded in her plan for revenge against Twilight Sparkle. She prevented the pivotal sonic rainboom from ever happening, effectively destroying the timeline that lead Twilight on the path to befriending the rest of the Six. Which also kills the three of them. Because Starlight is an idiot blinded by a quest for vengeance. But before Twilight fades away, she tells a slightly younger Princess Celestia and Sunset Shimmer several things they will need to know to have any hopes of keeping Equestria safe from the many countless terrors that await it in the near future.

The story of Celestia and Sunset picking up the pieces of a mirror yet to shatter. Destinies will change. Fates will intertwine. Hearts will break. And forbidden knowledge will eventually come back to bite the Princess in the... Plot adaptation prequel of the original series.


Death: Spike (sad), Starlight (violent), Twilight (eh sorta) but their story counterparts are still alive
Profanity: nothing you won't see on tv
Violence: one particularly brutal scene near the beginning but everything else is pretty mild

AU: takes place in universe with with no sonic rainboom
Drama: focus is on the dramatic dynamics of Celestia and Sunset
Sad: melancholic themes concerning main characters throughout
Tragedy: major canon character deaths at the beginning ONLY
Romance: possibly a romantic subplot or two that isn't the main focus

Primary: Celestia and Sunset
Secondary: Luna and Twilight/Spike
Tertiary: Rainbow Dash and Starlight Glimmer
Supporting Cast: Pinkie/Rarity/Fluttershy, Wind Rider, The Oranges, Maud Pie, Stormy Flare, Firelight/Stellar Flare/Sunburst

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Rainbow visits someone she loves, misses dearly, and regrets not being able to save.


T for brief language, blood mention, and tw: suicide

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