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For Sweetie Belle and her friends, everything is looking great. They have the support of their loved ones concerning the clothes-free lifestyle they've recently adopted. The NLAC even managed to avoid its first big clash. However, Diamond Tiara isn't one to give up without a fight. Enter Scarlet Scribe. Young, idealistic, naïve, and the perfect pawn to help Diamond achieve her ultimate goal: Destroy the NLAC.

With the end of the school year rapidly approaching, and the promise of clothes-free summer fun on the horizon, can Scarlet Scribe really end it all before it even gets the opportunity to begin? And what do the Dazzlings have to do with all of this? Will Diamond Tiara succeed? Heads will Collide. Relationships will be forged. Secrets will be revealed when Scarlet Scribe attends his first ever naturist party at Canterlot High.

*This is a side story to Canterlot High Has A Club About What?!

Editor: DynaPony

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First off: cover art very welcoming
Second: Diamond Dazzle Tiara nice name
Third: Diamond was totally seducing that boy
Fourth: I think diamond is a closet nudist or at least is be coming one
Fifth: I really don't know who go be more sorry for Diamond or Filthy on the Spoiled milk thing
And Sixth: all in all this was a great story and well continue too read

Erm, this is slightly embarrassing. But you might want to go back and fix the Silver Spoon gaff near the beginning. Diamond tells her to stop typing so loudly, but it should be Scarlet Scribe she's addressing. My bad for using an OC with the same abbreviation.

Diamond Tiara Wants Silver Scribe To Do What?!

Scarlet Scribe

“Stop typing so loudly, Silver Spoon!” Diamond snapped from her desk, as she plopped down behind it and glared daggers at the empty top.

Scarlet Scribe

I couldn't really see any other glaring issues, but you may want to fix those.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

7693698 Yeah, I got the two of them jumbled up. It's been fixed now. Sorry about that.:twilightsheepish:

Really? I figured that was a deliberate choice on Diamond's part to let Scribe know that she didn't regard him too highly, and remind him that he was lucky she even talked to him.

Of course that was before I read about Diamond's part in her room, which made her more human than she seems on her own.


Would have made an interesting character moment, but alas even Diamond Tiara can't be that cruel. Besides which as was revealed in her room she's known him for as long as she's known Silver Spoon so having her muck up the names, while a bit of a poignant message, would make her seem truly too cruel and bring into question why anyone would ever be friends with her.

Ah Enclave, do you think you could fix one final thing. I meant to knock out the extra L in Lily's name, but forgot to correct it here.


If you think that's bad this story so far has four characters with the same initials.

Silver Spoon
Sunset Shimmer
Sour Sweet
Scarlet Scribe

Any more SS names and we could form an entirely new club. :raritywink:

I wonder just how fast Spoiled (Milk) Rich and Filithy Rich's marriage is going to fall apart? I can tell he wanted more children and a large family, but his wife has serious issues.


it would be intresting t0 see human gabby in theese fics

Phase 2 has begun, and I am loving it!
FINALLY, some insight into Diamond Tiara's character! THIS is the kind of stuff I've been talking about. And yes, I realized that putting all this in the first book might have overstuffed it and taken away from Sweetie Belle's progression, but at the very least we're getting it the second time around and even some insight into her parents lives. Thank you SO much!

Also, Discord and Tirek are involved in government? That's... actually pretty terrifying. Cool, but putting either of those characters in a position of political power is like, well... what's been going on with our election in REAL LIFE. Though to be fair, I'd sooner elect either of them than Drumpf any day of the week.

I can get behind most of it, but Sombra better be the superintendent (that's the person prinicples and headmasters answer to for a school district)

Can you tell me where you found the full pic used for the cover art? (I would be very interested also by the full pic of the cover art of the prequel)

7695846 Good lord, people asking me about the pictures already....:facehoof:

Here's the deal. The cover art for this story was heavily edited by me, so you won't be able to reverse image search it. The original is basically a nude edit of a piece drawn by the artist: Uotapo. The same applies to the cover photo in the first story. I had to crop them for obvious reasons.

*Buries face in palms* DT, what the hell are you doing?

By the way, the cover art... it's this one, right? http://uotapo.deviantart.com/art/Diamond-Holiday-634259510

But... naked...

ehh....I'm usually not one for OC's and complicated rich family drama stuff, but I'll follow along for continuity sake. :applejackunsure: also when i first read "Scarlet Scribe" I thought this character was female just because of the name. I would suggest changing it alittle to make it sound more like a boys name or make "him" a "her" instead. just a suggestion of course, just giving my thoughts what would help this story even if its little details like that. I will be tracking.


Scarlet Scribe's name is definite. I'm well aware it might come off as a girls name, but honestly he's been around longer than this story. I chose to incorporate him in the EQG verse as established by Blake and so that is that. Names in our own world shouldn't be so gender specific, there are boys named Ashley and the like, a certain one-handed chainsaw wielding fighter of the undead springing immediately to mind as an example.

Hence why I tend to refer to him as Scribe instead of Scarlet for short hand dialogue and narration. Scribe is more gender neutral in that respects.

The entire point of the POV switch for this story was to attack the angle of it from Diamond's perspective and a male protagonist discovering Naturism, albeit in a much different way than Sweetie. So yeah, I'm afraid the name will be remaining as is. I do apologize that it might seem inherently female at first. That's just how the OC turned out in the naming convention.


Ah yes, the placement of Discord and Tirek in positions of power. Though it does not feature heavily into the narrative here, there are hints of a potential sequel I am weaving into the story in small amounts that may involve the secrets to questions left unanswered here by their presence. Hope it wouldn't upset too many folks. And I use the term potential sequel because if I am writing anything more after this one is up to time and the muse.


Sombra's fate will be expanded upon later. Whether or not you care for it depends greatly on your personal head cannon I suppose. He's not part of the plot so is relegated to name drops I'm afraid.

Me: "Canterlot High Has A Club About What?! has ended. One of the few things I look forwards to through the days is over and now I have nothing. Just my thoughts, old stories, and a sad empty feeling that will never---. A SEQUEL!!! YEEEESSSSSS!!!"

But in all seriousness, I loved the first one and can't wait to read this one. I love the first chapter so far. I always wanted to know what the Crystal Prep students were up to after The Friendship Games so this is going to be quite interesting.

7695978 will just a spot of advice this is being written by a completely different writer

How long does it take to think up those chapter titles?

“I do not know what has been bothering you Diamond Tiara. I assure you that your mother will see to it that it goes away if necessary. After all, mother knows best.”

Also, "Diamond Dazzle Tiara"... Isn't Dazzle the name of Diamond Tiara's cat in those DeviantArt comics? If so, nice subtle reference.

7695969 I will take what I can get. Sombra is best villain and he best fits in the shadows... Yes I am sucker for the shadowy villain that the hero does not directly confront, that lurks just on the edge of the pages and the hero has to stop his destruction of a maguffin or use of it.
Also his plans removed moving parts (unlike Adagigo's that added moving parts) and all the ones shown in The Crystal Empire were all continguncies and when executed his plans there is no gloating, no putting down of the hero's and no turning his back on the heroes so that can win like Tirek, Discord, Chryalis, Starlight, Sunset and Nightmare Moon. He lost because of two things that could not be forseen, a dragon serving ponies and Shining Armor throwing Cadance and even then it was a narrow victory for the heroes, a literal example of clucking victory from the jaws of defeat... Which makes Sombra licking his lips as he neared the falling heart all the more diabolical... But that's were I stand

I'm just gonna put this on my read later list and wait for a couple more chapters to come out. because i suck at dealing with suspense :pinkiecrazy:

Looking forward to more character development from Diamond, Spoiled, and Filthy.

7696004 I understand that but it does not diminish my level of excitedness towards a sequel.

7695889 :rainbowlaugh: you gotta quit editing cmc pictures yourself otherwise the damn weirdos are gonna keep showing up.
Although it genuinely makes me laugh how often and quickly people ask for the full version, I mean we all have the internet you'd think they'd browse cmc images to their harts content but no everyone asks you .
Anyway I look forward to this sequel personally I like diamond tiara so I'll curious to see how big of a part she has in this one.


Not as long as you might think. The trick is ending each title with the word What without compromising decent sentence structure.


Technically it wasn't my intention to reference anything. Diamond Dazzle Tiara was Hasbro's official name for the character as seen in that one Toy's-R-Us exclusive set I failed to pick up during my collecting figures days. So technically I'm just using Hasbro's official name for the character.


I shall endeavor to do my best in that regards. Scenes with the Rich's haven't been as readily created as I'd care to. However I'm a bit ahead so I can create new scenes and insert them where necessary during the narrative to deliver just that. It should be most enjoyable. I hope.

7696019 The full DT name on the toys (done that way for trademark reasons, I imagine) Odeinoichus mentioned is also where Mager got Dazzle's name from. So both cat and this story reference the toys.

Okay, just having the story start off from this perspective and the implications that the Dazzlings will play a role this time made me think of Sonata trying to explain the club to her sisters, but doesn't give out the nudity aspect because Adagio might take it the wrong way (bc she's a perv or something). Twas a silly thought.

Although, if Adagio and Aria do show up, they could try to make different activities like belly dancing or something.:eeyup:

7696672 reading the flick this is based off of is a necessary thing

Please pan down more, camera, you're blocking the lolis.

7696731 If you really want, I can send you the original cover pic. This version, of course, is heavily edited due to site rules.

7697015 Ah. Thanks. Assuming that's the name of the movie and you're not just calling me that.

7696672 Yeah man, it literally says that this is a sequel directly below the title. I'm not really sure why you started reading this before the first story...:rainbowhuh:

7697015 Ok. I see what Blake meant. He meant the EQG movies. I thought this was based on a movie with the premise of establishing a naturist club at a high school. I took it just a tad too literally. Sorry about that.

7697085 I did not begin, I just didn't see the part of sequel, I put it in the section of favorites to read after it got a couple of chapters ready

7697265 Mine is apparently working just fine. Don't ever change, Blake.

Psst, can you pass me the Whole Pic of your cover? Plssssss

NO! We are not going through comment after comment after comment of readers asking for the source of the cover picture, just like in the last story! It's not going to happen, forget that! This site isn't the porn hub!

7697919 You know, I actually have an alternate cover pic in reserve. The only issue is: it makes the CMC look a lot older. Honestly, it probably wouldn't make much of a difference in the amount requests I get.





That is the whole picture. There'd be no point in editing the original picture past that point, and I'm willing to bet the author's more interested in writing a story about nudism that isn't about sex rather than creating a picture of three nudists that will invariably be used for sexual purposes. Producing the latter for that purpose is not the author's priority, but the image as it is conveys what the author wants to promote.





7697919 with the amount of clop that gets posted here every day I think we may as well qualify for Porn hub status

7698974 I had another cover pic for this stashed away. But umm... the CMC lot quite a bit older in it. Maybe I should give it a trial run and see how everyone likes it? I mean, it's not like I can't just change it back.

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