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The CMC have been harboring feelings of jealousy for some time. Now things have come to a head. Can the Rainbooms succeed in preventing the fate of Anon-A-Miss? Or will the CMC get more than they bargained for when they open their hearts wide to the feelings of Jealousy and Resentment within?

A tale of Anon-A-Miss done right, better origins, better use of characters and ideas and hopefully a better conclusion. Then again it could just be a total flop, but it's an attempt at doing something with the concept of Anon-A-Miss as seen in the Equestria Girls Holiday Special comic if it hadn't been held back from publication.

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This story is a sequel to The NLAC Has To Deal With What?!

Scarlet Scribe believed his problems would be over when Diamond Tiara's plot to destroy the NLAC ended in utter failure. He was wrong. Now, with the start of a new semester looming at CHS, he finds himself manning the helm of the school's newspaper. Having to face an entirely different set of challenges that are going to test both him and his resolve. Along the way he's going to have to rely on his friends, old and new alike, if he wants to make it through with his sanity intact.

When shadows of mistrust spread across Canterlot, Scarlet Scribe was tasked with discovering the truth behind Anon-A-Miss for Diamond Tiara. This was when he first met Shady. The two of them now reminisce about when mistrust and disharmony spread through Canterlot High, and discuss the developments now facing them within the NLAC and Canterlot High in particular.

Odeinoichus and Charlie_K present A Tale of Anon-A-Miss.

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For Sweetie Belle and her friends, everything is looking great. They have the support of their loved ones concerning the clothes-free lifestyle they've recently adopted. The NLAC even managed to avoid its first big clash. However, Diamond Tiara isn't one to give up without a fight. Enter Scarlet Scribe. Young, idealistic, naïve, and the perfect pawn to help Diamond achieve her ultimate goal: Destroy the NLAC.

With the end of the school year rapidly approaching, and the promise of clothes-free summer fun on the horizon, can Scarlet Scribe really end it all before it even gets the opportunity to begin? And what do the Dazzlings have to do with all of this? Will Diamond Tiara succeed? Heads will Collide. Relationships will be forged. Secrets will be revealed when Scarlet Scribe attends his first ever naturist party at Canterlot High.

*This is a side story to Canterlot High Has A Club About What?!

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