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Celestia, Luna, Twilight, and her friends bask in the mid afternoon sun after having a much enjoyable picnic. Rainbow Dash, who has grown bored of lounging around, decides that she wants to challenge Celestia to a race, proving who is the fastest in Equestria. Could it be the Supersonic Pegasus, or the Alicorn Goddess?

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I like it. Nice concept, well written, no obvious errors. Could have used a little more description and words aside from dialogue, but that's just my personal preference, it's fine without it. Overall, I really liked it.

Seriously, awesome concept for a story. All the props to you!

Well written and a good story. Pretty good fic I say.

Heh, nice though I had been hoping you'd do something with the implication that Luna beat the two of them to Canterlot. She was waiting behind the door after Celestia crashed. Yeah, you got teleportation magic, blah, blah. But where's the fun in that?

Light speed : 299 792 458 m/s
Speed of Sound : 340.29 m/s
At best, according to death battle (Which I will use with impunity) It says Rainbow Dash at best goes to Mach 10 which is 3 402.9 m/s.

5767991 Thank you for beating me to this.

Well, someone had to be the thick-headed idiot who couldn't understand that this was a joke. Or it was not to be taken literally.

5768005 Yup! And thanks for not letting it be me :P

~ Neon Lights

Hello. My name is Matthew DePointe, founder of the review group The Fimfiction Bureau of Imaginationists . Here is the review that you requested:


It's nice to get out of the Castle every now and then

. Castle shouldn't be capitalized.

2.) The story is actually really well written. It just has some minor grammar issues, like missing a comma or period, and maybe some verb-conjugation issues. I love the character development, the dialogue between the characters, and the general mood of the story. Not only do I understand what Rainbow Dash is feeling when she is bored, I can understand the involvement of the other characters in her race. You did a good job of describing the scene.

3.) Barring the minor grammar issues, I'd rate this 7.5/10 based on the above description. Congradulations.

A billion bits to you,
Matthew DePointe

I liked it!

There's the odd grammar error here and there, but they're probably imperceptible to anyone who isn't a grammar nerd such as myself. :twilightsheepish:

I would suggest a tag change though, I'd say this fic leans more towards "Slice of Life" than "Adventure".

Imagine if Celestia really did travel at the speed of light... She would experience linear time as 0. Essentially meaning she exists at all points of time at the same time. One trillion years in the future? Haven't aged a second. The Big Bang? Pfff. Best anti-aging method ever. She also wouldn't be conscious, but eh, details.

-But Light's faster:raritydespair:

Well, this is nice enough one-shot. Nice idea, no real technical problems with the writing etc. But especially the racing bit felt awfully tell-y. Prime example being Rainbow flying along just fine, and then suddenly passing out from exhaustion. Would have really benefited from descriptions of burning wings, gasping breaths etc. before that happened. And no, I don't mean just in the previous paragraph.

“Sister, there thou are! We need to talk!”

Am I grossly misunderstanding something... or did Luna go from Ponyville to Canterlot after giving the other two a massive head start and only arriving shortly after the race is over?

... is... is Luna the fastest?

I see that you are reviewing my little one-shot. Send me the link when you are finished.

5805321 Finished. I decided to accept it into the bin. Decision is you-know-where.

5805223 I'm sure Luna simply teleported ahead. After all, she wasn't racing.

I usually don't like dialogue heavy fics... But this one one out! :twilightsmile:

Tank you, I know that the descriptive sentences could've been more... Meatier , in a sense, but you still enjoyed it. That's all that counts to me:twilightsheepish:

It's nice to get out of the Castle every now and then.

This does not need to be capitalized.

“Thank you princesses. It was nice of you to drop by” Twilight said with an appreciative smile.

Missing commas.

Honestly I don’t know how I have time for anything.

Missing comma.

“I'm boooored,” she shot into the air “c'mon, let's play a game or something."

Missing comma or period. If you go for a period, capitalize "c'mon".

In an instant the cumbersome heap was neatly organized.

Either you accidentally hit enter when you meant to hit space or you did not hit enter enough.

As she did so Rainbow Dash examined her wings, developing a deviously clever plan.

Missing comma.

Rarity turned to Twilight “can she do that?”

Missing comma or period. If you go for a period, capitalize "can".

“I-1.)I don’t 2A.)know-" Twilight turned to 2B.)Celestia- "can she?”

1.) Extra space.
2AB.) This: —, is an Em Dash. It is what is supposed to be used to end sentences in this fashion. It does several other things, but you can follow the link to find out what those are. To make one, all you need to do is hold down the Alt key and, using the numerical keypad to the right of your keyboard type 0151. Or, conversely, if you cannot do that, copy and paste the one provided.

“Wait, are you two going to do this now becau-

“What the-” There Celestia appeared.

Wait, how did you ju-



“That's no storm. It's-"

Em dash.

“We're okay, princess.” Twilight sighed.

Period should be a comma.

“W- what?!"

Extra space.

Rainbow Dash pushed ahead, finally gaining lead over Celestia, which didn't last long.

There seems to be a word or two missing here.

Well, that was interesting. Sound and light do not follow the same rules in Equestria that they do here on Earth. If you remember The Cutie Mark Chronicles, the Rainboom that gives all the ponies their cutie marks, they each heard the boom before they saw the light that followed it. Which means, in Equestria, sound is faster than light.


I'm glad that you enjoyed this enough to add to your favorites. Oh, are you an editor cause I may need to call on you for future projects...

5888799 I do try my best...

So you want a reading sins?
I'll think about it if it hasn't been taken

Thank you, I just wanna see how many holes can be poked through this one.

quite a good read. very interesting. cant anyone beat celestia...at anything?

That's Exactly how this started out. I was watching Wonderbolts Academy when it hit me, Celestia is usually calm and reserved, but what if her and RD had a race. And thus this was born.

You're actually right. I never thought about that.

Full review here, but in brief: a nice touch about rainbooms and "Oh... my... me" was funny. A bit too stretched out to story length, though.

Thank you. I had not a shred of an idea that this was going to happen, but I’m glad you took some enjoyment from this

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