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Celestia and Luna have been the subject of mystery and controversy for as long as there has been history. Now, with the realization that they are much more than what they seem, and the re-emergence of an ancient enemy. all who call Equestria home will have their, might, love, will, and strength tested by enemies of a shrouded past.

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Nice :3

Second image doesn't like black background


I can see it on my kindle now, though the first image doesnt work on pc/firefox... weird

This... is... AMAZING :pinkiehappy:!!!! Finally, more people making halo crossovers!!! I must thank you in creating this wonderful story you have written so I read more halo crossover!!! For this, you have my undying support for this story to continue :pinkiehappy:!!! Hope to see more of this soon :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:.

I'm glad for the halo crossover. I'm glad it isn't a George story rewrite. And I'm glad/scared it has the flood on a habitable planet

Why thank you, and you have good cause to be scared :pinkiecrazy:

Next chapter will hopefully be a Christmas gift :3

Glad to see you are just as fun as always

Good start, a refreshing flare. Please continue onwards to adventure :raritystarry:

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